How Is the Bible Edited? Part I

Have you ever wondered how Bibles are edited? We’ve answered a few commonly asked questions and hope you enjoy reading about the process. This is Part I of a two-part series. Stay tuned for more!

What qualifies a person to create and edit a particular Bible?

Often, ministry leaders want to create a Bible so that those they minister to can connect with the Bible where they are at in their spiritual life.

They could be addressing a specific group—new believers, those who are suffering, those who are in a dry place in their spiritual life, children, teens—or a much broader audience.

Those who minister to others have a strong knowledge of the Bible and are strong in their faith.

Some authors see a need in the church that they can address.

Some of these authors are theologians who communicate incredibly well and are in tune to some of the incorrect beliefs that have infiltrated the church. They write in order to help the church better understand core Christian beliefs and to correct heretical thought.

Bible editors have a strong faith, a strong knowledge of the English language, and a strong knowledge of the Bible and theology.

Often, personal experiences will give one editor a different perspective than another and make that person more suitable to work on a given Bible project.

But Bible editors are typically more educated, and many of the Bible editors at Tyndale have degrees beyond their bachelor’s degree or have some form of further education or experience.

Another thing a Bible editor needs to have is the ability to persevere through long projects.

Is it difficult to “edit” the Bible?

Thankfully, we don’t actually edit the Bible text. But in editing features (supplemental material such as book introductions, people profiles, study notes, devotionals, etc.), we do want to make sure that they communicate well, are theologically sound, and are thematically appropriate.

For those reasons, it can be difficult to edit Bible features. The difficulty level also depends on how well written the manuscript we receive is. With each Bible we do, we strive to uphold Tyndale’s corporate purpose to “minister to the spiritual needs of people, primarily through literature consistent with biblical principles.”

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