A Tribute to David Stoop, PhD

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Steve Arterburn, co-editor of the Life Recovery Bible pays tribute his friend and Bible co-editor, Dr. David Stoop, who passed away in March 2021.

On March 10, 2021, Dr. David Stoop died after suffering a second stroke. He was 83 years old and had been married to Dr. Jan Stoop for 63 years.

In addition to being a clinical psychologist, Dave was an early champion for Christian counseling and a pioneer in Christian recovery.

He was also a bestselling Tyndale author and Bible editor. From the Tyndale Bible division, Blaine Smith said of him, “Dave was a creative and gifted author, a man of incredible wisdom and steadfast devotion. His approach was one of patience, persistence, and purpose. A great man of quiet strength.”

Dave’s editorial work on The Spiritual Renewal Bible was responsible for that Tyndale publication receiving the ECPA Gold Medallion Christian Book Award for Bible of the Year. Dave also edited the Life Recovery Bible for Tyndale, which has sold over 3,000,000 copies. The Life Recovery brand is second only to Tyndale’s Life Application brand and is one of the ten bestselling Bibles on the market every year.

Dave Stoop was also a valuable part of the New Life Live! radio broadcast.  His writing, speaking, and hosting of New Life Live! has impacted many lives. In his words: “When I see lives miraculously changed, I feel blessed and incredibly thankful and celebrate God’s provision, for he is my source.”

Dave was a strong believer in Jesus, and when he became a clinical psychologist in 1982, he was one of the first people ever to effectively integrate Christian faith and counseling. He was one of the most respected Christian psychologists in the field. Dr. Henry Cloud said, “What I loved about Dave was his consistency of faith over many decades and also his ability to relate the stories of Scripture to help our growth.”

To some, he was the father they never had. To others, he was a brother. To me, he was my writing partner and best friend for over 40 years. Dave was the most consistent and solid man of integrity and character I have known. He frequently spoke of how honored he was to publish books and Bibles with Tyndale. He was a gift to my life and the lives of many others. He will be greatly missed.

A Legacy of New Life

Tyndale House Publishers

Dr. David A. Stoop, clinician, author, and co-editor of The Life Recovery Bible, had a passion for God’s transforming love to bring healing and hope to people who felt trapped in addiction. We will miss his insight and devotion to the power of God’s Word in people’s lives, but we are thankful he is now with our heavenly Father. His obedience to God’s call has changed millions of lives as people around the world continue to use resources he created, like The Life Recovery Bible, to help others find their way not only out of addiction but also into a new life in Christ. His legacy lives on in groups and ministries like the Bible study at Seminole County Women’s Residential Facility, where hope is being found and lives are forever changed by God’s Word.

Sharon Germaine has been leading a Bible study there for over a decade. One of the first things she noticed was that most women in the study didn’t have Bibles, and the few who did were not familiar with Scripture, so finding passages was difficult. Having numerous different types and translations made it even more confusing and frustrating for women in the group.

“God led her to The Life Recovery Bible,” said Cindy Sawyer, who joined Sharon in leading the study group about a year ago. “She makes sure every woman in the group has a copy of The Life Recovery Bible so all we have to do is say we are on a certain page and everyone can easily find it together.”

When COVID hit, the study group continued, but on Zoom. Sharon and Cindy didn’t let that stop them. Even though they couldn’t give it to them in person, the leaders made sure each woman in the group had their own Bible.

“A woman who had been recently admitted to the program ran up to the camera and thanked us repeatedly for her Bible. She said she had never had a Bible she could understand before, and she had spent over three hours reading it because she couldn’t get enough. God is using The Life Recovery Bible to bring change!” said Cindy.

Addictions impact people from all walks of life. Often, we can try to hide them, like Lisa, a former registered nurse who, in the prime of her career, lost her license and job because of her addictions.

“When she came to the center, she had no Bible knowledge and little interest in spiritual things. But God called her to himself over the months of studying his Word. When she graduated the program, she was offered several jobs but chose to work at another women’s rehabilitation center where she now uses The Life Recovery Bible to help others find their way out of addiction through God’s Word,” shared Cindy.

Though helping people battle addictions can be exhausting and heartbreaking, people like Cindy and Sharon are able to help people break through the darkness and discover God’s hope and new life through his Word.

“Thank you, Dr. Stoop and Steve Arterburn, for investing your time and gifts into The Life Recovery Bible. It is making a huge difference in so many lives,” Cindy said.

More than a Mother’s Day Gift

Tyndale House Publishers

Most of us have a woman in our life who has given us support and been a listening ear and encourager. She’s someone who understands us and sees the best in us. It might be a mom, but it also might be a grandma, an aunt, a friend, a mentor, or a teacher. Mother’s Day is a time to thank those women and let them know how much they mean to us. A Bible is a wonderful way to say, “I love you.” It can offer encouragement and hope. It can be a treasured gift to pass down from generation to generation sharing what God is doing and has done in the lives of those who mean so much to us. Our Bible team wants to share a few ideas with you for this Mother’s Day:

The THRIVE Devotional Bible for Women is for every woman who wants to know God more deeply. God’s design for His children is that they live flourishing, fulfilling, joy-filled lives in Christ. This Bible is available in a standard edition and also in a wide-margin edition with lots of room for notes, art, prayers, and more.

The Life Application Study Bible takes readers beyond knowing the Bible to living it out. Filled with over 10,000 notes and features, it is one of the most comprehensive and most beloved study Bibles in the world.

Inspire Bibles are single-column, wide-margin Bibles designed for creative engagement with God’s Word. They include hundreds of line-art illustrations of Bible verses to color and reflect on while reading. The original Inspire Bible, Inspire PRAISE Bible, and Inspire PRAYER Bible are available in large print, and a giant-print Inspire PRAYER Bible is releasing this month.

The Illustrated Study Bible is one of the most beautiful Bibles on the market. It gives readers an entirely new visual study experience. Hundreds of information-rich windows to the world of the Bible communicate foundational truths and complex information in an understandable way.

The Filament Bible Collection is a revolutionary combination of print + digital. The beautiful, uninterrupted Bible reading experience is enhanced by scanning a small symbol on each page that gives you access to study, devotional, video, and worship resources curated to what you are reading.

The Art of Life Bible is a beautiful way to reflect on God as creator. It weaves the beautiful NLT text into a rich tapestry of artwork illustrating many living things mentioned in Scripture—people, plants, and animals. Featuring 450 original hand-drawn illustrations in a unique style this Bible encourages contemplation and visual interaction with the Word.

This next one might seem out of box, but the Hands-On Bible for kids might be the perfect gift for a mom or grandma who is looking for a way to come together with her family in God’s Word. With questions designed to get conversations started, activities, crafts, and games for the whole family to enjoy, it’s a gift to connect with God and each other through His Word.

See What’s Coming Next in 2021

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We’ve already has some really exciting new release this year and we’re just getting started! Here’s what is coming this spring and summer and we’re giving you a sneak peak at one of our new lines coming to the Filament Bible Collection this fall!

Streetlights New Testament released this month. This amazing combination of print and digital gets youth and young adult engaged in God’s Word in a way that feels natural and comfortable for them. In addition to the text, articles, and book introductions it also gives you access to the revolutionary Streetlights Audio Bible. Great for personal and group study. This New Testament has huge ministry potential so checkout our bulk rates. Learn more about the Streetlights New Testament.

Immerse is coming to a store near you. We are starting with Immerse: Messiah and Immerse: Beginnings, but by the end of the summer you should be able to get the entire Immerse series at your local bookstore or your favorite online retailer. We also are excited that the first large print edition of Immerse has just been released. Immerse: Messiah Large Print has the beautiful NLT text with no chapter and verse interruptions in an over 11 point font. Learn more about Immerse: The Bible Reading Experience.

Life Application Study Bible will gain a new beautiful coral cover to join the already fantastic cover choices. This cloth covered hardcover will be available in the New Living Translation, has a lay flat binding, and will have words of Christ in red. See all the different Life Application Study Bible options.

Inspire Bible is having a huge growth spurt and we’re so excited about these new releases in the best-selling coloring and journaling Bible line. Next month the Inspire PRAYER Bible releases in a new galaxy softcover and a GIANT PRINT edition!! This summer a pink hardcover will be added to the Inspire for Girls line and a dark brown LeatherLike cover in the Inspire Catholic. In July a new coloring portion of the books of Matthew and Mark will release. See all our journaling Bibles.

Fall Sneak Peak

We have some exciting additions coming to the Filament Bible Collection this fall. One of the new lines is the compact line which includes covers with zippers! The trim size will be about 4×6 with a 6 point text font and of course access to the Filament Bible App. More information will be coming soon! Learn more about the Filament Bible Collection.

Felix’s Indecision

Tyndale House Publishers

“Go away for now,” he replied. “When it is more convenient, I’ll call for you again.” Acts 24:25, NLT

Reflections Devotional by Chris Tiergreen from the Filament Bible Collection

Felix wanted to hear more. Then again, he didn’t. He had mixed feelings about the message Paul preached and mixed motives for hearing it. He would have accepted a bribe from Paul, and even sought it. Yet as he and his wife, Drusilla, listened, something about his response implies that he was intrigued by the gospel even while being unnerved by it. This self-centered ruler, known for his corruption and manipulation, surely felt some degree of conviction. His mixed thoughts—coupled with the ambiguous political advantages of dealing with Paul—immobilized him on the matter.

Felix remained on the fence politically for two years, but many people do so spiritually for a lifetime. Being intrigued by the gospel isn’t enough: the message demands a decision. Felix demonstrated outwardly what many people do inwardly, mulling over advantages and disadvantages while carefully guarding self-interests. And in never making a decision, they end up with a decision against Jesus by default.

Read the whole story Acts 24:1-17

Empowering the People of God

Tyndale House Publishers

Streetlights is a ministry of Creative Communicators called to intentionally engage global urban culture with the Gospel of Jesus Christ by producing, translating, teaching and proclaiming God’s Word so all can understand. Their identity and call are founded on the belief that God’s Word is transformational and needs to be accessible and understandable to all people. We are excited to partner with them on this amazing New Testament resource that combines audio and visual elements to encourage people to listen to, read, and study the Bible with fresh ears and hearts.

Hear the Streetlights team share their hearts and passion to connect people with God’s life-transforming word without barriers.