Easter Gifts: Finding Growth and New Life

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Easter is often a time where faith is strengthened, hope is renewed, and a sense of purpose is discovered. From children to adults, engaging or reengaging with the story of Christ’s sacrifice and powerful victory over death can be a catalyst for deeper understand of who God is and our role in his continuing story. As you prepare for Easter, consider giving a gift of growth and new life with a New Living Translation Bible. Whether it’s for a seasoned believer, someone just starting the journey, or someone seeking where to begin, when people read an NLT Bible, they are encountering the living Word. It’s an invitation to go deeper, to explore the depths of God’s abounding love, and to find new life in Christ.

Here are some suggestions for Bibles to help you or those you love find growth and new life.

For Kids:

Hands-On Bible

The Hands-On Bible makes God’s Word come alive in a kid’s world. It’s a kids Bible, but it’s not a storybook Bible. The entire text of the accurate and easy-to-understand New Living Translation is included. This full-color Bible is packed with weird facts, captivating experiments, colorful graphics, and more, getting all the senses involved as your kids engage with God’s Word, discover his truth, and have so much fun! See all the options

Boys Life Application Study Bible

Filled with hundreds of notes and colorful features, the Boys Life Application Study Bible is easy to use and helps answer questions that preteen boys may have about God and life. As they read the text of the New Living Translation, they are encouraged to go deeper and discover how to think biblically about real issues they face, such as self-esteem, friendship, and peer pressure. Help them get rooted in Scripture and discover God’s will for their lives. Learn more

Girls Life Application Study Bible

A one-of-a-kind discipleship resource, the Girls Life Application Study Bible helps girls draw closer to God and establish healthy relationships with those around them. It includes over 800 Life Application notes, plus full-color features that are designed to help girls learn more about the Bible, understand the big story, meet Jesus, know what it means to follow him, learn how to share their faith with others, and gain practical faith and relationship skills that will help them live out what they believe. Learn more

Inspire Bible for Girls and More!

The Inspire Bible for Girls is designed to draw girls deeper into God’s Word and to inspire creativity and connection with God. Over 500 beautiful, full- and partial-page Scripture line-art illustrations to color are attractively displayed throughout the Bible. In addition, there are devotionals, journaling prompts, and interesting Bible facts to enhance girls’ coloring and creative journaling journey through the Bible. Girls can leave traces of their faith throughout their Bible for a unique treasure that will truly inspire! Explore Inspire Bible for Girls

And don’t forget our other titles in the Inspire Bible line. These bestselling coloring and journaling Bibles are perfect for girls and women of all ages. Discover more

The EPIC Bible

Created by some of DC’s and Marvel’s best comic book artists, The Epic Bible transports readers through a visual journey of Scripture. From Eden to eternity, this stunning hardcover edition engages even the most reluctant readers with brilliant and dramatic full-color graphic art. Packed with action and powerfully illustrated, The Epic Bible brings a fresh, lifelike view of Creation, the story of the Israelites, Jesus’ life on earth, and the early church. Learn more

For Teens:

Teen Life Application Study Bible

The Teen Life Application Study Bible is filled with features designed to meet the challenges and needs of today’s high school students. Combining traditional study Bible features like book introductions, textual notes, person profiles, and maps with application-oriented features focusing on choices, real-life issues, and real-life stories of actual teens, the Teen Life Application Study Bible helps answer the tough questions and grounds teens in their faith. Order now

Streetlights New Testament

Linking to remarkably creative audio and video resources, the NLT Streetlights New Testament explains Christian truth to young people and serves as a basic discipleship tool for ministries. Its unique tone and approach to the gospel break down traditional barriers to engaging God’s Word and illuminate a pathway for discovering God’s truth. Experience it

New Believer’s Bible

The New Believer’s Bible is a perfect resource for people who are seeking answers but don’t know where to start. Uniquely created for new Christians, it helps them to read, study, and apply God’s Word to their lives. The trusted and easy-to-understand New Living Translation, combined with features that make the Bible accessible, lets readers quickly engage with God’s Word, allowing them to take that next step so they can deepen their relationship with God. Order now

Immerse: The Reading Bible

Ever had a book you just couldn’t put down? Immerse: The Reading Bible takes away all the distractions and gets you right into the story. With no chapter and verse numbers and a cover that feels more like a novel than a Bible, it’s like reading the Bible for the first time. Start falling in love with the Bible all over again. Learn more

For Young Adults and Beyond:

Student Life Application Study Bible

The Student Life Application Study Bible is in a class of its own. It goes beyond the ordinary presentation and limited resources of other student Bibles with more than 27,000 on-page and in-app study notes and a full-color interior design, marrying historic illumination with clean modern elegance. Access to the Filament Bible app opens a world of resources, including study notes, hundreds of videos, interactive maps and infographics, and a full audio Bible—and that’s just the beginning! Learn more

The One Year Chronological Study Bible

The One Year Chronological Study Bible takes you on a journey from creation to eternity in the order the action took place, as lessons were learned, and as kingdoms rose and fell. This is the story of God’s dealings with his people from generation to generation. The engaging text of the New Living Translation is broken down into 365 daily readings. Each reading includes a daily introduction and concludes with reflective discovery questions. Throughout the Bible, you will encounter five building blocks that help create a better understanding of the story. Using the easy-to-follow 14-era format, you’ll be guided through the expansive timeline of the Bible, see the unfolding of God’s work among His people, and encounter your place in God’s grand story. Start your journey

Courage For Life Study Bible for Men and Women

The Courage For Life Study Bible for Women and the Courage For Life Study Bible for Men each have 1,464 Bible studies—that’s a Bible study on every page of Bible text—so you’ll be pointed in the right direction no matter where in the Bible you’re reading. And with access to the Filament Bible app, you can dive even deeper. As you read, just scan the page number to open a world of resources, including over 25,000 additional study notes, hundreds of videos, interactive maps and infographics, and a full audio Bible—and that’s just the beginning! In the accurate New Living Translation, these Bibles offer a pathway to transformation as you grow in your understanding of God and of your role in his story. Learn more

Filament Bible Collection

These beautifully crafted Bibles offer a simple and engaging reading experience. And with access to the Filament Bible app, you can turn your text Bible into a study Bible. As you read, just scan the page number to open a world of resources, including over 25,000 additional study notes, hundreds of videos, interactive maps and infographics, and a full audio Bible—and there’s more! Find out more

Bible Team’s Christmas Wish Lists

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As we celebrate the amazing miracle of the Word becoming human, we thank God for the gift of his Word that continues to transform our hearts through Scripture.

We absolutely love being able to work on Bibles and help you find the one that’s perfect for you. And we love using them in our own lives as well! Is there anything better than opening a new Bible? That first glimpse of the cover, hearing the crack of the spine as you tenderly open it for the first time, smelling the fresh pages, and just basking in the beauty of God’s Word in your hands—it’s a glorious experience!

That is why Bibles are at the top of our Christmas wish lists. Here are our top picks. What are yours?

Sandra—I’d be thrilled to find the Chronological Life Application Study Bible under my Christmas tree this year. I’ve wanted to read the Bible in chronological order to gain a deeper understanding of how the various pieces of the Bible fit together. I love the vibrant pictures and illustrations in this full-color edition—they are visually engaging and help bring the stories to life. Plus, the Life Application study notes will help me apply the Scriptures to my everyday life, providing guidance, insight, and a deeper relationship with Christ. This Bible truly combines my desire for wanting to read the Bible chronologically with my desire for the Bible to be visually appealing and packed with incredible study notes to help me understand and apply Scripture to my life, making it the perfect gift for me this Christmas.

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Mindy—This Christmas, I would love to find a Courage For Life Study Bible for Women under my Christmas tree. With a Bible study on every page and the rich, beautiful design, I can’t wait to dig into the lessons that bring God’s Word to life and remind us that we can live courageous, purposeful lives for Christ. In fact, I would also be excited to find a Courage For Life Study Bible for Men under the tree for my husband. We could study the Bible together as we begin the new year!

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Maissie—This Christmas, I hope to receive the DaySpring Inspire Illustrating Bible. This is just the Bible I need to creatively interact with God’s Word. There is so much beautiful, new artwork that I can color or paint and plenty of space to create my own art based on what God is teaching me in Scripture. A great added bonus is the Filament Bible app! I can scan the page number with my phone and read devotionals, study notes, and articles, watch videos, or interact with maps to help me understand the Bible better. This is a beautiful Bible that I could leave for future generations.

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Jeff R—My wish for this Christmas is for the new Life Bible app. I have enjoyed reading so many different Bibles as each one provides me new insights for my life no matter what I may be going through or dealing with at the time. My only challenge has been having a specific Bible ready at my fingertips to reference when I need it. With the Life Bible app, I literally could have all my Bibles (study, devotional, reference, etc.) in the palm of my hand and build my own custom daily reading plan. Not only that, I would have content from thousands of top biblical scholars to pull from and reference and could also compare different translations side-by-side to see how each of them was translated from the original Scriptures. That is my Christmas wish!

Maria—I am hoping to find Immerse: Messiah as a Christmas gift because it promises a transformative spiritual journey. This will be the perfect read for me to start the new year as we celebrate Jesus coming as a babe to all humankind. Its immersive format captivates me, allowing a deep dive into the life of Jesus and his teachings. I long to experience the Scriptures in a fresh, engaging way by reading Messiah and seeing how it will foster a profound connection with my faith during the Christmas celebration. Reading Immerse: Messiah will enrich my new year with divine wisdom and deep reflection.

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Amy—I would love to find The One Year Bible New Testament under my tree this Christmas. Like other One Year Bibles, it will take me through 365 daily readings. But rather than cover the entire Bible, this will zero in on the New Testament, allowing me to read through it in about 5 minutes each day. But I will want to take more time with this beautiful New Testament, reflecting on the words and enjoying the beautifully designed pages. I love the way this Bible is put together, with lovely illustrations and plenty of journaling space to invite me to spend time with the stories of Jesus, the early church, and our calling as God’s people who are living in the “now and not yet.”

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Becca—This Christmas, I would love to find The One Year Chronological Study Bible under my tree. This will be great to help me meet my goal of reading through the entire Bible next year. I’m really looking forward to the unique perspective this Bible will give me as the chronological order will help me see God’s Word as one connected story rather than just individual books or verses. And if that wasn’t enough, I know the daily introductions, questions for personal reflection, and articles on other biblical themes will further encourage my spiritual growth. I’m so excited that this Bible exists, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it will help me grow in my walk with God as I gain greater understanding of his story this next year!

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Kim—I’m hoping to receive the beautiful teal Student Life Application Study Bible this year. This Bible is truly amazing, and I want to dive deep into the full-color visuals, robust study notes, infographics, and more! It’ll add so many fresh insights into my Bible reading this coming year. I can also scan the page to access Filament Bible app resources to supplement the study materials in this Bible or to listen to worship music or the audio Bible—and more. If there is a student of the Bible you’re looking to find the perfect gift for, I highly recommend this Bible.

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Sibley—This Christmas, it would be so special to receive as a gift the new Santa Biblia NTV, Edición personal, letra grande [Holy Bible NTV, Personal Size Edition, Large Print] in Rose Metallic. The size of this Bible is perfect—not too big or too small—making it a great Bible to have at my bedside for nightly reading. The large print also makes it easier to read without needing to reach for my glasses. However, what really draws me to this Bible is the unique cover design. It’s modern and elegant with an abstract pattern that slightly resembles flower petals or peacock feathers, depending on how you look at it. Usually I’m more of a pink, girly girl, but I really love how this Bible is neutral with a little bit of glam. It makes me feel like this Bible will really last the test of time as fashions continue to change each year.

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Callie—This Christmas, I’m asking for the new Thinline Center-Column Reference Bible, Filament-Enabled Edition with the rustic brown cover. I’ve seen the trim size of the other Thinline Reference Bibles, and I love it. For me, the font size is comfortable—not too small—and somehow it doesn’t feel bulky like study Bibles tend to be. The brown LeatherLike cover is my pick because I always gravitate toward neutrals that are timeless, and I don’t want to splurge on a Genuine Leather edition this year. I also love that it comes with the Filament Bible app, which I can use when I want to dig into something or find answers. What’s even better is that it’s already downloaded on my phone from another Filament Bible purchase, so I’m all set.

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Evie—I am hoping to find the updated Hands-On Bible under my Christmas tree. There is nothing more precious to me than my kids and time in God’s Word. With busy schedules and conflicting priorities, I would love to have a Bible that helps us all better connect in Scripture through fun games, weird facts (my elementary kid will love that), delicious recipes, interesting cartoons, and crafts. Now that it’s in full color, we’ll love looking at it even more!

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Graduation Gifts for Next Steps

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Whether finishing college, high school, middle school, or even kindergarten, graduation is a time of transition and change. It is an exciting time that also comes with a bit of trepidation about the future. What’s next? How does this change my relationships? Is the best really yet to come?

Change will always be part of our lives, but we can help our loved ones confidently take the next step, knowing they are grounded in the Word of the Lord, which will help establish a firm foundation for exciting adventures to come.

Here are some ideas for Bible gifts for the graduates in your life.

High School Graduates

Serious study comes to life with the Student Life Application Study Bible. This full-color Bible is teeming with resources that allow the truth of Scripture to jump off the page and into the lives of young adults. Equipped with the revolutionary Filament Bible app, this Bible has over 27,000 in-print and in-app notes as well as videos, infographics, maps, and more to encourage not only daily Bible reading and engagement but also life transformation. As grads head off to a new world, help them grow in their relationship with Christ with this innovative Bible.

Linking to remarkably creative audio and video resources, the NLT Streetlights New Testament explains Christian truth to young people and serves as a basic discipleship tool. Its unique tone and approach to the gospel appeals strongly to those in an urban culture. The features focus on helping readers engage with the Word of God through unique audio and visual content, including putting the New Living Translation to beats and street art that reflects people in the New Testament.

The HelpFinder Bible makes it easy to find the Bible’s answers to life’s difficult questions. Application notes connect the Bible’s truths to life, and the extensive HelpFinder topical index at the front of the Bible provides instant access to thousands of verses and notes on well over 100 key topics that are important and relevant today, pointing readers to where God’s answers can be discovered.

College Graduates and Beyond

Help those you love go further in their Bible reading and study with the Filament Bible Collection. Beautiful Bibles create a comfortable and engaging reading experience. Want to go further? Scan the page number for mind-blowing study notes, devotionals, videos, worship music, and more all curated for the page you are reading. The Filament Bible app seamlessly connects you to vast and varied in-depth content related to what you are reading.

As we face the rigors beyond college, our lives can easily get filled with daily tasks, and Bible reading can fall by the wayside. The One Year Chronological Study Bible can help keep us on track. This Bible takes you through the story of the Bible in the order that the events actually occurred. Using the easy-to-follow 14 eras timeline, each daily reading includes a Scripture passage, a study note that introduces what you will read, and three questions to help you reflect on the reading and guide you through the story.

The Illustrated Study Bible gives readers a gorgeous visual study experience. Hundreds of information-rich windows to the Bible world instantly communicate foundational truths and complex information in an understandable, compelling way for today’s visual generation. The who, what, where, when, and why of the Bible come alive with stunning photos, illustrations, infographics, and full-color maps integrated seamlessly with background material, study notes, and theme articles.

The complete 16-volume set of Swindoll’s Living Insights New Testament Commentary draws on beloved pastor and author Chuck Swindoll’s more than 50 years of experience studying and preaching God’s Word. Each volume includes both the NLT and NASB translations of the Bible, verse-by-verse commentary, charts, maps, photos, key terms, and background articles with practical application.

Don’t forget the younger graduates!!!

Kindergarten Graduates

The Hands-On Bible is a perfect first full Bible for young readers. The trusted and easy-to-understand New Living Translation text is combined with activities, crafts, games, recipes, and more to help kids engage with the truths of the Bible in a fun way. The whole family can participate in the activities so you can get conversations started that will bring you closer together as you grow in your understanding of God’s Word.

Middle School Graduates

The Teen Life Application Study Bible is packed with features designed to meet the challenges and needs of today’s high school students. Based on the bestselling Life Application Study Bible, it includes notes and features that help teens ground themselves in the truth of God’s Word and apply it to situations they face each day.

Inspire Bible for Girls is a coloring and journaling Bible uniquely designed for girls. This Bible has over 500 full- and partial-page Scripture line-art illustrations for coloring right alongside the New Living Translation text. It also includes more than 300 devotionals and more than 160 journaling prompts and has lots of wide-margin space for creative journaling and art.

EPIC Bible is a visual journey through 169 Bible stories designed for fans of graphic novels. It was created by some of the best comic book artists from DC and Marvel. The Epic Bible takes readers on a visual journey of Scripture from Eden to eternity. It engages even the most reluctant readers with brilliant and dramatic full-color graphic art and uses the New Living Translation for conversation text.