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Tyndale Stories

Real Freedom Found Behind Real Bars

Women in Prison Unlock Hope and Healing with The Life Recovery Bible By Stephen Arterburn, Editor, The Life Recovery Bible I was raised in Bryan, Texas, so I did not think it was unusual to be opening a letter from a woman who lived in Brazos County near Bryan. What follows was anything but usual. She

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What Happens When You Immerse High Schoolers in the Bible?

“What if we gave our students enough credit to think they could read the Bible if we were to able to offer them the very words of the Bible in the simplest format?” Matt Laidlaw, dean of student life, Calvin Christian High School. See what happens when high school student engage with reading the Scripture

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INSPIRE Masterpiece

Your creative, artistic, and oh-so-beautiful mind is always thinking of new ways to express yourself! You’re constantly discovering new materials, new techniques, and new avenues to explore artistically. Let’s face it, there will never be enough time (or money!) to paint, draw, express, or document everything your heart calls you to! Have you ever tried

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