Some Bible questions aren’t easily answered. Find some commonly asked questions about the Bible and Bible translation below. These articles just scratch the surface—we hope these answers spur you on to go deeper in your understanding.

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How are different translations different? And how are they similar?

This is a great video that will take you through several aspects of Bible translation. David Brunn is the author of the book One Bible, Many Versions: Are All Translations Created Equal? We highly recommend reading this book for more […]

When did people start translating the Bible?

To get a picture of how the Bible has come to different peoples in the world, spread out a map of the Eastern Hemisphere and imagine Palestine as the center of a pool. Think of God’s revelation of himself through […]

Is a translation of the Bible still the inspired Word of God?

Is a Bible translation the inspired Word of God? Yes—to the extent that the translation relays to the reader what God directed the authors to write. No—to the extent that it misses the meaning of what God originally communicated. Missing […]

If the Bible is true, why are there still revisions being made?

Languages are constantly undergoing a process of change. Ideally, every translation should be revised each time any word or structure has changed to the extent that it no longer accurately or adequately reflects the intent or content of the source […]

What is a translation? What is a paraphrase?

“Paraphrase” has been both misused and greatly criticized in recent times. Dictionaries define “paraphrase” as a rewording for the purpose of clarification. A paraphrase, then, is assumed to be in the same language as the source it is restating, and […]

What is translation?

Translation is the process of beginning with something (written or oral) in one language (the source language) and expressing it in another language (the receptor language). The goals of translation may be summed up under four headings: accuracy, appropriateness, naturalness, […]

What language was the Bible originally written in?

Christians believe that God has revealed himself through the Bible. Therefore, those who read the Bible can profit from learning as much as possible about the languages in which it was written, of which there are three—Hebrew, Aramaic (a cousin […]

Why are early manuscripts important for translating the New Testament?

Textual critics working with ancient literature universally acknowledge the supremacy of earlier manuscripts over later ones. Textual critics not working with the New Testament would love to have the same kind of early witnesses that biblical scholars possess. In fact, […]