7 Classic Christian Books for Spiritual Growth

“The following nonfiction books have impacted thousands of readers with insight, encouragement, and conversation.”

In what ways would you like to deepen your Christian walk? Be challenged to grow spiritually by seeking wisdom. The following nonfiction books have impacted thousands of readers with insight, encouragement, and conversation. From pursuing a vibrant prayer life to embracing what it means to trust in God, the opportunities for greater Christian flourishing are ripe for the harvest.

A Praying Life by Paul E. Miller

More than 300,000 copies sold! Now updated and expanded!

Prayer is hard. Often, unless circumstances demand it—such as an illness or saying grace before a meal—most of us simply do not pray. This kind of prayerlessness can leave us with a distressed spirit and practical unbelief characterized by fear, anxiety, joylessness, and spiritual depression.

A Praying Life has encouraged thousands of Christians to pursue a vibrant prayer life full of joy and power. A life of prayer invites you to a life of connection to God. When Jesus describes the intimacy that He seeks with us, He talks about joining us for dinner (Revelation 3:20). This book reminds readers that prayer is simply making conversation with God a rhythm of life.

Now with added chapters addressing prayers of lament and further guidance for using prayer cards, Paul Miller invites you to foster prayer that regularly hopes, trusts, and expects God to act.

Learn to develop helpful habits and approaches to prayer that will enable you to return to a childlike faith and witness spiritual growth today!

“This book will be like having the breath of God at your back. Let it lift you to new hope.” —Dan B. Allender, PhD, author of Bold Love

Trusting God by Jerry Bridges

Why is it easier to obey God than to trust Him?
Obeying God makes sense to us. In most cases, His laws appear reasonable and wise, and even when we don’t want to obey them, we usually concede that they are good for us. But the circumstances we find ourselves in often defy explanation, and untangling emotions from the truth can be difficult. Before long, questions like “Why is God allowing this?” or “What have I done wrong?” mark our thoughts.

When unforeseen situations arise that seem irrational, unfair, or even terrible, we feel confused and frustrated. We begin to doubt the extent of God’s control or his concern for us, and we wonder why God would ever allow these situations to play out.

During such a time of darkness and adversity, Jerry Bridges began a thorough Bible study on the topic of God’s sovereignty.

What he learned changed his life, and in Trusting God, he shares the fruit of that study. As you explore the scope of God’s sovereign power over nations, nature, and even the details of your life, you’ll find yourself trusting Him more completely―even when life hurts.

Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life by Donald S. Whitney

Over 400,000 copies sold!

We aren’t meant to wait for holiness—we’re meant to pursue it.
 God commands Christians to actively “be holy,” but what does that look like in daily life? Rather than overwhelming legalism or loose boundaries, Don Whitney encourages us to find a practical middle ground through biblical habits.

Don Whitney’s convicting insight on spiritual disciplines will challenge you to grow in new ways as a Christian. Now updated and revised, this edition offers practical suggestions for cultivating spiritual growth, diving into practices such as:

  • – Absorbing Scripture
  • – Prayer
  • – Worship
  • – Evangelism
  • – Serving
  • – Fasting
  • – Silence and solitude
  • – Journaling
  • – And more

Regardless of where you are in your Christian walk, this anniversary edition provides refreshing and profound encouragement for your spirit.

“Don Whitney’s spiritual feet are blessedly cemented in the wisdom of the Bible. This is as beneficial as it is solid. If you want to be really real with your God, this book provides practical help.” —J. I. Packer, author and theologian

Abide in Christ by Andrew Murray

“Remain in My Love” —John 15:9
Many Christians go to church each week burdened by guilt and shame, believing they are unworthy of God’s full love. In Abide in Christ, Andrew Murray reminds every Christian that God promises His constant presence with them.

In just ten minutes a day, Andrew Murray’s 31-day spiritual guide offers timeless meditations and practical lessons. Move from a divided heart to wholehearted surrender. Your hunger for God’s presence is made to be satisfied—experience a deep, authentic, and ongoing connection with Jesus.

In this edition, Murray’s 19th-century classic features lightly updated language for easier reading, understanding, and connecting with Jesus.

With a foreword and afterword by Doug Nuenke, US president of The Navigators, Abide in Christ will send you into the world even as it draws you into a full life in Christ.

Renovation of the Heart by Dallas Willard

Renovation of the Heart is an influential contribution from the late Dallas Willard that continues to break ground twenty years after its first release.

Helping us to understand how character is formed and where Jesus does his most significant work on our spiritual and emotional health, this book changed a generation’s mind about what it means to follow Jesus—not a matter of sin management but a matter of drawing near and letting ourselves be shaped into the eternal people of God.

With reflections on the book’s impact over its life from family, friends, and admirers of Dallas, and supplemental resources for the first time in print, Renovation of the Heart will continue its ministry of liberation-by-formation for years to come.

Includes a foreword by John Mark Comer and an afterword by Natasha Sistrunk Robinson.

The Pursuit of Holiness by Jerry Bridges

How do we live holy lives as we struggle with our sinful nature and resist the morally polluted world around us?

God makes it clear in the Bible that holiness is not an option for the Christian: “Be holy, for I am holy,” He commands. But holiness is something that is often missed in the Christian’s daily life, because we’re not exactly sure what our part in holiness is. We know that we do not have to earn our salvation due to experiencing God’s marvelous grace, but we recognize that God has called us to live holy lives.

In The Pursuit of Holiness, Navigators author Jerry Bridges helps us see clearly just what we should rely on God to do―and what we should take responsibility for ourselves. As you dig into the Gospel and deepen your relationship with God, learn more about His character, and understand the Holy Spirit’s role in holiness, your spiritual growth will mature.

The study guide included with this volume contains 12 lessons for personal or group use so that you can dig deeper into the transforming Gospel truths contained in this book. Whether you are just beginning to pursue a life of holiness or are continuing your journey, these principles and guidelines will challenge you to joyfully obey God’s command of holiness.

Abba’s Child by Brennan Manning

Are you struggling to accept God’s love?
We’ve bought into the lie that we are worthy of God’s love only when our lives are going well. But when life begins to fall through the cracks and things become less-than-perfect, we scramble to present a good front to the world—and to God.

God longs for us to deeply believe and know that He loves us and accepts us as we are. He calls for us to remove our mask and establish an honest and deep relationship with Him. When we are our true selves, we can finally claim our identity as His own—Abba’s child.

Let go of the pressure of an impostor lifestyle and lean into the life-changing wonder of a truly loving relationship with God. Abba’s Child will light the way to freely accepting your belovedness and being renewed by the reassurance of our Father’s deep care for you—regardless of how perfect your life isn’t.

“Honest. Genuine. Creative. God hungry. These words surface when I think of the writings of Brennan Manning. Read him for yourself—you’ll see what I mean!” —Max Lucado, New York Times bestselling author

“I pray that Brennan Manning and the timeless voices . . . in this book might offer you hope. May they remind you that you are loved by the Father-Creator Himself. May they sing and speak into your life against the voices that tell you otherwise.” —Jon Foreman, lead singer of Switchfoot

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