The Future of Bibles


Introducing the new

Filament Bible Collection

Bible Reading Reimagined

The remarkable new Filament Bible Collection features comfortable reading Bibles in an easy-to-carry size. But there is so much more: mind-blowing study, devotional and video materials at your fingertips through the Filament Bible app.

It’s the future of Bibles: Learn more without carrying more.

In these attractively presented Bibles every page is illuminated with Filament, a simple-to-use app that provides access to a vast array of study notes, devotionals, interactive maps, articles, and worship music that relate to the page you’re reading. You get this extra information simply by scanning the page number with your mobile device.

These reimagined Bibles, illuminated with Filament, are available at the same low price as everyday print-only alternatives

What is Filament?

Bible + App = Unsurpassed Understanding

Product Features

The first offerings in Tyndale’s new Filament Bible collection are Thinline Reference Bibles.

All-new Typesetting with the words of Jesus in red letter

Lay-flat Smyth-Sewn Binding

18 Stunning Leatherlike and Genuine Leather Covers

12 Large Print Editions

Filament App Features

Illuminate classic print Bibles with Filament’s 21st century technology


The Study window contains everything you would expect to find in an excellent study Bible: book introductions, study notes, in-depth articles on key topics, and profiles of key people from the Bible.


The Reflect window is less about in-depth study and more about connecting the ideas of the Bible to your everyday life. Here you’ll find devotional articles and thoughts that are curated from some of Tyndale’s favorite resources


The See window is where you’ll find all things visual. Interactive maps and visuals allow you to zoom in or out and tap key locations to learn more and see photos of the sites. Videos that are relevant to the page you are reading are provided by The Bible Project

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