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Tyndale Stories

Gilgal Gospel Mission Brings Hope to India

Tyndale House Foundation provided major funding to build a library at the Gilgal Gospel Mission in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, south India. A seminary is located there that is part of their mission outreach. The library is a vital resource for the students. In addition to the seminary, the mission includes a children’s home and supports

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The IDEAL Method for Resolving Marital Conflict

Couples should use speech that builds up. In Ephesians, Paul describes language that edifies the person we’re speaking with. Edification includes constructive criticism given in humility, allowing the person receiving those words to correct behavior not conducive for togetherness. When we use such speech, Paul says we will “give grace to those who hear.” This

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Bringing Peace to South Sudan

The African country of South Sudan is one of the newest countries in the world, yet its people have been plagued by civil war and ethnic cleansing for many years. The Christian leaders who live and work among the people, such as Bishop Joseph of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan, are thankful to God

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How the Arabic Living Bible Is Transforming the Middle East

From the beginning, Ken and Margaret Taylor envisioned that Tyndale’s publishing success would mean more funds to donate to ministry. That has continued to this day through the work of Tyndale House Foundation as it provides grants to ministries all over the world. An early project that was heavily funded by Tyndale House Foundation continues

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Does God Really Hear Our Prayers?

In our “connected” society, we work to make our voices heard on earth. We tweet and blog, post videos to YouTube, and use various other forms of social media to get the word out—whatever that word might be. Here in Washington, DC, where I work, people march, lift placards, and petition Congress, hoping their voices

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