Q&A with Janice Cantore, Author of Breach of Honor

June 30, 2021


Q&A with Janice Cantore, Christian fiction author of the new contemporary romance suspense Breach of Honor

In Janice Cantore’s new romantic suspense novel Breach of Honor , Table Rock police officer Leah Radcliffe’s wrongly convicted of murdering her husband Brad, a fellow officer. Soon, truths about Brad’s dark side come to light—and reveal a deep-rooted problem in the town. In the Q&A below, hear from Janice Cantore about she’s excited for readers to experience in the novel and how she expects her novel to resonate with its audience.

What inspired you to start writing novels based on your experience as a police officer?
A. I’ve always loved mystery/suspense novels. A cop as the main character was always a plus. Joseph Wambaugh was kind of the gold standard for cop novels in the 80s, but as good as his books were, they were too hard-bitten and at points a bit depressing. I always liked the good guys winning, and I wanted the endings of my stories to uplift and not depress. Reading Randy Alcorn’s Deadline showed me that the Christian message had a place in suspense fiction. As a Christian, I recognize the importance of faith in fact and fiction. Everyone struggles with something. In my novels there is always a faith journey, the end of which falls in line with what the Bible promises. It’s my way of getting faith messages out to people who might never pick up a Bible.

What are you most excited for your readers to experience through reading Breach of Honor?
A. Leah’s rebirth, her rededication to her faith. God is in everything in this life, the good and the bad. For the believer, He works ALL things out for good.

What lessons does Breach of Honor teach about justice, community, and accountability within government organizations?
A. Everyone needs to be held accountable. Accountability keeps everyone honest. It is true that evil only progresses if left unchecked.

What was your favorite thing about crafting the romance plot in Breach of Honor?
A. I liked the idea that Clint liked Leah from afar. He prayed for her and stuck by her when things looked bad. Also, he saw and recognized what happened to her. Though she was charged with a horrific crime, he never lost faith that eventually she would be vindicated.

How do you expect Breach of Honor to resonate with your readers?
A. In bringing attention to domestic abuse, I hope readers will recognize that it can happen to anyone. The abused are never at fault. I would hope that anyone in an abusive relationship would get out. I hope they would realize that there are resources available to them. But they need to ask for help.

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