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Tyndale Stories

INSPIRE Masterpiece

Your creative, artistic, and oh-so-beautiful mind is always thinking of new ways to express yourself! You’re constantly discovering new materials, new techniques, and new avenues to explore artistically. Let’s face it, there will never be enough time (or money!) to paint, draw, express, or document everything your heart calls you to! Have you ever tried

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Are You a Basic Believer?

The world goes by at a million miles an hour, and it seems to go faster and become more complicated at every turn. It’s not at all hard to get distracted, disgruntled, and even disillusioned. We chase so hard after the things that we think we are supposed to—success, respect, love, money, whatever. We adopt

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Does God Want to Burst Your Bubble?

As the story of Simba vividly illustrates, sometimes even those of us who think we know who we are (or who have been told who we are our whole lives by our culture, our family of origin, or God Himself ) wander and need reminding. This is a prodigal journey, and it takes many forms—some

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Look Who Endorsed Prayers For Every Occasion

One of our newest gift books has hit the shelves, and people love it! Don’t just take our word for it, see what other notable people are saying! Prayer is the irrepressible cry of the heart, whether in joy or in need in every season of life, which Ellen Banks Elwell has captured beautifully. This

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Next Stop for the Inspire Bible TOUR: Mother-Daughter Workshops

If you’ve never attended an Inspire Bible TOUR workshop, now is the time! We’re gearing up for an exciting fall TOUR with all-new Mother-Daughter Bible journaling workshops featuring the highly-anticipated Inspire Bible for Girls that releases in August. Two-hour-long hands-on Bible journaling workshops teach participants how to use their creativity to connect with God through

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