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Last Minute Book Gift ideas and Stocking Stuffers

5 book titles to give some inspiration for loved ones on your gift list

Fill your house with stacks of books, in all the crannies and all the nooks.

-Dr. Seuss

There’s always that one person that’s tough to find a gift for. But, more often than not, a book is, as Goldie Locks said somewhere, “just right”. So, take a look at the list below for some ideas to fill a stocking, surprise a sibling, leave on a friend’s doorstep, or coworker’s desk. You just never know how God might use a small book to make a big impact.

The Greatest Gift by Ann Voskamp

What do you want for Christmas?

Beginning with Jesse, the father of David, The Greatest Gift retraces the epic pageantry of humankind from Adam to the Messiah, with each devotional reading, prayer, and reflection leading you one glorious day at a time toward the magnificent promise of Christ.

Beautifully designed and exquisitely written, The Greatest Gift is a treasured reminder that it is Christ and Christ alone who endows Christmas with meaning. The Greatest Gift is a timeless treasure your family will enjoy turning to year after year as you celebrate the coming of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Grace Looks Amazing on You by Amy Seiffert

What if today is the perfect time to notice God’s grace in one another?

Amy Seiffert says it’s the everyday moments that Jesus shines through: making time for a friend even when your to-do list is pages long; apologizing to your neighbor when you don’t want to admit you are wrong; opening the Bible when your soul feels hollow and empty.

A perfect gift to affirm and encourage any woman, Grace Looks Amazing on You is a timeless Christian message packed with personal story and reflection, Scripture, and deep biblical truth. This 100-day devotional will help you change your perspective so you can confidently radiate the grace of Christ.

The One Year Book of Amazing Stories by Robert Petterson

ECPA 2020 Christian Book Award Finalist!

You wouldn’t believe it, but . . .

  • James Earl Jones, the voice of Darth Vader, grew up mute.
  • Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team.
  • Albert Einstein was bullied mercilessly in school.
  • Beethoven’s mom almost aborted him.

Life takes the strangest sharp turns—and sometimes, U-turns. Robert Petterson—popular speaker, storyteller, and author—has been a student for his entire life of what God is teaching us through those real-life U-turns.

In this book, he compiles 365 amazing stories that teach lessons you won’t easily forget. Each entry is written in the rest-of-the-story style popularized by Paul Harvey. With The One Year Book of Amazing Stories, you’ll marvel at how God has used the lives of these ordinary people to change the course of human history.

40 Days of Hope for Healthcare Heroes by Amy K. Sorrells, BSN, RN

It has been quite a year for those in the healthcare field.

We can think of those who have taken care of us, our families, and friends. This would be a great gift to give to your doctor-of-choice, Nurse, caregivers, physical therapists, or local EMTs.

But, there’s hope for weary feet and exhausted souls! Healthcare workers are suffering from their own epidemic of burnout and moral injury as a result of dwindling resources and being overworked. To care for patients, you need to find ways to take care of yourself.

In 40 Days of Hope for Healthcare Heroes, find inspirational readings and prayers to help renew your faith and focus, center your heart, and inspire you to rededicate yourself to the medical career you love. This beautiful giftbook combines short stories from the front lines, “Breakroom Boosts” to encourage and energize, space to journal, and prayers that are quick enough to recite during handwashing—something that occurs multiple times a day. Healthcare workers across all continuums of care will want to read this book to rediscover the joy of their calling and as a balm of relief for their caregiver’s soul.

Faith That Sticks: a Faith That Sticks Series

A perfect stocking stuffer for the kids!

Looking for a fun and active way to help instill biblical values in your kids while cementing a firm foundation of faith that will “stick” with them for a lifetime? Faith That Sticks provides a creative outlet for kids to express their faith in fun and meaningful ways.

Parents and teachers, let Faith That Sticks be your one-stop shop for stickers that feature Bible verses, colorful graphics, inspiration, and motivation for living a faith-centered life. Faith That Sticks is perfect for playtime, crafts, Sunday school lessons, rewards, scrapbooks, and so much more!

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