Did you know Tyndale has bulletin inserts?

Tyndale's inserts bring information, inspiration and motivation to your Sunday bulletin, mailing, handout or email. Our line of monthly bulletin inserts can be printed and delivered to your church, school or ministry. We also have digital versions that can be attached to emails or posted on your churches website. They cover topics from faith and family, discipleship, the persecuted church and church history.

Focus on the Family’s global Christian ministry is dedicated to helping families thrive in today’s world. The Focus on the Family Bulletin is a publication designed to do just that. Each four-page bulletin features articles by respected family experts, coaches, and counselors eager to meet the needs of parents and their children. More than 700,000 monthly readers are also kept informed about current events that affect the family and ways to get involved.

The Church Around the World bulletin is an ideal way to keep you and your congregation informed on the worldwide developments that affect the work of the church. This bulletin insert offers timely news about issues that matter and helps church leaders and laymen alike become more aware of how God’s people are making a difference around the globe and how they can get more involved.

Described by one of our subscribers as “a very useful and non-pushy way to share the gospel,” Have a Good Day is a tool for evangelism that is read and enjoyed by both Christians and non-Christians. Funny stories, odd events, curious feats, and quaint cartoons—all designed to make the reader smile—fill the first three pages. Then, the last page presents an easy-to-understand gospel message. Have a Good Day has been making people smile and look to Jesus for over 35 years.

The Glimpses bulletin insert is written and designed to answer questions like these, while showing readers the richness of church history and making it come alive. Missions, persecution, church splits, and controversies . . . Do you know what Christians are facing around the globe? Each monthly insert teaches people how Christian figures from history, both the famous and not-so-famous, and the cultural events that occurred around them continue to influence the church today.

Do you have a desire to go deeper in your walk with God? Do you want to learn how to walk alongside others as they grow toward God? Discipleship Matters is a resource for those who respond with a hearty yes. Readers will learn what discipleship looks like and how it grows through the stories and guidance of experienced disciple-makers. Each bulletin includes insightful articles about Christian discipleship and Scripture that reinforces those same themes. This is a useful tool for equipping Christians to practice personal discipleship and for encouraging a culture of discipleship in your church.

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