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Have You Looked in the Mirror Recently?

The Life Recovery Bible has helped millions of people meet the only one who can break the chains of addiction. Helping readers encounter God through his Word and study Scripture with notes and features created by addictions experts to specifically […]

From Monster to Mentor: A Life Recovery Story

The Life Recovery Bible emphasizes God as the ultimate source of recovery and offers essential tools and features to break people free from the grip of addiction. It is widely embraced in 12 Step recovery programs like Alcoholics Anonymous, correctional […]

Why Study Ephesians?

It’s fascinating how our experiences shape our perceptions, isn’t it? The diversity of family dynamics and routines is like a patchwork quilt, each square telling a unique story. Maybe you have come to realize that the way you were raised […]

Using the NLT Translation Philosophy in German

Did you know that the full New Living Translation is available in seven different languages and that the New Testament of the NLT is in two additional languages? These are not translations of the English version into other languages. Instead, […]

NTV Inspira Receives Jim Cook Bible of the Year Award

We are excited to announce that Inspira, NTV received the esteemed “Jim Cook” Bible of the Year Award at the Spanish Evangelical Publishers Association (SEPA) annual awards banquet in Miami, Florida. The event marked a significant milestone for Tyndale House […]

Is Jesus Enough?

by Pastor Chad, Director of Ministry and Innovation for Hope Media Group In a world where material wealth often dictates one’s sense of security and fulfillment, the question “Is Jesus enough?” cuts to the core of our faith journey. We […]

Moms, Dads, Graduation . . . So Many Gifts!

Getting your gift list together for graduations, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day? These are perfect occasions to gift a Bible. A Bible is not just a gift but a cherished companion for whatever life brings. For mother or father figures, […]

New Living Translation Resources for Churches and Ministries

The New Living Translation is a wonderful translation for personal study and reading, but it’s even better when used in community. We have some amazing resources to help you with outreach, discipleship, small groups, and community growth. And many are […]

Easter Gifts: Finding Growth and New Life

Easter is often a time where faith is strengthened, hope is renewed, and a sense of purpose is discovered. From children to adults, engaging or reengaging with the story of Christ’s sacrifice and powerful victory over death can be a […]

New Women’s Study Bible Coming in Early 2024 and Other New Releases

We have some exciting things coming out in early 2024 in the Tyndale Bible world, including a new women’s study Bible releasing in April. We can’t wait for you to see it! Our Inspire Bible line is growing with more […]

You Can Do It! Read through the Bible in a Year!

We often hear people ask, “Can I read through the whole Bible in a year?” And the answer is yes! But the length of time it takes for you to read through the Bible isn’t what’s important. What really matters […]

Bible Team’s Christmas Wish Lists

As we celebrate the amazing miracle of the Word becoming human, we thank God for the gift of his Word that continues to transform our hearts through Scripture. We absolutely love being able to work on Bibles and help you […]