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Hope and Adventure: The Inspiration Behind The Crown Conspiracy

Join author Connie Mann for a peek into the inspiration behind The Crown Conspiracy, her new romantic suspense and adventure story, the first of the Speranza Team novels.

I have always loved tales of adventure, especially those involving treasure hunts and secret societies. I’ve been reading them for years …

Janice Cantore’s Three Steps of Novel Writing: Go Behind the Scenes with a Romantic Suspense Author

Author Janice Cantore is a former police officer who now writes romantic suspense novels. Janice writes suspense that keeps readers engrossed and leaves them inspired. In her latest novel, One Final Target, a sergeant and a detective team up to discover who was behind an explosion that put one …

4 Small-Town Romances to Read Before Valentine’s Day

In this Valentine’s Day season where red hearts and flowers paint the world, don’t forget good stories. Slip away to small-town America with these inspiring romance novels to set your mood. These books, like Hallmark movies, offer clean romance with some good chuckles, lots of heart, and strong storytelling—all taking …

Amish 101: fun facts about the Amish community from Cindy Woodsmall

In this article Amish fiction author Cindy Woodsmall talks about Amish fiction, facts about the Amish community, and more. If you’ve read her recently release Yesterday’s Gone which she co-authored with Erin Woodsmall, read this post to discover even more about the Amish traditions and customs she writes about

5 Books to Keep You Entertained on a Summer Road Trip

While road trips are taken year-round, summer is arguably the best time of year for a road trip. In this post, discover five different novels to keep you company while you’re on the road. Read on to see which one is right for you!

Quiz: Pick Your Favorite Summer Treats and We’ll Tell You What to Read Next!

Summer is filled with delicious treats that we associate with the warm weather. Whether you have a sweet tooth or prefer savory snacks, a great book goes hand in hand with great food. Take this fun quiz to discover what you should read this upcoming season based on your favorite …

Crazy4Fiction Summer Book Bash!

Hello readers! Welcome to the Crazy4Fiction Summer Book Bash! Join us on a virtual tour with novelists Sandra Byrd, Michelle Shocklee, Patricia Raybon, and Jennifer L. Wright. During this year’s book bash from July 25-July 30, you’ll get to visit locations from each of these novels—and maybe even win some …

Author Q&A: Sandra Byrd on Her New Novel, Heirlooms

In Heirlooms, her new women’s fiction novel set in both modern-day and mid-century Whidbey Island, author Sandra Byrd tells the story of story of four women—grandmothers and granddaughters—across generations and explores the secrets we keep, the love we pass down, and the heirlooms we inherit from a well-lived life.

Quiz: What’s My Summer Beach Read?

Who doesn’t love summer with its sunny days and warm breezes? If you’ll be hitting the beach this summer, you’ll probably be looking for a great read to bring with you. Take this quiz for fun to discover your next summer read.

5 Romantic Beach Reads to Swoon for This Summer

Whether you’re heading to the beach this summer or are planning to adventure somewhere else, beach reads always make for fun summer reading. If you’re looking for great beach reads to take with you on your summer adventures or a staycation, don’t miss adding these to your TBR list!

Historical Fiction Author Q&A: Cathy Gohlke on her new novel A Hundred Crickets Singing

Historical fiction author Cathy Gohlke’s latest historical novel A Hundred Crickets Singing tells the story of two young women living on the same Appalachian estate in wars eighty years apart who determine to aid soldiers dear to them and fight for justice, no matter the cost. In the Q&A below,

Quiz: Which Hero from a Courtney Walsh Romance Novel is Your Book Boyfriend?

Have you ever read a swoon-worthy love story and felt like you could be the heroine from the novel because the two of you were so similar? For fun, take this quiz to see which book boyfriend from one of Courtney Walsh’s contemporary romance novels would be the one for …

A Visit to the Maxwell House Hotel: Michelle Shocklee on the famed hotel in her novel Count the Nights by Stars

Step back into time with a virtual visit to the famed Maxwell House Hotel. Author Michelle Shocklee shares a peek into this iconic landmark as characters in Count the Nights by Stars would have experienced it before its demise. Read about it in the article below from Michelle.

In my …

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Behind the Design: an art director weighs in on designing The Lady’s Mine book cover

Take a peek behind the scenes at the cover design process for The Lady’s Mine novel by Francine Rivers, New York Times bestselling author of Redeeming Love and The Masterpiece. In the Q&A below, hear from Dean Renninger, a senior art director here at Tyndale House, about what

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A Return to the Western Frontier: Francine Rivers on her new novel The Lady’s Mine

Francine Rivers, New York Times bestselling author of Redeeming Love and The Masterpiece, returns to the California frontier in The Lady’s Mine, a sweeping, romantic tale of a displaced New England suffragette, a former Union soldier disinherited by his Southern family, and the town they join

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Quiz: Which Book Boyfriend Is the one for You?

Have you ever read a swoon-worthy love story and felt like you could be the heroine from it because the two of you were so similar? For fun, take this quiz to see which book boyfriend would be the one for you if you were a heroine from a romance …

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Q&A with Trace of Doubt author DiAnn Mills

In the new romantic suspense novel Trace of Doubt by DiAnn Mills, Shelby Pierce is an ex-con who FBI Denton McClure is sure committed the crime she was sent to prison for. But the truth could be something no one ever expected. In the Q&A below with DiAnn Mills, discover

Jasper Lake through the Eyes of its Mayor

The new contemporary romance novel Provenance by Carla Laureano tells the story of Kendall Green and Gabriel Brant, a young mayor, who meet and fall in love in the tiny town of Jasper Lake, Colorado where Kendall arrives to sell the properties she’s inherited. Get to know Jasper Lake in

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Q&A with Janice Cantore, Author of Breach of Honor

In Janice Cantore’s new romantic suspense novel Breach of Honor , Table Rock police officer Leah Radcliffe’s wrongly convicted of murdering her husband Brad, a fellow officer. Soon, truths about Brad’s dark side come to light—and reveal a deep-rooted problem in the town. In the Q&A below, hear from Janice

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Quiz: Which Novel Should Be Your Summer Beach Read?

Do your summer vacation plans include relaxing on the beach with a book? Whether you’re relaxing at home this summer or have plans to spend some time vacationing away from home, take this fun quiz if you’re on the search for the perfect read for your beach trip or your

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Q&A with Tessa Afshar, author of Jewel of the Nile

In the new biblical fiction novel Jewel of the Nile by Tessa Afshar, whispered secrets about her parents’ past take on new urgency for Chariline as she pays one last visit to the land of her forefathers, the ancient kingdom of Cush. In the Q&A below with Tessa, discover what

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Q&A with Under the Magnolias author T. I. Lowe

The new Southern fiction novel Under the Magnolias by T. I. Lowe tells the story of Austin Foster, a young woman trying to take care of her family and keep family secrets from seeing the light of day on her family’s South Carolina tobacco farm. In the following Q&A with

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Meet Is It Any Wonder’s Louisa Chambers & Cody Boggs

Is It Any Wonder by Courtney Walsh is the story of two friends, Louisa Chambers and Cody Boggs, whose lives were torn apart by tragedy. Over a decade later, their worlds collide, and as they plan a fundraiser together, neither can deny the spark each encounter ignites. Get to know Louisa

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Quiz: Which Hero from a Romance Novel is Your Book Boyfriend?

Have you ever read a great romance novel and found yourself falling for the hero in the story? Maybe you’ve even asked yourself: if I were a heroine in a novel, which hero would be my perfect book boyfriend? Take this fun quiz to see which book boyfriend might just …

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Crazy4Fiction Christmas Cheer: Tara Johnson’s 5 Favorite Christmas Songs

Historical romance novelist Tara Johnson’s upcoming novel All Through the Night features a Cadence Piper, a young heroine whose gift of music inspires wounded soldiers during the dark days of the Civil War. A musician and singer herself, Tara shared a list of her own favorite Christmas hymns and carols.

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Crazy4Fiction Christmas Cheer: Courtney Walsh’s Favorite Romantic Christmas Movies

Contemporary romance novelist Courtney Walsh writes swoon-worthy romances readers adore. If you follow her on Instagram during the holiday season, you’ll see her posting fun reviews of Christmas rom coms in her Instagram stories. This year, Courtney shared a list of her personal favorite romantic Christmas movies. Read this post

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5 Books to Gift the Romance Novel Fan

Know someone who loves love stories but you just aren’t quite sure which ones to gift them? Browse this pick of titles to see which novel (or more than one!) would be a great choice to gift the reader who always has their nose buried in a swoon-worthy romance novel.…

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Fall Fiction Fun: DiAnn Mills Reads an Excerpt from Her Novel Airborne

Do breezy autumn evenings have you looking to bundle up under a cozy blanket, a cup of cocoa in one hand and a suspense-filled book in the other? If you love staying in and reading a novel that keeps you turning pages late into the night, the new romantic suspense …

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Fall Fiction Fun: Ana and Bryan Share Their Perfect Pumpkin Pie Spice Latte

In the novel The Solid Grounds Coffee Company, book three in the Supper Club series by RITA Award–winning author Carla Laureano, Bryan Shaw and Analyn Sanchez manage a coffee roasting company in Denver. If you’re a fellow coffee lover and are looking for a delicious seasonal drink to try

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Fall Fiction Fun: Opal Gilbert’s Fall Décor Tips

In the contemporary romance Beach Haven by T.I. Lowe, Bless This Mess boutique owner Opal Gilbert has an eclectic, fun style. No doubt she would be decking out the boutique with festive, cute fall décor. Get her fall décor tips, courtesy of T.I. Lowe, below.

Opal Gilbert is the hippie …

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Q&A with DiAnn Mills: the author of Airborne on a favorite scene in the novel, key characters, + more

In the new romantic suspense novel Airborne by DiAnn Mills, a killer virus is unleashed on a plane full of passengers. Aboard the flight is Houston FBI Agent Heather Lawrence. Heather works to track down the killer, and soon her husband Dr. Chad Lawrence, who studies viruses for a living,

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Art Imitating Art: Behind the Scenes of Mountain Laurel

In Mountain Laurel, an enslaved woman named Seona finds a small measure of freedom by drawing the world and people around her—in secret. Author Lori Benton shared the inspiration for Seona’s artistic passion. Read below what Lori wrote. 

I suppose I’ve been drawing since I was old enough to …

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Quiz: Which Heroine from a Carla Laureano Novel Would Be Your BFF?

From Andrea Sullivan, Grace Brennan, and Serena MacDonald Stewart in the MacDonald Family Trilogy to Rachel Bishop, Melody Johansson, and Analyn Sanchez in the Supper Club series, there are some smart, strong women in Carla Laureano’s novels. Which of these leading ladies would be your literary best friend? Take

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Quiz: Which Hero from a Carla Laureano Novel is Your Book Boyfriend?

If you’ve read the contemporary romance novels in the MacDonald Family Trilogy or Supper Club series by Carla Laureano, you know there are some swoon-worthy heroes in these stories. Have you ever wondered which one might be your bookfriend if you were one of the heroines in the books? Take

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Defining Friendship: author T.I. Lowe on the friendships in her Carolina Coast series

T.I. Lowe is the author of the Carolina Coast series which includes Beach Haven, Driftwood Dreams, and Sea Glass Castle. In the contemporary romance series, Opal, Josie, and Sophia, known as the Sand Queens, each find love in Sunset Cove. In the article below, T.I. talks about

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Quiz: Which Sand Queen from the Carolina Coast series are you?

In the Carolina Coast series by T.I. Lowe, Opal Gilbert, Josie Slater, and Sophia Prescott make up the group of friends known as the Sand Queens. Each woman is unique and has her own strengths. Which one of these characters might you be most like? Take this quiz to see. 

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Why Under Scottish Stars Is a Time Capsule Tribute to Skye

On the Isle of Skye in Under Scottish Stars by Carla Laureano, young widow Serena MacDonald Stewart and hotel manager Malcolm Blake fall in love. Read below what author Carla Laureano wrote about her own journey to Skye and the picturesque setting of the novel. 

In the spring of 2004, …

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Reclaiming Drifting Dreams: guest blog post by novelist T.I. Lowe

In Driftwood Dreams, book two in the Carolina Coast series by T.I. Lowe, Josie Slater has watched her dream drift on by. In the guest post below, see what T.I. Lowe had to say about her own experience pursuing a long-time dream and why it’s never too late to

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Class, Privilege, and Courage in If I Were You: Author Lynn Austin on her new novel

Lynn Austin’s new novel If I Were You tells the story of two young women who come of age during World War II. Later, the secrets they carry will push their friendship to the breaking point. Read on to see what Lynn shared about why she writes Christian fiction, the

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5 Must-Haves for a Perfect Afternoon of Beach Reading

Do you love reading on the beach on a sunny summer day? Even if going to the beach isn’t an option right now, maybe you’re dreaming about a warm sunny day when you can go. As you think and plan for a trip to the beach in the future, keep

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Quiz: How well do you know Carla Laureano’s Supper Club series?

Test your knowledge of the Supper Club series by Carla Laureano by taking this quiz! See how well you know Rachel, Melody, and Ana in The Saturday Night Supper Club, Brunch at Bittersweet Café, and the new release The Solid Grounds Coffee Company

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Romance Author Q&A: four novelists on writing romance

Have you ever read a sweet line in a romance that made you swoon or wondered where authors gather inspiration for characters in their love stories? In the new Q&A below, see what Tyndale novelists Tessa Afshar, Heidi Chiavaroli, Carla Laureano, and Courtney Walsh had to say about romance and

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Q&A with DiAnn Mills, author of Fatal Strike

Why did novelist DiAnn Mills choose snake venom as a villain’s weapon in the new novel Fatal Strike? And what is DiAnn’s favorite scene from the book? These questions and more answered in the exclusive Q&A with DiAnn Mills. Check it out below!

Tell us about your research process

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Q&A with Tara Johnson, author of Where Dandelions Bloom

In this Q&A with Where Dandelions Bloom author Tara Johnson, find out about the real woman the book’s heroine Cassie Kendrick is based on, and read about some of the challenges women like her might have faced during the war. 

In Where Dandelions Bloom, Cassie Kendrick disguises herself as

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Cultivating Contentment: Author Pam Hillman on Change and Contentment

In The Crossing at Cypress Creek by Pam Hillman, when Irishman Caleb O’Shea arrives in Natchez, Mississippi, he isn’t planning to stay there long. But things might just turn out very differently.

If you’ve ever had life turn out to be the opposite of what you had wanted or even

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Q&A with Lulu’s Café author T.I. Lowe

Lulu’s Café by T.I. Lowe deals with issues that are sometimes difficult to discuss and shows one woman’s journey toward healing and love. In this exclusive interview with T.I. Lowe, discover what she said about why it’s important for readers to read Christian fiction that deals with issues portrayed in

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My Pastry Chef Heroine: A Look at Brunch at Bittersweet Café’s Melody Johansson

Melody Johansson is a lively, bohemian pastry chef in the newly-released novel Brunch at Bittersweet Café by Carla Laureano. In the piece below, get to know Melody better and see what Carla had to say about writing her character.

When I started writing the first book in the Supper Club …

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Baking Emergency Substitutions Printable – Brunch at Bittersweet Café

We’ve all had that “uh-oh” moment: we’re in the middle of a recipe but realize we’re missing one crucial ingredient in our cabinet. Never fear!

In honor of Carla Laureano’s book Brunch at Bittersweet Café, we’ve created this handy baking emergency substitutions for you to print out and hang …

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Designing A Lineage of Grace, Special Edition

In the piece below by Tyndale designer Julie Chen, discover how the cover design and artwork for the new special edition of Francine Rivers’s A Lineage of Grace was created.

Having the honor to redesign Francine Rivers’s A Lineage of Grace as a gift edition was like coming full circle, …

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Behind the Book: The Story of Five Days in Skye

A guest blog post by Five Days in Skye author Carla Laureano

When I pitched the idea of my debut romance novel, Five Days in Skye, at the American Christian Fiction Writers conference in 2012, the idea of a Christian contemporary romance set in Europe was a fairly unusual …

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