What’s Different about theArt of Life Holy Bible?

NLT Art of Life Holy Bibleweaves the beautiful NLT text into a rich tapestry of artwork illustrating many living things mentioned in Scripture—people, plants, and animals. Captions highlighting their significance and wide-margin design offer readers a unique way to meditate on Scripture focusing on God’s creation. Featuring 450 original hand-drawn illustrations in a unique style this Bible encourages contemplation and visual interaction with the Word.

Cover of the Art of Life Bible, by Tyndale House Publishers


Illustrations vary throughout the Bible pages from full-page to column-wide to margin-size and focus on three categories:plants,animals, andpeople.

In each caption, you will find concrete information about what the illustration pictures, important truths to think about and apply to life, and recommended Bible passages to read that show the item within the flow of Scripture.


Like a guidebook to Bible plants, this Bible gives detailed artwork and physical descriptions of the plants mentioned in Scripture and explores how the biblical writers used these plants to illustrate God’s truth through their mention in stories, as metaphors for teaching and preaching, or in poetry.

Illustration of a tree and landscape


Illustrating and describing many of the animals, birds, fish, and insects in the Bible texts where they are mentioned. The captions provide scientific names and facts about the Bible’s rich and varied animal life, describe the environments they live in, and show how they play a part in the Bible’s story of life.

Illustration of a cow looking at the viewer


Over 150 artistic portraits of people in the Bible. The artist sought to capture aspects of each person’s physical appearance and character through facial features and expressions. And as we look closely at these people, it gives us an opportunity to learn things about ourselves.

Illustration of Eve

Two-page panoramasartistically illustrate four major movements in the Bible’s grand story.

Illustration of a landscape

Beautiful wide marginsallow readers the opportunity to add their own written or artistic reflections

A sample of a page layout from the Art of Life Bible
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