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Tyndale Stories

The Legacy of Billy Graham on Tyndale House

Billy Graham was a quiet man of God, but he was also a visionary. He led hundreds of thousands to a personal faith in God. His books influenced millions. Many ministries can point to ways in which their work was deeply influenced by Mr. Graham. That is certainly true for us at Tyndale House Publishers.

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Small Group Loves “Fresh” Experience with Immerse Bible

Barb and Glenn Martin have spent much of their lives in the education field—Barb as a faculty member at Bethel University, Glenn as a teacher, coach, and high-school principal. They both love the Word of God, faithfully participating in Bible studies and programs at their church in Roseville, MN. When they heard about Immerse, Barb

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Francine Rivers Writes The Masterpiece to Illustrate God’s Artistry

My favorite art form as a child was finger painting. I loved mixing the colors, making designs, wiping them away, and starting over. I also liked making clay bowls from mud. Maybe it’s something about getting my hands dirty. I’m not sure. One thing I longed to do and never could was draw something well

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One Way You Can Support Persecuted Christians—Through Prayer

We are witnessing an astonishing escalation in Christian persecution like we have rarely seen since the first century. Some estimate that every five minutes a Christian is martyred for his or her faith. Johnnie Moore, like many Christians, didn’t fully appreciate the extent of what was going on until he crisscrossed the globe and began

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How ACTS Ministry Is Supporting the Poor and Vulnerable in Burkina Faso

When you purchase books and Bibles from Tyndale House, you help support mission work across the globe—including the work of Joanna Ilboudo in Burkina Faso, a land-locked country in West Africa. Sensing the need for Christian content in her culture, Joanna launched a Christian magazine in Burkina Faso. The goal of the magazine was to

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