Spiritual Growth

Navigating Life’s Defining Moments

There are moments in life that transform us, moments in which we launch face forward from one stage of life into the next. We call these moments milestones.

Milestones are those rare moments of significant change and accomplishment. When a student packs his or her bags to leave home for the first time to start a new life at college, that is a milestone. When a couple exchanges vows and commits to take life’s journey together, that is a milestone. And when a new believer puts their hope in Jesus Christ and is baptized, that too is very much a milestone.

Milestones are the things that drive us. They bring exhilaration and wonder for what is to come. They mark the next stage in life’s incredible voyage and are the cause for much celebration and joy. When somebody we love reaches a milestone, we cheer for them, knowing that, after chasing for months, years, or even decades, they have finally taken hold of their goal and will now embrace a new stage of life.

Milestones are rites of passage into a life with a renewed vision. When somebody has a baby, for example, they no longer wonder what it is like to have a child. In fact, it is impossible for them to do so. Instead they set out towards a new milestone. Maybe that milestone is just around the corner with the dedication or baptism of the baby. Or maybe it’s the distant dream of retirement. Regardless, milestones always comes alongside a new stage in life where new priorities are set, new habits are formed, and new anticipation is laid on our hearts.

But milestones are more than just markers that bring excitement for a new stage of life; they are also achievements that signify God’s faithfulness in the past. With every milestone we reach, we have the opportunity to reflect on what God has done in our lives up to that point. In remembering God’s faithfulness, we can move on into whatever new stage of life we are facing with peace and blessed assurance, knowing that God will continue to keep His promises and watch over us.

Milestones can also be a time of commitment and new life. In the book of Samuel, after many years of trouble and hardships due to their waywardness, Israel repented and recommitted itself to God. In this moment, Samuel, the new judge and priest, set up a large stone to commemorate this restoration and serve as a reminder of God’s continual faithfulness. He called this stone “Ebenezer,” which means “the stone of help.” This physical stone marked a milestone in Israel’s history, a change of repentance towards renewal.

Milestones demonstrate where we’ve been, but when we reach a new milestone, we often need a guide going forward. The best gift we can give is a Bible, and the best occasion to give a Bible is when somebody reaches a milestone. Milestones present unique opportunities, of change, excitement, and commitment. There is no more meaningful time to give a Bible than in those moments.

So whatever the occasion, whatever the milestone somebody you know is reaching, Tyndale has the perfect meaningful Bible for you to give.

Don’t miss the opportunity to give the gift of a lifetime.

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