Christmas Gift Guide: Best Christian Books to Gift This Season

“Christmas! The very word brings joy to our hearts. No matter how we may dread the rush, the long Christmas lists for gifts and cards to be bought and given–when Christmas Day comes there is still the same warm feeling we had as children, the same warmth that enfolds our hearts and our homes.”

Joan Winmill Brown

There are 22 days until Christmas and we are here to help you give some of the best gifts to all of your loved ones. While the reason for the season is far from the gifts that we put under the Christmas tree, it is still an amazing joy to generously give to those in your community. From mothers to teenagers and uncles to those who are just too hard to buy for, we have great options for everyone!

Gifts For Your Dad, Brother, Husband, Grandfathers, and Uncles

Hollywood Heroes by Frank Turek and Zach Turek

Hollywood Heroes begins with the true story of a US Navy SEAL who faced evil and sacrificed himself to save his teammates. Authors Frank and Zach Turek then use Spider-Man’s origin story to address the question: “Why would a good God allow evil?” You’ll then read how seven movie franchises—Captain America, Iron Man, Harry Potter, Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, Batman, and Wonder Woman—portray the battle against evil, providing a set of modern-day parables that reveal truths about God and His mission for us.

Gifts for Your Mama, Sister, Wife, Grandmothers, and Aunts

Establishing Home by Jean Stoffer

When Jean Stoffer’s husband announced he was quitting his extremely stressful job to look for another career, she suddenly needed to bring in a lot more of the family income. The problem was, while she had a degree in business, her part-time job paid very little and she had few obvious options for earning more anytime soon. In Establishing Home, Jean tells how necessity sparked her journey from part-time receptionist to founder of an award-winning home design company and star of the Magnolia Network’s show, The Established Home. Along the way, she shares what’s she learned about design, business, parenting, and relationships.

Gifts for Bible Readers

NLT Filament Journaling Collection: The People of God Set; Matthew, Hebrews, and James

The Filament Bible Journal collection includes thin, portable single books of the New Testament, ideal for personal or group study, with journaling space and the Bible study resources of the Filament Bible app. What makes this Bible portion unlike any other is that as it is paired with the Filament Bible app on your device, it becomes the most portable study Bible experience available.

Gifts for Fiction Fans

The Hidden Prince by Tessa Afshar

The beloved daughter of Jewish captives in Babylon, Keren is sold into Daniel’s household to help her family survive. She becomes Daniel’s most trusted scribe, while taking lessons and swordsmanship training alongside Daniel’s sons and their best friend, Jared.

But after a tragic accident changes the course of her life, Keren finds herself in a foreign country, charged with a mysterious task: teaching a shepherd boy how to become a lord. When she overhears whispers that hint at his true identity, she realizes she must protect him from the schemes of a bloodthirsty king.

Gifts for Your Kids, Grandkids, and Teens

The Dead Sea Squirrels 6-Pack Books 1-6: Squirreled Away / Boy Meets Squirrels / Nutty Study Buddies / Squirrelnapped! / Tree-mendous Trouble / Whirly Squirrelies by Mike Nawrocki

The first six books of the Dead Sea Squirrels series are now together in one set! Enjoy the misadventures of Michael, Merle, Pearl, and friends as they navigate everyday life at school, flee from a squirrelnapper, and more. You’ll laugh out loud and learn more about the life of Jesus from two previously petrified squirrels who actually lived in Bible times.

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