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The Unexpected and the Inevitable: Q and A with Thriller Author Steven James

Steven James’s latest novel, Fatal Domain, continues Travis Brock’s search for the truth of what happened the night of a brutal fire over a year ago. In this Q and A with Steven, he lets readers into the mind of a thriller author.…

Janice Cantore’s Three Steps of Novel Writing: Go Behind the Scenes with a Romantic Suspense Author

Author Janice Cantore is a former police officer who now writes romantic suspense novels. Janice writes suspense that keeps readers engrossed and leaves them inspired. In her latest novel, One Final Target, a sergeant and a detective team up to discover who was behind an explosion that put one …

Reveal, Restore, Recover: Author Robin W. Pearson on Her New Southern Family Drama

Robin W. Pearson’s latest Southern family drama, Dysfunction Junction, centers around three sisters who, after an unexpected phone call, need to reckon with a past all of them would rather forget. Publishers Weekly called the novel “a heartfelt tribute to the bonds of sisterhood.” In this Q and A …

Love in a Dangerous Time: How the Roman Legend of Saint Valentine Inspired Jamie Ogle’s Debut Novel

Author Jamie Ogle’s debut historical fiction book Of Love and Treason retells the story of Saint Valentine, a man who defies the Roman emperor and becomes both a hero and the most wanted man in the empire. In this Q & A with Jamie, she talks about her inspiration for …

The Walker Family of the Great Smoky Mountains: Inspiration for a New Historical Novel

Deep in the Appalachian Mountains of Tennessee sits an old, weathered cabin that was once home to the Walker family. I first saw the ancient-looking, two-room dwelling in the fall of 2018 when my husband and I headed to the mountains to enjoy the fall foliage. We’d heard about the …

Meeting Cade: Where Fact Meets Fiction in Historical Novel The Wings of Poppy Pendleton

In author Melanie Dobson’s time-slip drama The Wings of Poppy Pendleton, a young girl mysteriously disappears from a New York estate during the Gilded Age; years later, a reporter enlists a woman living on the same island to investigate the disappearance. In this article, Melanie talks about her research …

Beauty From Ashes: Jennifer L. Wright on Her Latest Historical Novel

In this article by author Jennifer L. Wright, Jennifer takes us behind the scenes to tell us how research for her first book and a simple conversation led to the inspiration behind her latest historical release, The Girl from the Papers! Read what Jennifer has to say about her

Meet Keren from The Hidden Prince: Q&A with author Tessa Afshar

Author Tessa Afshar’s new historical fiction novel The Hidden Prince tells the story of Keren, a young of a woman who feels she has no future but soon discovers the fate of nations may rest in her hands. Get to know more about Keren and the ancient land in which …

Author Q&A: Jennifer L. Wright on Come Down Somewhere, Her New Novel

In her latest historical fiction novel Come Down Somewhere, Jennifer L. Wright tells the story of two young women coming of age during the Trinity nuclear bomb test in 1945. In the Q&A below, she shares how she came to write this novel and what she wants her readers to walk …

Ryan Steck on His Debut Thriller Fields of Fire

Set in rural Montana, Ryan Steck’s debut thriller Fields of Fire tells the story of former elite Marine Raider Matthew Redd who uncovers a dark global conspiracy with his hometown at the center. In the Q&A below with the author, hear about how the story and the novel’s hero, Matt …

Amish 101: fun facts about the Amish community from Cindy Woodsmall

In this article Amish fiction author Cindy Woodsmall talks about Amish fiction, facts about the Amish community, and more. If you’ve read her recently release Yesterday’s Gone which she co-authored with Erin Woodsmall, read this post to discover even more about the Amish traditions and customs she writes about

Fact vs. Fiction: Code of Courage author Janice Cantore on where real life and fiction meet in her novels 

Your police background and knowledge bring great authenticity to your stories. Are there any scenes in Code of Courage or any of your other novels that you had to veer from true-to-life police procedures because it would be giving too much information away that needs to stay protected? Are there

Author Q&A: Robin W. Pearson on Her New Novel, Walking in Tall Weeds

In Robin W. Pearson’s latest women’s fiction novel Walking in Tall Weeds, the Baldwins find themselves wading through a new, rocky season of life in Hickory Grove, North Carolina. When Paulette’s and Fred’s only son, McKinley, returns home, his visit dredges up even more conflict between Fred and Paulette.

Author Q&A: Sandra Byrd on Her New Novel, Heirlooms

In Heirlooms, her new women’s fiction novel set in both modern-day and mid-century Whidbey Island, author Sandra Byrd tells the story of story of four women—grandmothers and granddaughters—across generations and explores the secrets we keep, the love we pass down, and the heirlooms we inherit from a well-lived life.

Author Lynn Austin on Her New Novel Long Way Home: Author Q&A

In her new historical novel Long Way Home, author Lynn Austin tells the story of Jimmy, a young former soldier returned home after World War II, and his friend Peggy who tries to piece together what happened that left him so shattered. Learn more about this story of courage …

Historical Fiction Author Q&A: Cathy Gohlke on her new novel A Hundred Crickets Singing

Historical fiction author Cathy Gohlke’s latest historical novel A Hundred Crickets Singing tells the story of two young women living on the same Appalachian estate in wars eighty years apart who determine to aid soldiers dear to them and fight for justice, no matter the cost. In the Q&A below,

A Visit to the Maxwell House Hotel: Michelle Shocklee on the famed hotel in her novel Count the Nights by Stars

Step back into time with a virtual visit to the famed Maxwell House Hotel. Author Michelle Shocklee shares a peek into this iconic landmark as characters in Count the Nights by Stars would have experienced it before its demise. Read about it in the article below from Michelle.

In my …

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Behind the Story: A Look into the New Novel The Winter Rose

In the new time-slip novel The Winter Rose by award-winning Christian fiction author Melanie Dobson, a modern-day woman searches for answers about her mentor’s past and finds a link to a woman who saved children during World War II. In the Q&A below with Melanie, learn more about this

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Lynn Austin on Her New Novella, The Wish Book Christmas

In the new historical novella The Wish Book Christmas, bestselling author Lynn Austin tells the story of two single mothers, Audrey and Eve, who are raising young sons alone in the wake of World War II and trying to teach them the true meaning of Christmas. This heartwarming tale

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Life on the New York Frontier: Returning to Shiloh 

In the new historical novel Shiloh by Lori Benton, Ian Cameron works to build a new life for his family on New York’s rugged frontier. In the article below from Lori, discover what sparked her imagination about the New York frontier and learn more about what life was like during

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Q&A with Patricia Raybon, author of the novel All That Is Secret

In All That Is Secret by award-winning author Patricia Raybon, it’s 1923, and Professor Annalee Spain receives a cryptic telegram calling her to Denver to solve the mystery of her father’s murder. For a young Black woman, searching for answers in a city ruled by the KKK could mean real

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Meet Andrews & Wilson, the Dark Intercept Writing Team

The new thriller Dark Intercept was coauthored by Andrews & Wilson, the bestselling writing team of Brian Andrews and Jeffrey Wilson. They write action-adventure and covert operations novels honoring the heroic men and women who serve in the military and intelligence communities. In the Q&A below, learn more about Brian

Jasper Lake through the Eyes of its Mayor

The new contemporary romance novel Provenance by Carla Laureano tells the story of Kendall Green and Gabriel Brant, a young mayor, who meet and fall in love in the tiny town of Jasper Lake, Colorado where Kendall arrives to sell the properties she’s inherited. Get to know Jasper Lake in

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Q&A with Janice Cantore, Author of Breach of Honor

In Janice Cantore’s new romantic suspense novel Breach of Honor , Table Rock police officer Leah Radcliffe’s wrongly convicted of murdering her husband Brad, a fellow officer. Soon, truths about Brad’s dark side come to light—and reveal a deep-rooted problem in the town. In the Q&A below, hear from Janice

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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and If It Rains: Jennifer L. Wright on how a classic inspired her new story

In the new historical novel If It Rains by Jennifer L. Wright, two sisters cherish a copy of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz as they struggle amidst harsh realities of the Dust Bowl. If It Rains has subtle nods to this classic tale. Read on to learn why Jennifer wove

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A Step into the Setting of Lynn Austin’s Chasing Shadows

The new historical novel Chasing Shadows by Lynn Austin is the story of three women whose lives are instantly changed when the Nazis invade the neutral Netherlands, forcing each into a complicated dance of choice and consequence. In the post below, hear from Lynn Austin about places featured in the

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Q&A with Tessa Afshar, author of Jewel of the Nile

In the new biblical fiction novel Jewel of the Nile by Tessa Afshar, whispered secrets about her parents’ past take on new urgency for Chariline as she pays one last visit to the land of her forefathers, the ancient kingdom of Cush. In the Q&A below with Tessa, discover what

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Five Surprising Facts about Historical Hollywood

In the new historical novel In a Far-Off Land by Stephanie Landsem, Mina Sinclaire heads to Hollywood hoping to make it big as a movie star. But soon the high price of fame catches up to her. In the post below by Stephanie Landsem, discover five fascinating facts about historical

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Meet Is It Any Wonder’s Louisa Chambers & Cody Boggs

Is It Any Wonder by Courtney Walsh is the story of two friends, Louisa Chambers and Cody Boggs, whose lives were torn apart by tragedy. Over a decade later, their worlds collide, and as they plan a fundraiser together, neither can deny the spark each encounter ignites. Get to know Louisa

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Where Fact and Fiction Meet: A Real-Life Radio Story and A Piece of the Moon

In the new Southern fiction novel A Piece of the Moon by Chris Fabry, much of the story focuses upon characters who work at Country 16, a small town radio station in West Virginia. Chris Fabry shared one of his personal stories from his time in radio and how it

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A Letter from ‘Til I Want No More’s Maxine Owens

In ‘Til I Want No More by Robin W. Pearson, Maxine Owens is a columnist whose writes about her life, including wedding details as she plans to marry her fiancé Theodore Charles. In the letter below, courtesy of Robin W. Pearson, hear from Maxine about what she hopes you’ll take

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Bringing Louisa May Alcott to Life in The Orchard House

In The Orchard House by Heidi Chiavaroli, Johanna Suhre travels to the home of Little Women author Louisa May Alcott. There Johanna cares for Louisa’s aging parents. In this post, Heidi Chiavaroli shares what it was like bringing Louisa to life in the pages of The Orchard House.

I …

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Behind the Book: Cathy Gohlke on her new novel Night Bird Calling

Night Bird Calling by Cathy Gohlke tells the story of Lilliana Swope who flees her abusive husband for the home of her great-aunt in No Creek, North Carolina, With war brewing for the nation and for her newfound community, Lilliana must overcome a hard truth voiced by her young friend

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Crazy4Fiction Christmas Cheer: Heidi Chiavaroli’s 5 Favorite Family Fun Christmas Activities

Award winning novelist Heidi Chiavaroli writes women’s fiction, combining her love of history and literature to write time-slip stories. In The Orchard House, her upcoming new release, family is a central focus of the story. Christmas can be a great time to create new family memories. Heidi shared a

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Crazy4Fiction Christmas Cheer: Tara Johnson’s 5 Favorite Christmas Songs

Historical romance novelist Tara Johnson’s upcoming novel All Through the Night features a Cadence Piper, a young heroine whose gift of music inspires wounded soldiers during the dark days of the Civil War. A musician and singer herself, Tara shared a list of her own favorite Christmas hymns and carols.

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A Favorite Christmas Memory: Francine Rivers shares one of hers

Francine Rivers, New York Times bestselling author of The Masterpiece, shared about a favorite Christmas memory. Get a glimpse into a moment from the author’s life by reading the story below that she shared. 

A friend asked me what my most memorable Christmas was. That’s easy.  Rick and I …

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Crazy4Fiction Christmas Cheer: Courtney Walsh’s Favorite Romantic Christmas Movies

Contemporary romance novelist Courtney Walsh writes swoon-worthy romances readers adore. If you follow her on Instagram during the holiday season, you’ll see her posting fun reviews of Christmas rom coms in her Instagram stories. This year, Courtney shared a list of her personal favorite romantic Christmas movies. Read this post

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Francine Rivers on Family Traditions and Comfort Food

This holiday season, maybe you’re reminiscing about fun family memories or that delicious recipe your grandma made every year around Thanksgiving or Christmas. What are some of your favorites? Drop us a comment and let us know. Francine Rivers, New York Times bestselling author of The Masterpiece, shared a

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Fall Fiction Fun: DiAnn Mills Reads an Excerpt from Her Novel Airborne

Do breezy autumn evenings have you looking to bundle up under a cozy blanket, a cup of cocoa in one hand and a suspense-filled book in the other? If you love staying in and reading a novel that keeps you turning pages late into the night, the new romantic suspense …

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Fall Fiction Fun: Ana and Bryan Share Their Perfect Pumpkin Pie Spice Latte

In the novel The Solid Grounds Coffee Company, book three in the Supper Club series by RITA Award–winning author Carla Laureano, Bryan Shaw and Analyn Sanchez manage a coffee roasting company in Denver. If you’re a fellow coffee lover and are looking for a delicious seasonal drink to try

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Fall Fiction Fun: Opal Gilbert’s Fall Décor Tips

In the contemporary romance Beach Haven by T.I. Lowe, Bless This Mess boutique owner Opal Gilbert has an eclectic, fun style. No doubt she would be decking out the boutique with festive, cute fall décor. Get her fall décor tips, courtesy of T.I. Lowe, below.

Opal Gilbert is the hippie …

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Fall Fiction Fun: Granny B’s Fall Recipes

In A Long Time Comin’ by Robin W. Pearson, Beatrice Agnew, also known as Granny B, is a talented cook, serving up Southern comfort food that would make your mouth water and your stomach rumble for a bite. If you’re in need of some delicious, hearty comfort food on a

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Q&A with DiAnn Mills: the author of Airborne on a favorite scene in the novel, key characters, + more

In the new romantic suspense novel Airborne by DiAnn Mills, a killer virus is unleashed on a plane full of passengers. Aboard the flight is Houston FBI Agent Heather Lawrence. Heather works to track down the killer, and soon her husband Dr. Chad Lawrence, who studies viruses for a living,

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Where Fact & Fiction Meet: Digging through History for Under the Tulip Tree

In Under the Tulip Tree by Michelle Shocklee, Lorena Leland takes a position with the Federal Writers Project. If you’ve read Under the Tulip Tree, you may be wondering about the history of the FWP and how it inspired the novel. In this post, learn more from Michelle Shocklee

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Art Imitating Art: Behind the Scenes of Mountain Laurel

In Mountain Laurel, an enslaved woman named Seona finds a small measure of freedom by drawing the world and people around her—in secret. Author Lori Benton shared the inspiration for Seona’s artistic passion. Read below what Lori wrote. 

I suppose I’ve been drawing since I was old enough to …

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Defining Friendship: author T.I. Lowe on the friendships in her Carolina Coast series

T.I. Lowe is the author of the Carolina Coast series which includes Beach Haven, Driftwood Dreams, and Sea Glass Castle. In the contemporary romance series, Opal, Josie, and Sophia, known as the Sand Queens, each find love in Sunset Cove. In the article below, T.I. talks about

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Why Under Scottish Stars Is a Time Capsule Tribute to Skye

On the Isle of Skye in Under Scottish Stars by Carla Laureano, young widow Serena MacDonald Stewart and hotel manager Malcolm Blake fall in love. Read below what author Carla Laureano wrote about her own journey to Skye and the picturesque setting of the novel. 

In the spring of 2004, …

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Reclaiming Drifting Dreams: guest blog post by novelist T.I. Lowe

In Driftwood Dreams, book two in the Carolina Coast series by T.I. Lowe, Josie Slater has watched her dream drift on by. In the guest post below, see what T.I. Lowe had to say about her own experience pursuing a long-time dream and why it’s never too late to

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Class, Privilege, and Courage in If I Were You: Author Lynn Austin on her new novel

Lynn Austin’s new novel If I Were You tells the story of two young women who come of age during World War II. Later, the secrets they carry will push their friendship to the breaking point. Read on to see what Lynn shared about why she writes Christian fiction, the

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We All Need Someone to Lean On: guest blog post by novelist Beth K. Vogt

In The Best We’ve Been, book three in the Thatcher Sisters series by Beth K. Vogt, Johanna Thatcher’s tough exterior hides deep wounds. She hasn’t tended toward relying on others, but new life changes may leave her little choice but to accept help. Read on to see what Beth

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