Easter Gifts: Finding Growth and New Life

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Easter is often a time where faith is strengthened, hope is renewed, and a sense of purpose is discovered. From children to adults, engaging or reengaging with the story of Christ’s sacrifice and powerful victory over death can be a catalyst for deeper understand of who God is and our role in his continuing story. As you prepare for Easter, consider giving a gift of growth and new life with a New Living Translation Bible. Whether it’s for a seasoned believer, someone just starting the journey, or someone seeking where to begin, when people read an NLT Bible, they are encountering the living Word. It’s an invitation to go deeper, to explore the depths of God’s abounding love, and to find new life in Christ.

Here are some suggestions for Bibles to help you or those you love find growth and new life.

For Kids:

Hands-On Bible

The Hands-On Bible makes God’s Word come alive in a kid’s world. It’s a kids Bible, but it’s not a storybook Bible. The entire text of the accurate and easy-to-understand New Living Translation is included. This full-color Bible is packed with weird facts, captivating experiments, colorful graphics, and more, getting all the senses involved as your kids engage with God’s Word, discover his truth, and have so much fun! See all the options

Boys Life Application Study Bible

Filled with hundreds of notes and colorful features, the Boys Life Application Study Bible is easy to use and helps answer questions that preteen boys may have about God and life. As they read the text of the New Living Translation, they are encouraged to go deeper and discover how to think biblically about real issues they face, such as self-esteem, friendship, and peer pressure. Help them get rooted in Scripture and discover God’s will for their lives. Learn more

Girls Life Application Study Bible

A one-of-a-kind discipleship resource, the Girls Life Application Study Bible helps girls draw closer to God and establish healthy relationships with those around them. It includes over 800 Life Application notes, plus full-color features that are designed to help girls learn more about the Bible, understand the big story, meet Jesus, know what it means to follow him, learn how to share their faith with others, and gain practical faith and relationship skills that will help them live out what they believe. Learn more

Inspire Bible for Girls and More!

The Inspire Bible for Girls is designed to draw girls deeper into God’s Word and to inspire creativity and connection with God. Over 500 beautiful, full- and partial-page Scripture line-art illustrations to color are attractively displayed throughout the Bible. In addition, there are devotionals, journaling prompts, and interesting Bible facts to enhance girls’ coloring and creative journaling journey through the Bible. Girls can leave traces of their faith throughout their Bible for a unique treasure that will truly inspire! Explore Inspire Bible for Girls

And don’t forget our other titles in the Inspire Bible line. These bestselling coloring and journaling Bibles are perfect for girls and women of all ages. Discover more

The EPIC Bible

Created by some of DC’s and Marvel’s best comic book artists, The Epic Bible transports readers through a visual journey of Scripture. From Eden to eternity, this stunning hardcover edition engages even the most reluctant readers with brilliant and dramatic full-color graphic art. Packed with action and powerfully illustrated, The Epic Bible brings a fresh, lifelike view of Creation, the story of the Israelites, Jesus’ life on earth, and the early church. Learn more

For Teens:

Teen Life Application Study Bible

The Teen Life Application Study Bible is filled with features designed to meet the challenges and needs of today’s high school students. Combining traditional study Bible features like book introductions, textual notes, person profiles, and maps with application-oriented features focusing on choices, real-life issues, and real-life stories of actual teens, the Teen Life Application Study Bible helps answer the tough questions and grounds teens in their faith. Order now

Streetlights New Testament

Linking to remarkably creative audio and video resources, the NLT Streetlights New Testament explains Christian truth to young people and serves as a basic discipleship tool for ministries. Its unique tone and approach to the gospel break down traditional barriers to engaging God’s Word and illuminate a pathway for discovering God’s truth. Experience it

New Believer’s Bible

The New Believer’s Bible is a perfect resource for people who are seeking answers but don’t know where to start. Uniquely created for new Christians, it helps them to read, study, and apply God’s Word to their lives. The trusted and easy-to-understand New Living Translation, combined with features that make the Bible accessible, lets readers quickly engage with God’s Word, allowing them to take that next step so they can deepen their relationship with God. Order now

Immerse: The Reading Bible

Ever had a book you just couldn’t put down? Immerse: The Reading Bible takes away all the distractions and gets you right into the story. With no chapter and verse numbers and a cover that feels more like a novel than a Bible, it’s like reading the Bible for the first time. Start falling in love with the Bible all over again. Learn more

For Young Adults and Beyond:

Student Life Application Study Bible

The Student Life Application Study Bible is in a class of its own. It goes beyond the ordinary presentation and limited resources of other student Bibles with more than 27,000 on-page and in-app study notes and a full-color interior design, marrying historic illumination with clean modern elegance. Access to the Filament Bible app opens a world of resources, including study notes, hundreds of videos, interactive maps and infographics, and a full audio Bible—and that’s just the beginning! Learn more

The One Year Chronological Study Bible

The One Year Chronological Study Bible takes you on a journey from creation to eternity in the order the action took place, as lessons were learned, and as kingdoms rose and fell. This is the story of God’s dealings with his people from generation to generation. The engaging text of the New Living Translation is broken down into 365 daily readings. Each reading includes a daily introduction and concludes with reflective discovery questions. Throughout the Bible, you will encounter five building blocks that help create a better understanding of the story. Using the easy-to-follow 14-era format, you’ll be guided through the expansive timeline of the Bible, see the unfolding of God’s work among His people, and encounter your place in God’s grand story. Start your journey

Courage For Life Study Bible for Men and Women

The Courage For Life Study Bible for Women and the Courage For Life Study Bible for Men each have 1,464 Bible studies—that’s a Bible study on every page of Bible text—so you’ll be pointed in the right direction no matter where in the Bible you’re reading. And with access to the Filament Bible app, you can dive even deeper. As you read, just scan the page number to open a world of resources, including over 25,000 additional study notes, hundreds of videos, interactive maps and infographics, and a full audio Bible—and that’s just the beginning! In the accurate New Living Translation, these Bibles offer a pathway to transformation as you grow in your understanding of God and of your role in his story. Learn more

Filament Bible Collection

These beautifully crafted Bibles offer a simple and engaging reading experience. And with access to the Filament Bible app, you can turn your text Bible into a study Bible. As you read, just scan the page number to open a world of resources, including over 25,000 additional study notes, hundreds of videos, interactive maps and infographics, and a full audio Bible—and there’s more! Find out more

New Women’s Study Bible Coming in Early 2024 and Other New Releases

Tyndale House Publishers

We have some exciting things coming out in early 2024 in the Tyndale Bible world, including a new women’s study Bible releasing in April. We can’t wait for you to see it! Our Inspire Bible line is growing with more Filament-enabled editions, we are releasing a new font size in our Filament Bible Collection, we have new ministry editions in the NLT and NTV for churches and ministries, we have new text Bibles for youth and kids—and that’s just the beginning!

Every Woman’s Bible

Coming in April is our new, full-color, in-depth women’s study Bible designed to inspire the heart and mind. Every Woman’s Bible doesn’t shy away from the questions women bring to the Bible. It’s for every woman who wonders: Who is God? What is God’s story? How do I fit in God’s plan? How can the Bible guide me in daily challenges? How do I reconcile the cultural context of the Bible with its relevance to my life today? Contributions from more than 100 women around the world explore the heartfelt needs, gritty challenges, and uncommon faithfulness of women of the Bible, throughout history, and today. Through deep study and reflection, women will discover God’s heart for them and clarify their calling through personal stories, insights, inspiration, and study notes—all created by women, for women. It’s an invitation for women to discover the life they’ve been made for and how to live it in their daily relationships with God, family and friends, and their communities.

Learn more and preorder

Inspire Bible Collection

With the addition of Filament, more of your favorite Inspire Bibles are becoming journaling study Bibles! Filament gives our Inspire Bible fans access to all the study resources without taking up any journaling space!

This spring, we are releasing Filament-enabled versions of the Inspire PRAISE purple hardcover, Inspire large print floral fields, and Inspire PRAYER giant print. In addition to having all the great Scripture line art and journaling space, we’ve just added the small Filament icon next to the page number so readers can scan it with their phone or tablet and access thousands of study and worship resources through the Filament Bible app!

And there’s more! The long-awaited Inspire FAITH in large print is releasing this spring with access to Filament! This coloring and journaling Bible will have over 650 new faith-themed Scripture illustrations attractively displayed throughout the Bible. Lightly ruled, extra-wide margins and high-quality Bible paper are perfect for creative journaling. When you want to dig deeper, grab your phone or tablet and explore God’s Word with the Filament Bible app.

We have released a new Inspire coloring book featuring three books from the Old Testament: Inspire: Joshua, Judges & Ruth. Inspire coloring books include all the cherished features from the bestselling Inspire Bible displayed beautifully in a coloring-book style, square-trimmed edition, featuring high-quality uncoated art paper that works well with all art supplies, including markers.

See all our Inspire Bibles

Filament Text Bible Collection

Our Filament Bible Collection continues to grow. In March, we are releasing two LeatherLike covers—cranberry and black—in a brand new font size—giant print. Giant print Filament-enabled Bibles have a 14-point type size, which is bigger than our personal size giant print Bibles but not quite as big as our super giant print Bibles. These Bibles will also be available in thumb-indexed versions.

Releasing in the summer, our more basic Filament Premium Value Bible line will also include giant print editions in lavender, tan, and black covers.

See all our Filament Bibles

Kids and Youth Bibles

It’s been a while since we have released a text Bible for kids and youth, but these Bibles make it worth the wait!

Coming this summer, the NLT Student Thinline Refence Bible has thousands of cross-references, 8.75-point font size, and a lay-flat, Smyth-sewn binding. But there’s more! It is Filament-enabled so teens and young adults can use their phones and tablets to unlock a world of knowledge on every page with the Filament Bible app—from uplifting devotionals and thrilling videos to interactive maps and inspiring worship music to over 25,000 study notes! They are releasing in an overflow black and tropical iris teal cover.

In summer 2024, we also will be releasing new text Bibles designed specifically for kids! These thinline reference Bibles are lightweight and the perfect size for kids who are constantly on the move. They include thousands of cross-references, an 8.75-point font size, and a lay-flat, Smyth-sewn binding. They will have a camo blue or tropical flowers cover.

NLT Kids GO Bible

In the last Tyndale Bible Update, you got a sneak peek of our new GO Bible for kids, releasing this fall! Click here to take another look.


Our Spanish translation, the NTV, also continues to grow and provide fantastic Bible products. The Nueva Traducción Viviente (NTV) is an accurate and powerful Spanish translation that delivers the message of the original texts of Scripture in clear, contemporary Spanish. Therefore, it helps Spanish-speaking churchgoers easily understand what the Bible says and connect with God.

This spring, we are releasing the NTV Economic Bible Collection designed specifically to serve churches, ministries, and Christian organizations. It features two softcover NTV Bibles and two softcover NTV New Testaments in blue and green covers, as well as a Bilingual New Testament with Psalms & Proverbs in the NLT & NTV translations. These new Bibles and portions will help strengthen your ministerial work and commitment to your community. In addition, they are excellent, well-priced Bibles for your own use.

We have been overwhelmed by the excitement for Biblia Inspira NTV. These beautiful Bibles are exclusively available in the clear and trusted Spanish Bible translation, the Nueva Traducción Viviente (NTV), and a new cover is coming out this summer! Inspire your creativity with over 400 new illustrations designed by Latin American artists in the new paradise floral design.

Life Recovery

Our beloved Life Recovery Bible is getting an update. Don’t worry, the life-changing content inside isn’t changing, but the covers and packaging on the full size and personal size Life Recovery Bibles are getting a more modern feel.

NLT THRIVE Women’s Devotional Bible

The beloved THRIVE Women’s Devotional Bible is also getting a new cover design. This beautiful brown LeatherLike with gold leaf accents is not replacing any other covers but is a fresh option for THRIVE Bible fans.

More Church Resources

We have some updated Gift & Award Bibles that just released. These Bibles have the options of burgundy or black imitation leather and retail at $8.99. These Bibles include a presentation page, dictionary/concordance, plan of salvation, and introduction to the Bible.

Coming soon, we are releasing updated versions of our NLT Economy Outreach Bibles. These softcover Bibles are available in full size and large print. Designed to be used by churches, ministries, and other Christian organizations for outreach efforts, their features include “Welcome to the Bible,” “How to Know Jesus Personally,” “Where Can I Find It,” and “The Apostles’ Creed Bible Reading Plan.” A children’s NLT economy outreach edition is also available.

You can bulk order them here

You Can Do It! Read through the Bible in a Year!

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We often hear people ask, “Can I read through the whole Bible in a year?” And the answer is yes! But the length of time it takes for you to read through the Bible isn’t what’s important. What really matters is that you are spending daily, consistent time in God’s Word. For some people, having a Bible with a reading plan helps them stay on track. The goal of reading through the Bible in a year might be the motivation they need to push through some of the more difficult passages. There are lots of good reasons to read through the Bible in a year, but the most important reasons are to gain a better understanding of who God is and of his relationship with us and to experience his full story of salvation. Like any great book, it’s important to read the beginning, middle, and end. You don’t want to miss out!

Think there isn’t a Bible for you? We beg to differ. We have lots of great Bibles that can help you not only stay track but also enjoy reading Scripture.

Not ready to tackle the whole Bible? That’s okay. Our One Year Bible New Testaments take your through the entire New Testament in a year. And the gorgeous illustrated interior will make it a delight to open every day.

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Ready to read the whole Bible in a year? We have some great One Year Bible options.

Daily Readings from the Old Testament, the New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs

The traditional daily reading format includes a passage from the Old Testament, the New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs for you to read each day. It is available in English, Spanish, and large print editions.

The One Year Pray For line of Bibles uses the traditional daily reading format and includes daily prayer prompts that focus on a specific topic to help connect your Scripture reading and prayer time. Our most recent edition is The One Year Pray for the Family Bible that focuses on the needs of your family and the broader family of God. Connect with each other and God through reading and prayer next year.

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The One Year Bible for Women and The One Year Bible for Men use the traditional daily reading format and include a short devotional that connects a truth from one of the daily Scripture passages to real-life issues women or men face. These Bibles can be used for personal or couples’ devotions.

Shop One Year Bible for Women

Shop One Year Bible for Men

The One Year Bible Expressions adds wide margins and Scripture line art to the traditional daily reading format, allowing plenty of space for notes, art, and more as you creatively interact with the Bible and read through it in a year.

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Historical Trek

Want to try something different? You can go on a historical trek through the Bible in a year using the chronological reading format. This arranges the Bible into 365 daily readings that help you experience the Bible events in the order they actually occurred. It tells God’s story like you’d expect it to be told: from beginning to end.

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The One Year Chronological Study Bible uses the chronological reading format to create a more robust experience. The Bible text is grouped by era using the innovative 14-era framework and includes articles and charts to establish context and connection. With study notes introducing each day’s reading and discovery questions following, this Bible allows you to read, reflect on, study, and apply God’s truth as you read through his big story.

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The One Year Chronological Bible Expressions adds wide margins and Scripture line art to the chronological reading format, allowing plenty of space for notes, art, and more as you creatively interact with the Bible and read through it in a year.

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In addition to our family of One Year Bibles, there are a few more Bibles that include reading plans and can help you stay on track while reading through God’s Word.

Immerse: The Reading Bible splits the Bible into six volumes and is specially crafted for a distraction-free reading experience, helping you get immersed in Scripture. Chapter numbers, verse numbers, and all other modern additives have been removed. Each volume includes reading plans so you can read through an individual volume in 8 or 16 weeks. Created to be read in community, it’s a great way to read the Bible with others, such as your church, Bible study, book club, or friends.

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The Daily Walk Bible offers a simple daily reading plan that shows how the Bible fits together. Each day’s reading includes an overview to give you a bird’s-eye view of the day’s reading, several chapters from the Bible, an interesting fact from the day’s reading, and a short devotional to help you reflect on and apply a specific insight from the day’s reading. Every seventh day offers a pause on the journey as you are invited to Look Back over the readings from the previous week, Look Up to God, and Look Ahead to the readings to come.

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The DaySpring Hope & Encouragement Bible is a beautiful wide-margin Bible that takes you deeper into God’s Word using twelve indisputable truths about who you are in Christ, such as you are known, you are blessed, and you have a reason for hope, that highlight God’s promises and devotion to his children. Devotionals and reflections connected to these truths are scattered throughout the Bible, and each truth has a unique icon to help you visually connect the dots.

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The THRIVE: Devotional Bible for Women has a devotional for each day of the year that is a companion to the Scripture you are reading. This Bible is also available in a wide-margin version.

Looking for a digital way to get into God’s Word? The Filament Bible app also has reading plans that you can use with your Filament-enabled Bible to read through the Bible in a year. And the Life Bible app also has a One Year Bible reading plan.

Whatever Bible you use next year, we pray you grow in your understanding of who God is and his abundant love for us.

Bible Team’s Christmas Wish Lists

Tyndale House Publishers

As we celebrate the amazing miracle of the Word becoming human, we thank God for the gift of his Word that continues to transform our hearts through Scripture.

We absolutely love being able to work on Bibles and help you find the one that’s perfect for you. And we love using them in our own lives as well! Is there anything better than opening a new Bible? That first glimpse of the cover, hearing the crack of the spine as you tenderly open it for the first time, smelling the fresh pages, and just basking in the beauty of God’s Word in your hands—it’s a glorious experience!

That is why Bibles are at the top of our Christmas wish lists. Here are our top picks. What are yours?

Sandra—I’d be thrilled to find the Chronological Life Application Study Bible under my Christmas tree this year. I’ve wanted to read the Bible in chronological order to gain a deeper understanding of how the various pieces of the Bible fit together. I love the vibrant pictures and illustrations in this full-color edition—they are visually engaging and help bring the stories to life. Plus, the Life Application study notes will help me apply the Scriptures to my everyday life, providing guidance, insight, and a deeper relationship with Christ. This Bible truly combines my desire for wanting to read the Bible chronologically with my desire for the Bible to be visually appealing and packed with incredible study notes to help me understand and apply Scripture to my life, making it the perfect gift for me this Christmas.

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Mindy—This Christmas, I would love to find a Courage For Life Study Bible for Women under my Christmas tree. With a Bible study on every page and the rich, beautiful design, I can’t wait to dig into the lessons that bring God’s Word to life and remind us that we can live courageous, purposeful lives for Christ. In fact, I would also be excited to find a Courage For Life Study Bible for Men under the tree for my husband. We could study the Bible together as we begin the new year!

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Maissie—This Christmas, I hope to receive the DaySpring Inspire Illustrating Bible. This is just the Bible I need to creatively interact with God’s Word. There is so much beautiful, new artwork that I can color or paint and plenty of space to create my own art based on what God is teaching me in Scripture. A great added bonus is the Filament Bible app! I can scan the page number with my phone and read devotionals, study notes, and articles, watch videos, or interact with maps to help me understand the Bible better. This is a beautiful Bible that I could leave for future generations.

Shop other Inspire Bibles with Filament

Jeff R—My wish for this Christmas is for the new Life Bible app. I have enjoyed reading so many different Bibles as each one provides me new insights for my life no matter what I may be going through or dealing with at the time. My only challenge has been having a specific Bible ready at my fingertips to reference when I need it. With the Life Bible app, I literally could have all my Bibles (study, devotional, reference, etc.) in the palm of my hand and build my own custom daily reading plan. Not only that, I would have content from thousands of top biblical scholars to pull from and reference and could also compare different translations side-by-side to see how each of them was translated from the original Scriptures. That is my Christmas wish!

Maria—I am hoping to find Immerse: Messiah as a Christmas gift because it promises a transformative spiritual journey. This will be the perfect read for me to start the new year as we celebrate Jesus coming as a babe to all humankind. Its immersive format captivates me, allowing a deep dive into the life of Jesus and his teachings. I long to experience the Scriptures in a fresh, engaging way by reading Messiah and seeing how it will foster a profound connection with my faith during the Christmas celebration. Reading Immerse: Messiah will enrich my new year with divine wisdom and deep reflection.

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Amy—I would love to find The One Year Bible New Testament under my tree this Christmas. Like other One Year Bibles, it will take me through 365 daily readings. But rather than cover the entire Bible, this will zero in on the New Testament, allowing me to read through it in about 5 minutes each day. But I will want to take more time with this beautiful New Testament, reflecting on the words and enjoying the beautifully designed pages. I love the way this Bible is put together, with lovely illustrations and plenty of journaling space to invite me to spend time with the stories of Jesus, the early church, and our calling as God’s people who are living in the “now and not yet.”

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Becca—This Christmas, I would love to find The One Year Chronological Study Bible under my tree. This will be great to help me meet my goal of reading through the entire Bible next year. I’m really looking forward to the unique perspective this Bible will give me as the chronological order will help me see God’s Word as one connected story rather than just individual books or verses. And if that wasn’t enough, I know the daily introductions, questions for personal reflection, and articles on other biblical themes will further encourage my spiritual growth. I’m so excited that this Bible exists, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it will help me grow in my walk with God as I gain greater understanding of his story this next year!

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Kim—I’m hoping to receive the beautiful teal Student Life Application Study Bible this year. This Bible is truly amazing, and I want to dive deep into the full-color visuals, robust study notes, infographics, and more! It’ll add so many fresh insights into my Bible reading this coming year. I can also scan the page to access Filament Bible app resources to supplement the study materials in this Bible or to listen to worship music or the audio Bible—and more. If there is a student of the Bible you’re looking to find the perfect gift for, I highly recommend this Bible.

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Sibley—This Christmas, it would be so special to receive as a gift the new Santa Biblia NTV, Edición personal, letra grande [Holy Bible NTV, Personal Size Edition, Large Print] in Rose Metallic. The size of this Bible is perfect—not too big or too small—making it a great Bible to have at my bedside for nightly reading. The large print also makes it easier to read without needing to reach for my glasses. However, what really draws me to this Bible is the unique cover design. It’s modern and elegant with an abstract pattern that slightly resembles flower petals or peacock feathers, depending on how you look at it. Usually I’m more of a pink, girly girl, but I really love how this Bible is neutral with a little bit of glam. It makes me feel like this Bible will really last the test of time as fashions continue to change each year.

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Callie—This Christmas, I’m asking for the new Thinline Center-Column Reference Bible, Filament-Enabled Edition with the rustic brown cover. I’ve seen the trim size of the other Thinline Reference Bibles, and I love it. For me, the font size is comfortable—not too small—and somehow it doesn’t feel bulky like study Bibles tend to be. The brown LeatherLike cover is my pick because I always gravitate toward neutrals that are timeless, and I don’t want to splurge on a Genuine Leather edition this year. I also love that it comes with the Filament Bible app, which I can use when I want to dig into something or find answers. What’s even better is that it’s already downloaded on my phone from another Filament Bible purchase, so I’m all set.

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Evie—I am hoping to find the updated Hands-On Bible under my Christmas tree. There is nothing more precious to me than my kids and time in God’s Word. With busy schedules and conflicting priorities, I would love to have a Bible that helps us all better connect in Scripture through fun games, weird facts (my elementary kid will love that), delicious recipes, interesting cartoons, and crafts. Now that it’s in full color, we’ll love looking at it even more!

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How Biblia Inspira Transformed Winny’s Time in God’s Word

Tyndale House Publishers

Biblia Inspira is the Spanish version of the Inspire Bible, the bestselling coloring Bible in English.

The Biblia Inspira NTV [NTV Inspire Bible] uses creative expression to connect readers with God and Scripture. This single-column, wide-margin Bible designed for coloring and creative journaling features over 400 beautiful line-art illustrations created by Latin American artists to inspire creativity while reading the Word of God.

Biblia Inspira is helping people engage with Scripture. In the video below Winny shares how this Bible has helped her grow in her faith and understanding.


I am very blessed to be able to have an Inspira Bible in my hands. Since I first received an Inspira Bible, I began to use it for my prayers and testimonies, and every time I write in it again, I see either my spiritual progress or where my prayer life has been abandoned. My previous testimonies written there help me have faith in where I am today. I know that in coming to read the Bible, studying it isn’t an easy thing; it’s not something we humans do naturally. It takes a lot of discipline, but the Inspira Bible makes us have the intention to hold the Bible in our hands. I confess that I sometimes don’t want to read it, but I see it on my desk, and it makes me miss holding it in my hands, opening the Psalms and praying along with a Psalm. And maybe that happens with any Bible because it is the same Word of God, but to me it happens specifically with the Inspira Purple Cover Bible. Sometimes I just enjoy reading page after page without writing anything down, just letting God speak to me whatever He wants to speak to me that day. It’s more than a pretty Bible; you can feel the devotion and prayer from the team when they created it so that we could all access the Word of God.

Buy now and learn more about Inspira

Meet the Courage For Life Study Bibles

Tyndale House Publishers

Ever get stuck wondering how to study a passage or book of the Bible? The Courage For Life Study Bible for Women and the Courage For Life Study Bible for Men each have 1,464 Bible studies—that’s a Bible study on every page of Bible text—so you’ll be pointed in the right direction no matter where in the Bible you’re reading. And with access to the Filament Bible app, you can dive even deeper. As you read, just scan the page number to open a world of resources including over 25,000 additional study notes, hundreds of videos, a library of interactive maps and infographics, and a full audio Bible—and that’s just the beginning! In the accurate New Living Translation, these Bibles offer a pathway to transformation as you grow in your understanding of God and of your role in his story.

Ann White, general editor for the Bibles, takes you through all the different features and shares her passion for these amazing Bibles.

Learn more and order these Bibles

Get Into the Bible Together!

Tyndale House Publishers

When we think of the Bible, we often relate it to our own personal quiet time with God or maybe to a special gift that could encourage a loved one into a deeper conversation with God. But have you ever considered that the Bible could be a powerful means to foster connections within your community? If you are looking to come together as a church in God’s Word or are wanting to make an impact in your broader community, here are a few ideas.

Courage For Life Study Bible for Women and Courage for Life Study Bible for Men have 1,464 Bible studies—that’s a Bible study on every page of Bible text. The men’s and women’s editions have the same format, so they can be used together or separately. Four basic steps allow you to study the Bible inductively, guiding you to accurately interpret and apply God’s Word. These four steps are important for studying Scripture with courage and confidence:

Pray: As you approach God’s Word, ask the Holy Spirit to guide you into all truth.
Observe: Ask, “What does the Bible text say?”
Interpret: Ask, “What does the Bible text mean?”
Apply: Ask, “As I reflect on what I’ve read in God’s Word, what do I need to do?”

Learn more about these Bibles

Filament Bible Collection journals are perfect for Bible studies, sermon series, and outreach. Each journal is a book or series of books from the New Testament. They have a single-column format, and every other page is blank—perfect for note-taking. Scan a page with a phone or tablet to access the Filament Bible app’s content for the book or books you are studying. See all the journals and sets.

The One Year Pray for the Family Bible is a dynamic way to pray for our own families and the broader family of God. Created with Focus on the Family, this Bible uses the One Year Bible reading plan, and each day’s reading includes a prayer prompt, which focuses on some of the most pressing issues facing families today. As a church, why not spend a month focusing on praying for the needs of families and also give people in your church community the opportunity to continue praying all year using The One Year Pray for the Family Bible? Sample this Bible with a free downloadable one week reading plan

Streetlights New Testament brings audio and print together in an exciting new format. Working with our friends at Streetlights, we have created a Bible portion that resonates with urban communities and younger generations. By scanning a QR code, readers can link to remarkably creative study content and audio resources that explain Christian truths and serve as a basic discipleship tool. Its unique tone and approach to the gospel have a strong appeal to many who are searching for an unconventional way to connect with God’s Word. Get your copies to start engaging.

Immerse: The Bible Reading Experience was created for reading in community. The entire Bible is split into six volumes. Reading plans, videos, and other resources are available to help your church, book club, Bible study, or neighborhood group engage with God’s Word together. Immerse removes many of the barriers that make Bible reading difficult, paving the way for deep connection with God and others through the Scriptures. Start with Messiah, the entire New Testament in one softcover book.

Inspire Portions allow your community to get creative while studying God’s Word. These coloring-book-style Bible portions provide a way to reach out to people who are looking to engage with God’s Word in a more tactile way. They feature high-quality art paper that works well with all art supplies. . Coloring and creative art-journaling options appear throughout the portions, and the Bible text is displayed beautifully in a single-column, wide-margin, spacious layout. Consider starting a Bible-journaling study or group!

Outreach Bibles are economy-priced, full-text Bibles available only in bulk order. Designed for outreach efforts, these Bibles include resources like how to become a Christian and basics on how to use a Bible. They are available in a softcover full size edition, large print edition, children’s edition, and New Testament portion. See the options

NLT Church Bible is another way to share God’s Word with your church and broader community. This Bible comes in hardcover, which is more durable than a softcover, and creates a great reading experience for someone who is new to God’s Word. Order the NLT Church Bible

Engaging the Bible Will Change Your Life!

Tyndale House Publishers

by Pastor Chad from Hope Media Group

Engaging with the Bible on a regular basis can have a profound impact on one’s spiritual growth and life decisions. In fact, The Center for Bible Engagement conducted a study that found it takes four or more encounters per week for there to be meaningful change in people’s lives.

Firstly, Consistent Bible study allows individuals to develop a deeper connection with their faith, helping them to not only navigate life’s challenges but also make more informed decisions based on what they have read in the Bible. Spending time in the Bible can strengthen our relationship with God and give us valuable awareness of the impact of daily decisions.

Yet you don’t have what you want because you don’t ask God for it.

James 4:2, NLT

Secondly, engaging with the Bible enhances our critical thinking and encourages questions. When we explore the Scriptures more thoroughly and apply them to our lives, our “critical thinking muscle” is being stretched and grown. Simply said, critical thinking is our way of making “good” or “right” decisions. This maturing in our lives is spiritual growth that leads to a more meaningful faith journey.

Thirdly, engaging with the Bible more fosters a sense of community among believers. As I read the Bible, there is something special about knowing that people for thousands of years have engaged with these same words. It also helps to do reading plans with groups of people. I work at Hope Media Group, where we love the New Living Translation and think it’s the best translation to help people engage with God’s Word. Using the New Living Translation, we have created a few ways to help encourage people to engage the Bible with others.

  1. OnRamp: Daily Bible Reading Podcast. The Bible has the perfect number of chapters to be able to read it for five days a week and make it through the New Testament in one year. We have taken the guesswork out of reading the Bible and have provided you with a chapter a day, Monday through Friday. Our goal isn’t necessarily for completion as much as engagement. So jump in today and start listening wherever we are at in the plan. Want to read the whole Bible in a year? Our friends at Tyndale have a huge variety of One Year Bibles that can help you engage with the Bible every day. See all the options.
  2. World’s Biggest Small Group. If life gives you big questions, if you feel alone, or if you want to grow your faith, you’re in the right place. WayFM has free community studies. We have in-depth options and ones that take only 10 minutes. Have pressing questions? Our topical studies are meant to help. Want to study God’s Word but not online? This fall, Tyndale is releasing the Courage For Life Study Bible for Women and the Courage For Life Study Bible for Men. These Bibles have a Bible study on each page of Bible text so you can dive right in no matter where you start reading. It’s perfect for in-person small groups too. Learn more about these Bibles.

Committing to engaging with the Bible more than four times a week can bring about many benefits. I believe with all my heart that it will strengthen your relationship with God, enhance your critical thinking, and foster a sense of community with the greater church. Don’t wait for the perfect opportunity but see every day as an onramp to engaging the Bible.

Learn more about our friends at Hope Media Group

So Many Bibles Coming in Fall 2023!

Tyndale House Publishers

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the fall season? As the leaves change and the pace of life quickens, it’s essential to find moments of serenity to nourish your soul. We have some great Bibles and Bible resources that are the perfect way to help you reconnect and re-center as you read, study, and grow in your relationship with Christ.

Full Bibles

Hands-On Bible

What could make the Hands-On Bible even better? Color! Releasing this fall, the Hands-on Bible will be in full color and have some amazing new covers! We want to connect with our kids but can’t always find the right questions to ask. If we can’t get our kids to even talk about their day, how can we expect them to go deeper into biblical truths? The Hands-On Bible was created to help push past those roadblocks. Games, crafts, recipes, and engaging insights and graphics all take the boring out of Bible engagement and provide fun ways for you to have memorable moments that tackle life-changing truths. And now they’re in color! Start exploring

Courage For Life Study Bible for Women and Courage For Life Study Bible for Men, both Filament-Enabled Editions

Ever get stuck wondering how to study a passage or book of the Bible? The Courage For Life Study Bible for Women and the Courage For Life Study Bible for Men each have 1,464 Bible studies—that’s a Bible study on every page of Bible text—so you’ll be pointed in the right direction no matter where in the Bible you are reading. And with access to the Filament Bible app, you can dive even deeper. As you read, just scan the page number to open a world of resources, including over 25,000 additional study notes, hundreds of videos, a library of interactive maps and infographics, and a full audio Bible—and that’s just the beginning! Using the accurate New Living Translation, these Bibles offer a pathway to transformation as you grow in your understanding of God and of your role in his story. Start your study

DaySpring Inspire Illustrating Bible, Filament-Enabled Edition

This is a Bible Journaler’s Dream! One of our most beloved Bible brands is now available in an innovative, large-format, spiral binding. The DaySpring Inspire Illustrating Bible features more than 300 all-new, ready-to-color designs created exclusively by the designers at DaySpring. Each of the illustrations reflects on one of the themes from 1 Corinthians 13:13. The extra-wide (4″) center margins and readable 8.75-point font invite you to linger longer in the Bible and spend time with God as you enjoy the relaxing benefits of coloring and creative journaling. Plus, this beautiful Bible includes access to the Filament Bible app, which contains a wealth of resources that turn this into a revolutionary, four-in-one journaling, coloring, devotional, and study Bible. Start your creative journey.

Chronological Life Application Study Bible, 2nd edition

The Chronological Life Application Study Bible, 2nd edition has been updated with new insights and notes to give you a greater understanding of the ancient context of the Bible as you explore how its truths apply to your life today! The chronological arrangement of the Bible text lets you read about the biblical events in the order they actually occurred. Insights from the Bible’s ancient cultural context—including new material from Jewish scholars—opens the door for a greater understanding of the world of the Bible. Life Application notes help you to see how ancient truths apply to your life today. Combining elements from the bestselling Life Application Study Bible and a more traditional study Bible, this beautiful, full-color Bible opens doors for deeper understanding and life transformation. See all the options.

The One Year Pray for the Family Bible

Created in partnership with Focus on the Family, The One Year Pray for the Family Bible invites us to deepen our relationships with God and the families he has given us. Daily prayer prompts focus on some of the most pressing issues facing families today. Each day’s Scripture reading helps us discover answers and guidance in God’s Word. Read through the entire Bible in a year while spending focused time praying for your family and the broader family of God. Start the new year in God’s Word and on your knees.

Santa Biblia NTV, letra súper gigante

This fall we will see the addition of two beautiful new covers to the text Bible line in our Spanish translation, the NTV. These Bibles will have a super-giant, 14-point font size and will be available in a dark brown cover and a beige cover with flowers and a bird pattern.

New Additions to the Filament Bible Collection

The Filament Bible Collection continues to grow with new formats and covers releasing this fall.

The much-requested Thinline Center-Column Reference Bible is now filament-enabled. These Bibles include center-column cross-references on the Bible text pages as well as the Tyndale Hebrew and Greek word-study system that provides helpful insights into the meaning of the original languages. In addition, they have short book introductions and a concordance. They will be available in brown leatherlike, brown genuine leather, black genuine leather, and teal leatherlike covers.

The Filament Compact Giant Print line is expanding to include two new zipper covers. Inside the grey woven cross zipper cover and magnolia sage green cover will be text from the New Living Translation in 10-point font with access to the Filament Bible app by scanning the page number.

There is also a new cover releasing in the NLT Filament wide-margin line. This single-column Bible with 2.25″ wide margins will be available in a LeatherLike cover with a cream base and dusty rose floral accents and spine.


A gorgeous brown cover will be added to the THRIVE Devotional Bible for Women line. The amazing content inside, including 365 daily devotionals that help women discover how treasured they are by God, will remain the same.

Bible Portions and Resources

The One Year New Testament, Illustrated Edition

Two softcover illustrated editions of The One Year New Testament have daily readings in the New Living Translation that take you through all the books of the New Testament in a year. Each page has full-color illustrations, creating a visually rich reading experience, and Scripture text in an easy-to-read 9.5-point font. These will be available in a floral theme and lakeside haven.

Inspire: Exodus

Inspire: Exodus is the latest in the Inspire Bible portions line. These include all the cherished features from the bestselling Inspire Bible displayed beautifully in a coloring-book style, square-trimmed edition, featuring high-quality, uncoated art paper that works well with all art supplies, including markers.

Rose Deluxe Timelines

Rose Deluxe Timelines is the ultimate resource for Bible and Christian history. With thousands of key dates, people, and events, each timeline is uniquely designed and features plenty of photos and illustrations to enhance learning. Timelines range from quick overviews, offering the big picture of Bible and church history, to large, detailed timelines that fold out up to 32 inches! An amazing resource for Sunday school, church studies, homeschool, and personal learning. Reproduce up to 300 copies for your students.

Rose Visual Bible Study: Psalms

Psalms is the most recent release in the Rose Visual Bible Studies series. In this six-session study, explore how the psalms are worship-prayer songs lifted to God. Whether chanted in a synagogue, sung from a hymnal, or read from being projected on walls, the psalms have given us the content of our prayers and defined both our worship and faith for generations. By studying, praying, and living the psalms, our lives become an enduring song of praise to the Lord, like strong, fruitful trees that thrive through every season.

Formation of the Bible: The Story of the Church’s Canon, second edition

An updated and expanded edition of Formation of the Bible: The Story of the Church’s Canon releases this fall. It is a succinct but detailed account of how the books of the Christian Bible were chosen. This second edition includes charts with more precise dating, interactions with recent scholarship that elucidate the historical context of the relevant ancient literature, a new chapter on ancient pseudepigrapha in Judaism and early Christianity, and a bibliography bolstered by the addition of new and helpful resources for further study of canon formation.

A Dream Come True

Tyndale House Publishers

That’s what several Bible journaling enthusiasts said when we announced we would be releasing our beloved coloring and journaling Bible—the Inspire Bible—with access to the Filament Bible app. For years we have had people requesting a coloring and journaling study Bible, but due to size limitations, that kind of Bible was basically impossible. Thanks to the Filament Bible app, we now have a way to make that dream a reality. A coloring and journaling Bible with all the study notes, resources, and even more features than a traditional study Bible without taking up any of the creative space! The new Inspire FAITH Bible is filament-enabled, but that’s not all. It’s a completely new edition in our Inspire Bible line with fresh line-art verses and updated margins for Bible journaling fans.

The Inspire FAITH Bible has 655 new faith-themed Scripture illustrations scattered throughout the Bible. These gorgeous images include line-art Scripture verses to color as well as full-color vellum pages interspersed throughout the pages of the Bible. This visually stunning Bible is available in two covers: LeatherLike watercolor floral and hardcover coral blossom.

The engaging and accurate New Living Translation text is the highlight of this Bible. Set in a single-column format, it has an 8.65 text font, which is larger and more readable than most full-size journaling Bibles. The extremely roomy, lightly ruled, three-inch-wide margins and high-quality Bible paper make it the perfect choice for creatively responding to God’s Word right on the pages of the Bible.

Ready to go further in your Bible study? Download the Filament Bible app on your smartphone or tablet. Once the Bible is linked to the app, just scan the page number to access thousands of resources, including study notes, theme articles, people profiles, devotionals, worship music, interactive maps and graphics, videos, reading plans, and more.

Read, reflect, and respond to God’s voice as you grow closer to him using the Inspire FAITH Bible.