Getting your gift list together for graduations, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day? These are perfect occasions to gift a Bible. A Bible is not just a gift but a cherished companion for whatever life brings. For mother or father figures, it can be a thank you for their legacy of faith or to encourage them in their walk. For graduates starting on a new path, it’s a guide and a source of strength as they tackle what’s ahead. See some of our favorite Bibles to gift this time of year.

For Almost Everyone on Your List

With so many options, including a vast array of cover designs, various font sizes, and even journaling and study editions, Filament-Enabled Bibles are the perfect gift for almost everyone on your list. These Bibles give an engaging reading experience, but want to go deeper to learn more? Download the Filament Bible app and scan the page number to open a world of in-depth curated content directly related to what you are reading. Thousands of study notes, theme articles, videos, reading plans, interactive maps and graphics, and even a full audio Bible are accessible through your phone or tablet. See all the options

Gifts for the Graduate

High school

The Student Life Application Study Bible is in a class of its own. It goes beyond the ordinary presentation and limited resources of other student Bibles with more than 27,000 on-page and in-app study notes and a full-color interior design, marrying historic illumination with clean modern elegance. Access to the Filament Bible app opens a world of resources, including study notes, hundreds of videos, interactive maps and infographics, and a full audio Bible—and that’s just the beginning! Learn more

Linking to remarkably creative audio and video resources, the NLT Streetlights New Testament explains Christian truth to young people and serves as a basic discipleship tool for ministries. Its unique tone and approach to the gospel break down traditional barriers to engaging God’s Word and illuminate a pathway for discovering God’s truth. Learn more


Profound transformation is waiting to be discovered in the pages of the Life Application Study Bible. Bible engagement is not just about knowing Scripture; it’s about living it out! The Life Application Study Bible deepens your connection with God and inspires a transformed life through a growing relationship with Christ. Crafted by dedicated scholars and pastors, the Life Application Study Bible is filled with thousands of study resources that increase understanding so readers can experience Scripture’s life-changing power. Learn more

The Chronological Life Application Study Bible helps connect the Christian faith to its Jewish roots. See Scripture through the lens of ancient culture, and experience how it is woven together to display God’s amazing story! This beautiful, full-color Bible is a visual journey through Scripture. Though it includes every word of the 66 books of the Bible, the books are arranged a little unexpectedly. Instead of grouping books by category, this chronological Bible intermingles the passages within 10 eras of biblical history, immersing readers in God’s unfolding story. Learn more

The Illustrated Study Bible brings Scripture’s message to life by giving readers an entirely new visual study experience. Hundreds of information-rich windows to the Bible world instantly communicate foundational truths and complex information in an understandable, compelling way for today’s visual generation. The who, what, where, when, and why of the Bible come alive with stunning photos, illustrations, infographics, and full-color maps integrated seamlessly with background material, study notes, and theme articles. The Illustrated Study Bible empowers readers to draw closer to God by opening their eyes to Scripture’s living, powerful message.

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As kids move into the next elementary phase of learning and development, it’s important that they are rooted in God’s Word. The Hands-On Bible makes Scripture come alive in a kid’s world. It’s a kids Bible but not a storybook Bible. The entire text of the accurate and easy-to-understand New Living Translation is included. This full-color Bible is packed with weird facts, captivating experiments, colorful graphics, and more, getting all the senses involved as kids and their families engage with God’s Word, discover his truth, and have so much fun! Learn more

Middle School

Transitioning from middle school to high school can be difficult. Equip your graduates to know how to apply God’s Word to their lives in a way that makes sense to them. The Boys Life Application Study Bible and the Girls Life Application Study Bible bring the truth of God’s Word into the realities and decisions kids face today. This first step into a study Bible includes hundreds of notes and features to help young Bible readers develop a lifelong foundation built on Scripture so they can know and also apply it to their daily choices.

Gifts for the Mom Figures in Your Life

The Courage For Life Study Bible for Women provides a pathway for discipleship never before seen in a Bible. Within its pages readers will discover the Seven Steps to COURAGE, which help guide them in transforming their lives. Each page of Bible text has a four-part guided inductive study to help readers learn who God is and how he wants his people to live. Stagnant, slow-paced spiritual growth will be exchanged for vibrant growth that brings glory to God and produces transformation. Equipped with Filament, this wide-margin Bible helps readers go even further in their study by giving access to thousands of additional study resources, including videos, an audio Bible, and reading plans. Learn more

The Inspire Bible line offers a creative way to engage with, meditate on, and respond to Scripture. Each edition has 400 unique, beautiful line-art illustrations for coloring and generous wide margins for notes, creative journaling, and more. Full- and partial-page Scripture illustrations are spread throughout the Bible and can be colored in to make each Bible unique, colorful, and personalized. Each Bible in the Inspire Bible line is a powerful tool allowing readers to interact uniquely with God’s Word while creating a beautiful legacy Bible for generations to come. See them all

The Every Woman’s Bible doesn’t shy away from the questions women bring to the Bible. Contributions from more than 100 women around the world explore the heartfelt needs, gritty challenges, and uncommon faithfulness of women of the Bible, throughout history, and today. Through deep study and reflection, women will discover God’s heart for them and clarify their calling through personal stories, insights, inspiration, and study notes—all created by women, for women. This Bible is for every woman who wonders: How do I fit in God’s plan? How can the Bible guide me in daily challenges? How do I reconcile the cultural context of the Bible with its relevance to my life today? Learn more

Gifts for the Dad Figures in Your Life

The Courage For Life Study Bible for Men has 1,464 Bible studies—that’s a Bible study on every page of Bible text. It was created to help men find courage while facing one of the biggest challenges: seeing their weaknesses and finding their true strength in God alone. It is a pivotal step on the path to renewing men’s minds so they can recognize God’s truth over the lies culture is telling them. Learn more

The Every Man’s Bible was designed specifically for men to help them develop a fuller, richer relationship with Jesus. For every battle men are facing, they can stand firm knowing they have God’s answers by their side. It contains trusted advice from ministry leaders, including bestselling author Stephen Arterburn and many more. With thousands of study notes on topics just for men, this Bible helps them find real answers, real fast. Learn More

The One Year Chronological Study Bible lets readers experience God’s story as it unfolds in chronological order and are guided through events with daily Scripture readings enhanced with study guides and reflection questions. Connect the dots of the Bible’s narrative, gaining a deeper understanding that empowers readers to apply its teachings to life. This unique approach helps construct a holistic view of the Bible, revealing how its diverse parts harmoniously work together. Learn more