Life Application Study Bible

Third Edition

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What Makes the Life Application Study Bible Special?

The Life Application Study Bible, Third Edition, is quite simply the most complete Bible ever compiled. Whether you’re new to the Bible or a lifelong reader, this study Bible includes clarifications that help you understand the language, advice on how to apply the Bible’s teaching to everyday life, descriptions of the context and setting, profiles of key Bible people, guides for finding what you’re looking for and more. That’s what makes it a Bible for all times and the bestselling study Bible in the world.



In addition to providing many application notes, the Life Application Study Bible offers several kinds of explanatory notes, which help you understand culture, history, context, difficult-to-understand passages, background, places, theological concepts, and the relationships of various passages of Scripture to other passages.


A carefully organized cross-reference system in the margins of the Bible text helps you find related passages quickly, including parallel passages and text quoted from another passage.

Charts & Diagrams

Charts and diagrams help readers visualize different concepts and relationships and their significance in the book, throughout the Bible and in our lives.


The Life Application Study Bible has numerous maps, building a thorough and comprehensive Bible atlas right into the pages of this Bible. These include book introduction maps that tell the story of the places in the Bible book, and thumbnail maps in the notes that plot geographic movements in the Bible.

Book Introductions

Book introductions give quick visual cues to what each book is about including vital statistics, a timeline, and an easy to understand outline of the main events, stories, and themes throughout the event. It also includes a brief application-focused summary to help you understand why this book is important today.

Personality Profiles

Another unique feature of this Bible is the profiles of many biblical people. Each profile includes strengths and weaknesses, greatest accomplishments and mistakes, and key lessons from their lives. The profiles are located in the books of the Bible where the person's story occurs.

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