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Books to Get Your Kids Reading

By Zoe Jethani

Reading is one of the most important habits a child can form at a young age. It allows kids to open their brains to new ideas and learn new lessons by bringing words to life. While it may be challenging to get your child to sit down with a book, reading is a great way to sharpen their brains and imaginations! Not only this but reading with your kids develops a special bond and routine for your family.

Are you looking for the right books to get your little ones excited about reading? We’ve got all you need. Read more for book suggestions for your kids and for you!

Ages 3 and Under

Otter B Honest

by Pamela Kennedy & Anne Kennedy Brady

The Otter B series includes new and popular books for young kids that teach them basic biblical character traits. Through stories and fun illustrations, Otter B learns that honesty is best in the first book of the series, Otter B Honest.

Who is God?

by Valerie Carpenter

In this Precious Blessings book, young children will learn who our God is and how he knows and loves them. Using rhyme and colorful illustrations, this book teaches the loving and unchanging character of God.

Ages 4-7

Your Brave Song

by Ann Voskamp

Una Rayne must bravely remember who she is and that she is loved by Jesus when she faces a hard day at school. Throughout the story, she recites a song her mother taught her: “Jesus loves you, makes you strong. In Him, you’re brave and you belong.” This beautifully illustrated book gives your child the confidence to know that they are secure and safe in Jesus, even when they face fear and uncertainty.

Squirreled Away

The Dead Sea Squirrels

by Mike Nawrocki

In this hilarious, new chapter-book series for young kids, co-creator of VeggieTales Mike Nawrocki brings to life Merle and Pearl, two squirrels who are over 2,000 years old and heard Jesus’ teachings in real life! The squirrels join Michael, an archaeologist’s son, and his friends on crazy adventures in America! The series is humorous, fun, and filled with character-building lessons for your kids.

Horse Gentler in Training

by Dandi Daley Mackall

Follow Winnie, the star of the bestselling Winnie the Horse Gentler series that sold over half a million copies, as she learns to train her horses from her wrangler mom. Together, they work to save their family ranch and learn that with God, all things are possible! These books will teach your kids about faith and kindness as well as horse training.

Voyage with the Vikings

The Imagination Station

by Marianne Hering & Paul McCusker

This bestselling series follows Beth and Patrick as they time travel to various lands and times in history for fun adventures. These books will bring history to life for your young readers and keep them on their toes as they meet heroes from the past, learning important lessons along the way.

Patrick Wigglesworth’s Bizarre Bible Adventure

by Liz and Jack Hagler

In this hilarious new comic series, readers will follow Patrick as he draws silly comics about his weird life. Throughout the story, Patrick gets yanked right into the Bible! In each book he meets different biblical characters who guide him through a portion of the Bible. Patrick’s comic journals are great ways to teach young readers about God’s Word.

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