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Why Study Ephesians?

It’s fascinating how our experiences shape our perceptions, isn’t it? The diversity of family dynamics and routines is like a patchwork quilt, each square telling a unique story. Maybe you have come to realize that the way you were raised […]

Using the NLT Translation Philosophy in German

Did you know that the full New Living Translation is available in seven different languages and that the New Testament of the NLT is in two additional languages? These are not translations of the English version into other languages. Instead, […]

NTV Inspira Receives Jim Cook Bible of the Year Award

We are excited to announce that Inspira, NTV received the esteemed “Jim Cook” Bible of the Year Award at the Spanish Evangelical Publishers Association (SEPA) annual awards banquet in Miami, Florida. The event marked a significant milestone for Tyndale House […]

Is Jesus Enough?

by Pastor Chad, Director of Ministry and Innovation for Hope Media Group In a world where material wealth often dictates one’s sense of security and fulfillment, the question “Is Jesus enough?” cuts to the core of our faith journey. We […]

Moms, Dads, Graduation . . . So Many Gifts!

Getting your gift list together for graduations, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day? These are perfect occasions to gift a Bible. A Bible is not just a gift but a cherished companion for whatever life brings. For mother or father figures, […]

New Living Translation Resources for Churches and Ministries

The New Living Translation is a wonderful translation for personal study and reading, but it’s even better when used in community. We have some amazing resources to help you with outreach, discipleship, small groups, and community growth. And many are […]

Why Tyndale Bibles? Tyndale has more than 50 years of Bible experience. You can trust us. This video will help you learn a little more about our history and expertise in Bible publishing.

Recent Articles

What makes a Bible “large print” or “giant print”?

Though this seems like it would have a quick, simple answer, the truth is a bit more complex. There are no industry-standard guidelines for large-print or giant-print Bibles. When the Tyndale team creates a large-print or giant-print Bible, we look […]

How are different translations different? And how are they similar?

This is a great video that will take you through several aspects of Bible translation. David Brunn is the author of the book One Bible, Many Versions: Are All Translations Created Equal? We highly recommend reading this book for more […]

When did people start translating the Bible?

To get a picture of how the Bible has come to different peoples in the world, spread out a map of the Eastern Hemisphere and imagine Palestine as the center of a pool. Think of God’s revelation of himself through […]

Is a translation of the Bible still the inspired Word of God?

Is a Bible translation the inspired Word of God? Yes—to the extent that the translation relays to the reader what God directed the authors to write. No—to the extent that it misses the meaning of what God originally communicated. Missing […]

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