Hungering for God’s Word

by Ellen Elwell, member of the Tyndale House Ministries International Team

Did you know Tyndale House Ministries works with Christian publishers around the world to help minister to the spiritual needs of people in their own languages? Just a few months ago we were able to rejoice as the first Hungarian edition of the Inspire Bible was launched in Budapest, Hungary.

“As I drew, colored, and made notes in my Inspire Bible, I felt that there was only God, the Scripture, and me. It was a tremendous experience,” said Eszter, who enjoys using the new Inspire Bible.

This beautiful Bible started as a passion from Harmat Publishing House, headquartered in Budapest, to see women engage with the Bible in a more personal way. When they discovered the Inspire Bible with its coloring and journaling pages, they knew this was the perfect Bible to be the first journaling Bible published in the Hungarian language.

Combining the Karoli-Bible text in Hungarian with the original artistic illustrations of the Inspire Bible, Harmat Publishers were overwhelmed with the positive responses they received after it was published.

“Using the Inspire Bible was a wonderful and unique experience for me. When I started to draw and color in it, I felt as though I was able to ‘turn everything else off,’ and the only thing that remained was my Bible and me,” said Panna, a young woman who was one of the first to try this new Bible.

To encourage engagement, Kornel Herjeczki, CEO of Harmat Publishing House, hosted a Bible journaling workshop so attendees could experience it firsthand. Participants were able to try out their own creative Bible study and journaling under the direction of Hungarian artist Brigitta Budahazy. And many local news outlets added to the excitement by cover the release of this unique Bible.

“The One who created the eyes can see, and the One who created the ears can hear. He also knew what I had in my heart and that I longed for such a Bible, in which I can freely express my thoughts and feelings toward him,” said Timea, an early user of this Bible.

We love being able to celebrate growing in God’s Word with our brothers and sister around the world. Like Time, may we all long to get into God’s Word so we can express our love for him.

You can learn more about the Inspire Bible in Hungary on its website

You can learn more about Inspire Bible in English

What Is God Teaching You in This Season?

by Kim Adetunji, brand manager

“Remain in me, and I will remain in you. For a branch cannot produce fruit if it is severed from the vine, and you cannot be fruitful unless you remain in me.” John 15:4, NLT

God is moving in hearts, communities, and nations all across the world! In what ways has God been encouraging, sharpening, loving, and challenging you through Scripture? Have you seen your faith and trust in him expand? Have you loosened your grip on things you previously thought you could control? Has your faith been impacted through troubles or pain or loss or new wisdom or gratitude or a big or small victory? Has God changed your perspective on anything? Has he been nudging you to share about the hope of Christ more frequently or to serve him in a new way? How have you been obedient to God in this season? What are ways God is convicting you? How have you seen God transforming your life?

Our world is in a heightened season of reflection that was brought on largely by fear—but also from isolation, loneliness, discouragement, and desperation. Regardless of our personal circumstances, many people are developing a keener awareness of God’s sovereignty and his very near presence and faithfulness. Many have been asking themselves if they truly believe the truths in Scripture, and if so, how should it impact their life and choices—especially when it comes to dealing with our fear or suffering or extended periods of waiting. God is on the move in mighty ways, and with everything that we are going through, it can make our hearts fertile ground for God to accomplish his good work in and through us. Let Christ transform your life as you remain in him. Keep listening. Keep reading. Surrender. Obey. Wait patiently. Hope in him. Trust him. Lean into God’s faithfulness with a grateful heart.

If you’re looking for a place to capture your faith journey, you may be interested in picking up a journaling Bible. Journaling Bibles have lots of extra space in the wide margins next to Scripture to capture truths and observations, notes, learnings, meaningful verses, written prayers, or even for original art. Bible journaling has become a treasured way to express worship to God for his loving-kindness and faithfulness. The Inspire Bible is a special journaling Bible that is available in three unique editions, each with an exclusive set of over 400 illustrations: Inspire Bible, Inspire Praise Bible, and Inspire Prayer Bible. Upcoming new releases include Inspire Bible Large Print in July, the all-new Inspire Prayer Bible in September, and Inspire Catholic Bible Large Print in October.

The all-new Inspire PRAYER Bible has even wider margins and over 400 line-art illustrations to color (including 94 full-page illustrations), plus prayer-themed features including prayer prompts and the beloved colorful vellum pages we first introduced in the Inspire PRAISE Bible. Coloring-book style editions are also available in Psalms and Proverbs, and there is an edition for Girls.

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Powerful Witness

Devotional from the THRIVE: A Journaling and Devotional Bible for Women

“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. And you will be my witnesses, telling people about me everywhere—in Jerusalem, throughout Judea, in Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” Acts 1:8, NLT

Love Letter from God
You are my witness in this world. When you live by the power of My Holy Spirit, you will be an effective witness for Me. Some people try to manipulate to get what they want, but that is a dangerous game. You do not have to operate your life in your own strength. Show others what I am like by how you live. Introduce them to Me, and I will do the rest. I want you to rely on the power of My Holy Spirit as you witness and tell people about Me.
Your heavenly Father

Relying on our own strength affects our witness for God. We have a limited voice with little power and only a temporary ability to influence others. Permanent change is only possible when the power of the Holy Spirit works through us, giving power to the weak and new life to the rest.

Treasure of Truth
The Holy Spirit’s power in us can accomplish infinitely more than we can on our own.

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God Loves You Reading Plan: Day 2

“For the Lord your God is living among you. He is a mighty savior. He will take delight in you with gladness. With his love, he will calm all your fears. He will rejoice over you with joyful songs.” Zephaniah 3:17, NLT

Devotional from the THRIVE Devotional Bible for Women

Love Letter from God

Beloved Daughter

I am very near to you, and I delight in you. I am here for calm your fears and care for your every need. No one knows you better than I do because I created you to be close to Me. Many times you feel far from Me because you’re looking for comfort and love in places they can’t be found. I am the lover of your soul, and I want you to walk out each day in the confidence that you are loved and cherished by Me. As you look up to the heavens, know that I am with you everywhere you go.

Your Heavenly Father


We can miss God’s presence when we’re blinded by our own fears and try to handle life’s problems on our own. When we are afraid, we should run right to our God. He feels more present when we feel out of control.

Treasure of Truth

God delights in you.

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Beautiful Worship

by Amanda H., Bible Journaler

I love to Bible journal. I find myself these days spending any spare time I have, sitting at my table thirsting for time in his word. Ever since I discovered Bible journaling, I have a hunger for God’s word like I have never had before. I am so thankful for this community and for what it has taught me.  I have many journaling Bibles but the one I always reach for these days is my NLT Reflections Bible. I have the hardcover cloth, teal version. This is actually my second one that I’ve had. The first one, I sent off as a Traveling Bible to be journaled in by ladies all over the United States and eventually gifted to a family who lost their daughter to cancer. It was such a special gift!

Bible journaling is a way for me to connect with my Savior. It’s a form of worship for me. It allows me to meditate on his word and grow creatively while I study it. When I begin my journaling process, I pray over the verse I’m journaling and ask the Lord to speak to me. I always have my worship music keyed up as well. This is another way for me to connect with him. With the music going, prayers being said, meditating on the verses, it’s an amazing time to spend being creative!! Whether it’s using stamps, watercolors, printables, acrylic paints, or distress oxides (my absolute favorites), it’s time spent in his word.

I love how the Reflections Bible has white pages because all the colors and designs just seem to pop off the pages and when you highlight the verses, it seems to show up even more.  After I am finished with creating, I will usually write a small prayer, date my entry (I hope to pass my Bibles on to my family someday for them to enjoy, that’s why I date them, plus I like to look back on the entries and see where the Lord has brought me from on those days), and close with prayer. If I decide to share that particular page with social media, I’ll snap a picture sometime after. It’s time well spent, I’ve learned a new verse or revisited an old one. I’ve been able to use my creative skills and I’ve had alone time with my Savior all rolled up into one. My heart couldn’t be fuller!

The Reflections Bible has another favorite of mine, it’s in the NLT translation. When I’m reading or listening on audio to the Bible, it’s one of my favorite translations to use. It’s so easy to understand and still holds true to the original text. If you look on, you can read in detail how they have translated the Bible, what process what used, ancient texts, and much more information is given. I love to read the history and know in detail about the translations I read. This is why NLT is one of my favorites. 

For more inspiration from Amanda follow her on Instagram @journalingandgrace

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14 Reasons We Heart Bible Journaling

We could go on forever about how much we love creative Bible journaling. It’s so much more than coloring or drawing or expressing our faith—it’s worship! It’s our personal response on the page to what God is doing in our hearts. As you may know, Bible journaling has become a deeply treasured devotional practice for many. It is drawing people into Scripture like never before. Journaling Bibles are not sitting on shelves collecting dust. Scripture is being read, meditated on, studied, prayed over, colored, embellished, and responded to!

God speaks to us through the Bible, and faith is strengthened, wisdom is gained, truth is proclaimed, wounds are healed, minds are transformed, relationships are mended, hurts are forgiven, hearts are surrendered, courage and strength grow, and so much more! God’s Love is flooding into hearts as people meditate on his Word, and God’s Truth is spilling off the page and out into the world!

We invite you to indulge in the 14 reasons why we LOVE Bible journaling! We also invite you to try it for yourself. You might discover you’re a lot more creative than you think, or it might open up a whole new way for you to read and engage with Scripture that radically transforms your time with God! One thing is for sure: God’s Word never returns void.

1. The Bible was written for you and me to read and study and learn from. Bible journaling is a fun way to respond to what we’ve read. God’s Word is alive and powerful!

2. God speaks to us through the Bible, and no matter how many times we’ve read our Bibles, there is always a fresh word or perspective or learning. No two journaling Bibles are ever alike.

3. Bible journaling is an act of worship and can even be done in community!

4. Being creative in our Bibles draws us deeper into God’s Word and helps us remember the truths that we learn so we can apply them to our lives.

5. It’s 100% meaningful; time spent in God’s Word never returns void.

6. It’s a creative process that calls out the creativity God gave you. You were made in his image. He is creative, and so are you!

7. It’s a unique way to study God’s Word. We can express ourselves to God and discover God’s truth in a new and exciting way.

8. It’s a great way to share your legacy of faith with your children or grandchildren and can even become a family tradition.

9. It encourages time in God’s Word.

10. It doesn’t have to be beautiful to be meaningful.

11. It’s a way to reflect our hearts to our Creator and to respond to what God is doing in our hearts through his Word.

12. Bible journaling is colorful! Our colorful Bibles are beautiful reflections of our time spent in God’s Word! We can go back to them time and again and revisit the pages we’ve journaled for encouragement and as a reminder of God’s faithfulness.

13. We are inspired by God’s Word!

14. It’s fun!

Click on the images below to download some pages from our journaling Bibles and try creating Bible journaling for yourself.

NLT Reflections:

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One Year Expressions:

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One Year Reflections:

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Combining Two Loves

For decades people who loved to color had to find excuses to participate in their favorite pastime. Coloring with children or grandchildren was considered acceptable, but coloring on your own—that’s for kids. At least it was until research found that coloring as an adult isn’t childish at all. In fact, it has great health benefits, including reducing anxiety and improving motor skills, vision, focus, and even sleep habits. No one was happier to freely be able to express herself through coloring than Lynnee.

“I just love coloring. I have always loved coloring,” said Lynnee.

Though coloring was giving her a sense of calm and she truly enjoyed it, she still felt something was missing.

“I knew there were journaling Bibles with space to create art, and I was looking for one when I stumbled upon the Inspire Bible.

As a Bible reading enthusiast, she was excited to see two of her loves combined into one—a Bible that helped you meditate on God’s Word through coloring and art journaling.

“This Bible is such an awesome tool of inspiration and just keeps me going back for more of God’s Word. It has brought me deeper in my understanding,” said Lynnee.

While Lynnee colors a verse, she meditates on it, asking God to speak to her through his Word. Then she reads the broader passage to gain a deeper understanding by reading the verse in context.

“It has brought reading the Word of God to a whole new level for me,” said Lynnee. “It is such a cool way to journey through Scripture in an artistic way. So grab one and start your colorful journey with Jesus.”

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When Scrapbook Expos Becomes Places of Transforming Worship

by Amber Bolton, Inspire Bible TOUR

She walked up to the Inspire Bible booth, touched the pages of my Bible, and looked up at me with wide-eyed wonder. “I didn’t know this is what I needed until just now.”

This year, in addition to the workshops hosted through churches and bookstores, the Inspire Bible TOUR has had a booth and a workshop at 12 Stamp and Scrapbook Expos across the US. We still have four more stops to go in Arizona, Colorado, and California. This new aspect of the TOUR has allowed us to share about the Inspire Bible and this beautiful way to respond to God’s Word through art in the margin with people who are already using their creativity for scrapbooking and card-making. Bible journaling is the perfect crossover, as it becomes a conduit of creativity to document faith. Over the past several years on the Inspire Bible TOUR I’ve enjoyed sharing about how Bible journaling is one of the ways we can study and respond to Scripture. It’s worship in the margin, it’s documenting a season of faith, and it becomes a legacy piece for decades to come.

So many curious creatives have stopped by the Inspire booth to ask questions, share their experiences, and begin their journey into creating worship in an Inspire Bible. Over the course of the past three years of leading Inspire Bible TOUR workshops, and especially at the Stamp and Scrapbook Expos, I’ve had so many questions and comments that I’d love to share with you because they might be some of the same things you are wondering. Here are some of the most popular questions:

So, this is a coloring book, right?

The Inspire Bible is a Bible. It’s the inspired Word of God. But . . . it has blank margin space, illustrations, and vellum inserts to help you respond to God’s Word. It’s the Bible first and foremost.

I’ve got so many craft projects to do, I don’t need another thing.

When you sit down and spend time in the Bible, that time is sacred. It’s not a craft project, it’s a study of God’s Word. It’s a chance to come before the Lord and grow in your faith. We can approach Scripture with the expectation that the Holy Spirit will speak to us as we read and reflect on the inspired Word of God.

I’ve never done anything like this before. How do I get started?

When I sit down and open my Inspire Bible, I focus on 4 things (pray, read, ask, respond). I open with prayer. I invite the Holy Spirit to challenge, encourage, and sharpen my faith. I then read a portion of Scripture. This seems obvious, but I admit, there are times I just want to color and not read the words. But because this is more than a coloring book, I keep the Word central. As I’m reading, I’m asking three questions: What stands out? What does this passage tell me about God? What does this passage tell me about how to live? THEN, I respond in the margin. I use the margin to answer one of those three questions. I keep it as simple as possible because I want to be able to read, respond in the margin, close my Bible and live out what I’ve learned! I want to be able to remember what I read and processed. It’s a life manual that invites you to respond with creativity in the margin.

I want to do this! What specific Bible journaling supplies do I need?

Use what you already have and go from there. Most people believe you have to have specific art supplies for Bible journaling, but you don’t! You can use any of the stamp and scrapbook supplies you already have, even your children’s art supplies. You don’t have to break the bank to get started using the Inspire Bible.

I don’t want the ink to bleed through to the other side of the page or shadow. So what should I use on the Bible pages?

There are certain supplies that will bleed through the pages. While the pages of the Inspire Bible are thicker than traditional Bibles, alcohol-based inks will cause bleed-through. You can use gesso to prep your pages, but I personally don’t use it. I’m okay with a little bit of bleed through. I typically will just incorporate it into the illustration on the other side of the page. Many people buy an Inspire Bible but are afraid to start. They are stuck worrying about ruining the pages or not having the “right” supplies. Use the last few pages of the Inspire Bible (the index) to try out your art supplies and then JUST START. Once you get through your first few pages, your bravery will grow. Start to see your trip to the art store as a way to ask “Can I use this in my Bible?” Think outside the box. I’ve used nail polish, maps, napkins, Instax photos, and even a voting sticker in my Bible!

I can’t believe you would write in a Bible. Why would you do that?

My Inspire Bible is my “art response Bible” not my everyday reading Bible. I keep one NLT Bible (it’s duct-taped and falling apart) that I don’t cover the words in. Everyone has what I call the “Spectrum of Coverability” level. On one side of the spectrum are those who would never write in a Bible, and on the other side is full coverage of art. Everyone has a particular level. For example, those who carry their Bible with them to church to use as their primary reading Bible will likely not want to cover the words. Ultimately, Bible journaling has been around since the Word was written. Kings and Queens would invite artists to depict stories in Scripture through art, especially for those who were unable to read. They even used stamps (carved in wood) and real gold to foil in the illustrations. Ultimately, the Inspire Bible was created so that you have margin space to write, journal, and create illustrations that help you visualize what you’ve learned.

Wow, I can’t create such beautiful pages. You must be an artist, right?

I’m a Bible preacher, not an art teacher. We are all creative in our own ways. Bible journaling is worship in the margin. Think of it as drawing a picture and giving it to God, who turns and puts it on his refrigerator. He is praised by our creative mess when we keep the Word central. Ultimately, while my pages might be beautiful, I want my life to be a more beautiful reflection of Christ based on what I’ve learned through Bible journaling. So, don’t be concerned about the art; be more in tune to what the creativity is cultivating in your heart. Are you being sharpened, challenged, and encouraged by the Word? Is God honored by your time and creativity? These are questions I ask myself to make sure my focus is less on “Instagram likes” and more on worshiping the Lord.

We have just a few more stops on the Stamp and Scrapbook Expo schedule. Would you pray for those who walk by our booth or take the workshop? We’ve sold women their very first Bibles (ever), prayed with women who are battling heavy life situations who picked up an Inspire: Psalms, and engaged with moms and daughters about journaling in the Inspire Bible for Girls during their quality time together. We’ve seen people experience the Holy Spirit’s “aha” moments about getting creative for Christ and encouraged others who saw the Bible as intimidating to begin their journey to learn about God. People have even prayed for and encouraged us in the booth! Isn’t it amazing that God would put creativity in our hearts so that we can worship him? Let us live INSPIRED as we read and respond in the margins of our Bibles.

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What’s the Greatest Gift for Mom This Mother’s Day?

by Kim Adetunji, Bible Brand Manager

You, of course! Your time, your smile, your kindness, a note, a call—or in some circumstances, your apology or forgiveness. That’s probably the absolute best gift you could give this Mother’s Day!

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for a meaningful gift to give Mom—so we pulled together a list for you:

5 Reasons a Bible Is the (Second) Greatest Gift for Mom on Mother’s Day

#1: Your Mom deserves the very BEST, and what gift could be better than the living and powerful Word of God? (Plus, there are so many options to choose from that you are bound to find one that she’ll love!)

#2: What other gift—besides prayer, maybe—connects Mom so directly to God than the Bible? When Mom (or you or I) reads through the Bible, God speaks to her (and us)!

#3: It will be a gift your Mom will cherish for a very, very long time—and not just because it’s from you (which is a really huge reason!), but also because being a student of the Word and growing in knowledge of God and his plan for us is a life-long journey. We will never fully mine the riches and depths of this treasure house that is the Bible.

#4: No matter where your Mom is (or isn’t) on her spiritual journey, a new (or first!) Bible could be the fresh inspiration she needs to make spending daily time with God a (new or renewed) priority in her life.

#5: As Mom reads her Bible and reflects on its truths, the more she will become transformed into Christlikeness. The Bible promises us that time spent in God’s Word will never return void! (We saved the very best reason for last!)

Inspire Mom This Mother’s Day!

The #1–selling Inspire Bible line is available in 6 unique editions (pictured above, from left):

Inspire Bible for Girls

Includes 500+ illustrations to color, 300+ devotional readings and prayers, 160+ journaling prompts, fun facts, a beautiful two-color interior & so much more!

Inspire PRAISE Bible

Over 500 all-new Scripture line-art illustrations to color, wide margins for journaling, plus 32 beautiful full-color vellum pages (pictured below). It’s the only Bible with vellum pages! Now available in large print.

Inspire: Proverbs

A square-trimmed, coloring-book-style complete book of Proverbs that is beautifully designed with line-art illustrations to color and extra-wide margins for journaling. Printed on thick art paper.

Inspire: Psalms

A square-trimmed, coloring-book-style complete book of Psalms that is beautifully designed with line-art illustrations to color and extra-wide margins for journaling. Printed on thick art paper.

Inspire Bible (the original)

Over 400 Scripture line-art illustrations to color, plus wide margins for journaling. Available in full-size and large-print editions.

Inspire Catholic Bible NEW!

Our latest addition to the line, the beautiful rose gold Inspire Catholic Bible has over 450 Scripture line-art illustrations to color, plus wide margins for journaling.

Inspire has drawn people of all ages and stages of faith deeper into God’s Word.

Let the Word of God Inspire You.™

All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It corrects us when we are wrong and teaches us to do what is right. – 2 Timothy 3:16, NLT

Who You Talkin’ About?

by Carolyn Larsen, taken from the Inspire for Girls Bible

“If wicked people turn away from all their sins and begin to obey my decrees and do what is just and right, they will surely live and not die.” Ezekiel 18:21, NLT

So who’s wicked? You are. What? Scripture tells us that all people are wicked. We are all sinners, so you are also a sinner. That means that you are prone to disobey and disappoint God, even if you don’t mean to or want to.

But there is hope. When you talk to God, admit your sins and tell him you are sorry. He grants forgiveness and second chances to those who sincerely believe and are sorry.

Don’t give up hope for your own redemption from God just because you mess up big time. When you recognize your need for forgiveness and ask God, he will forgive you. Don’t get so filled up with pride that you don’t think you need God’s forgiveness. Be honest with God and yourself. Admit that you mess up. Admit that you need his forgiveness. Ask God to forgive you and to help you do better. He promises to forgive you and to help you learn to obey him.

Dear God, I need your help. I can’t obey your commands without your strength and help in my life. Please help me. I want to obey you! In Jesus’ name, Amen

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