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Ever get stuck wondering how to study a passage or book of the Bible? The Courage For Life Study Bible for Women and the Courage For Life Study Bible for Men each have 1,464 Bible studies—that’s a Bible study on every page of Bible text—so you’ll be pointed in the right direction no matter where in the Bible you’re reading. And with access to the Filament Bible app, you can dive even deeper. As you read, just scan the page number to open a world of resources including over 25,000 additional study notes, hundreds of videos, a library of interactive maps and infographics, and a full audio Bible—and that’s just the beginning! In the accurate New Living Translation, these Bibles offer a pathway to transformation as you grow in your understanding of God and of your role in his story.

Ann White, general editor for the Bibles, takes you through all the different features and shares her passion for these amazing Bibles.

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Get Into the Bible Together!

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When we think of the Bible, we often relate it to our own personal quiet time with God or maybe to a special gift that could encourage a loved one into a deeper conversation with God. But have you ever considered that the Bible could be a powerful means to foster connections within your community? If you are looking to come together as a church in God’s Word or are wanting to make an impact in your broader community, here are a few ideas.

Courage For Life Study Bible for Women and Courage for Life Study Bible for Men have 1,464 Bible studies—that’s a Bible study on every page of Bible text. The men’s and women’s editions have the same format, so they can be used together or separately. Four basic steps allow you to study the Bible inductively, guiding you to accurately interpret and apply God’s Word. These four steps are important for studying Scripture with courage and confidence:

Pray: As you approach God’s Word, ask the Holy Spirit to guide you into all truth.
Observe: Ask, “What does the Bible text say?”
Interpret: Ask, “What does the Bible text mean?”
Apply: Ask, “As I reflect on what I’ve read in God’s Word, what do I need to do?”

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Filament Bible Collection journals are perfect for Bible studies, sermon series, and outreach. Each journal is a book or series of books from the New Testament. They have a single-column format, and every other page is blank—perfect for note-taking. Scan a page with a phone or tablet to access the Filament Bible app’s content for the book or books you are studying. See all the journals and sets.

The One Year Pray for the Family Bible is a dynamic way to pray for our own families and the broader family of God. Created with Focus on the Family, this Bible uses the One Year Bible reading plan, and each day’s reading includes a prayer prompt, which focuses on some of the most pressing issues facing families today. As a church, why not spend a month focusing on praying for the needs of families and also give people in your church community the opportunity to continue praying all year using The One Year Pray for the Family Bible? Sample this Bible with a free downloadable one week reading plan

Streetlights New Testament brings audio and print together in an exciting new format. Working with our friends at Streetlights, we have created a Bible portion that resonates with urban communities and younger generations. By scanning a QR code, readers can link to remarkably creative study content and audio resources that explain Christian truths and serve as a basic discipleship tool. Its unique tone and approach to the gospel have a strong appeal to many who are searching for an unconventional way to connect with God’s Word. Get your copies to start engaging.

Immerse: The Bible Reading Experience was created for reading in community. The entire Bible is split into six volumes. Reading plans, videos, and other resources are available to help your church, book club, Bible study, or neighborhood group engage with God’s Word together. Immerse removes many of the barriers that make Bible reading difficult, paving the way for deep connection with God and others through the Scriptures. Start with Messiah, the entire New Testament in one softcover book.

Inspire Portions allow your community to get creative while studying God’s Word. These coloring-book-style Bible portions provide a way to reach out to people who are looking to engage with God’s Word in a more tactile way. They feature high-quality art paper that works well with all art supplies. . Coloring and creative art-journaling options appear throughout the portions, and the Bible text is displayed beautifully in a single-column, wide-margin, spacious layout. Consider starting a Bible-journaling study or group!

Outreach Bibles are economy-priced, full-text Bibles available only in bulk order. Designed for outreach efforts, these Bibles include resources like how to become a Christian and basics on how to use a Bible. They are available in a softcover full size edition, large print edition, children’s edition, and New Testament portion. See the options

NLT Church Bible is another way to share God’s Word with your church and broader community. This Bible comes in hardcover, which is more durable than a softcover, and creates a great reading experience for someone who is new to God’s Word. Order the NLT Church Bible

Engaging the Bible Will Change Your Life!

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by Pastor Chad from Hope Media Group

Engaging with the Bible on a regular basis can have a profound impact on one’s spiritual growth and life decisions. In fact, The Center for Bible Engagement conducted a study that found it takes four or more encounters per week for there to be meaningful change in people’s lives.

Firstly, Consistent Bible study allows individuals to develop a deeper connection with their faith, helping them to not only navigate life’s challenges but also make more informed decisions based on what they have read in the Bible. Spending time in the Bible can strengthen our relationship with God and give us valuable awareness of the impact of daily decisions.

Yet you don’t have what you want because you don’t ask God for it.

James 4:2, NLT

Secondly, engaging with the Bible enhances our critical thinking and encourages questions. When we explore the Scriptures more thoroughly and apply them to our lives, our “critical thinking muscle” is being stretched and grown. Simply said, critical thinking is our way of making “good” or “right” decisions. This maturing in our lives is spiritual growth that leads to a more meaningful faith journey.

Thirdly, engaging with the Bible more fosters a sense of community among believers. As I read the Bible, there is something special about knowing that people for thousands of years have engaged with these same words. It also helps to do reading plans with groups of people. I work at Hope Media Group, where we love the New Living Translation and think it’s the best translation to help people engage with God’s Word. Using the New Living Translation, we have created a few ways to help encourage people to engage the Bible with others.

  1. OnRamp: Daily Bible Reading Podcast. The Bible has the perfect number of chapters to be able to read it for five days a week and make it through the New Testament in one year. We have taken the guesswork out of reading the Bible and have provided you with a chapter a day, Monday through Friday. Our goal isn’t necessarily for completion as much as engagement. So jump in today and start listening wherever we are at in the plan. Want to read the whole Bible in a year? Our friends at Tyndale have a huge variety of One Year Bibles that can help you engage with the Bible every day. See all the options.
  2. World’s Biggest Small Group. If life gives you big questions, if you feel alone, or if you want to grow your faith, you’re in the right place. WayFM has free community studies. We have in-depth options and ones that take only 10 minutes. Have pressing questions? Our topical studies are meant to help. Want to study God’s Word but not online? This fall, Tyndale is releasing the Courage For Life Study Bible for Women and the Courage For Life Study Bible for Men. These Bibles have a Bible study on each page of Bible text so you can dive right in no matter where you start reading. It’s perfect for in-person small groups too. Learn more about these Bibles.

Committing to engaging with the Bible more than four times a week can bring about many benefits. I believe with all my heart that it will strengthen your relationship with God, enhance your critical thinking, and foster a sense of community with the greater church. Don’t wait for the perfect opportunity but see every day as an onramp to engaging the Bible.

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