Why do I feel so anxious? Why can’t I forgive? Why is my life so difficult?  Often, we get pelted with questions, turmoil and doubt when we feel at our weakest, stressed and overwhelmed. While Jesus cautioned us that we would have many trials and sorrows here on earth, it is encouraging to know that he overcame the world (John 16:33). He wants us to receive peace, hope, and understanding through the holy Word of God. But you might ask, how can I find all of this for my life, for my family’s life, or for my friend’s life? The Bible is so big and intimidating. I don’t know where to begin.

Well here is a great place to start! The new HelpFinder Bible was created with your questions, needs, and concerns in mind. The powerful HelpFinder index at the front of the Bible provides instant access to thousands of verses and application notes on well over 100 key topics like anxiety, death, marriage, fear, children, money, suffering and so many more that are relevant to whatever stage of life we are in today. The user-friendly index quickly and easily helps you zero in on  what God has to say in response to some of life’s toughest questions that we all have had on our minds at one time or another.

So know that you are not alone when you ask Why, and know that what you are looking for can be found in God’s amazing truth that’s not far away. It’s here for you, right at your fingertips, in the new HelpFinder Bible, God’s Word at your point of need.

Take a look inside the HelpFinder Bible