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10 Best Articles from 2020

By Matt Freeman

The Arc turns 3 in the new year! We thank God for you, your loyal readership, and the thoughts you’ve shared about your favorite posts. 2020 has been quite the year (major understatement, right?). A global pandemic. Distanced everything. Racial tension. Economic instability. International strife. A contentious U.S. election. And a million other things that didn’t make major headlines but hit home for each of us in one way or another. Through it all, God is gracious, and we pray the posts, topics, excerpts, and book ideas we’ve share here have encouraged you as they have us! Here’s a list of the most popular articles from 2020. We’re looking forward to all that God has in store for our good and His glory in 2021!

The Daniel Diet by Brad Johnson

out of the five leading causes of death in the United States, at least three are strongly related to personal diet (heart disease; cancers; stroke), and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate that up to 40 percent of such deaths can be prevented. Accordingly, where are many people—and increasing numbers of Christians—turning to find help? Read more here>>

Free Activities for When You Are Stuck Indoors by Charlotte Meyers

Whether your mind is circling with the anxiety of the current moment, about to explode from boredom, or you have little ones that are just, shall we say, being much, we hope these things meet you where you are and bring you joy and hope. Read more here>>


Love Language Minute for Couples: Free Devotionals by Gary Chapman

The problem isn’t love―it’s your love language. Adapted from The One Year Love Language Minute Devotional, this 100-day giftable devotional is perfect for the couples in your life—or for you and your spouse! Read more here>>

How to Observe Holy Week While Quarantined by Christine McParland

Jesus came to be God with us—on both the starry night in Bethlehem and in the loneliness of a quarantined home. On a sunny Galilean hillside and in crowded grocery store lines. Among the mourners at the tomb in Bethany and with the victims of a global pandemic. Read more here>>

The Do’s and Don’ts of Southern Manners by T.I. Lowe

The South has its own unique set of rules when it comes to manners, etiquette, and just about everything else. Folks from other regions get a little discombobulated on some of it, so I thought it would be fun to put together a small list to help them out. Read More Here>>


5 Books That Changed My Life by Maggie Rowe

Choosing only five books that have changed my life is impossible. Every work of literature has the potential to challenge, inspire, entertain, motivate, and transform the reader. Here, however, are my top five picks for books that have impacted a huge piece of my life—that of a woman in ministry. Read more here>>

Free Bookshelf Backgrounds for Your Next Virtual Meeting

We’ve created free, downloadable bookshelf backgrounds featuring some of our favorite Tyndale books in four different genres: devotional, fiction, memoir, and kids books. Read more here>>

How to Talk Politics as Christians by Christine McParland

It’s important to remember that Christian unity doesn’t necessarily mean Christian uniformity. We can (and will) still disagree about a lot of things, including our political views. But because Christian unity goes deeper than any worldly commonality we could ever share, it transcends our disagreements. Read more here>>

5 Books That Changed My Life by Michael Frost

I’ve decided to choose books that hit me as a young man and redirected the trajectory of my life and ministry. They’re older works now, but I share them in the hope that younger readers who’ve missed them will pick them up and be similarly slammed by their insights. Read more here>>

How to Live the Resurrection Life by Eric Peterson

Resurrection does not have to do exclusively with what happens after we are buried or cremated. It does have to do with that, but first of all it has to do with the way we live right now. Read more here>>


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