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Tyndale Stories

His Name is Joey

Before I met Joey, I was very shy. I didn’t necessarily believe that there was anything wrong with talking; I just preferred not to speak. Having to speak with someone else felt unnecessary and unfulfilling. Back then, I would rather just sit by myself and day dream than talk with people. I guess you could

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Peak Inside Inspire for Girls

We are so excited to release Inspire Bible for Girls in just a few months. Click on the image below to get a quick peak at some of the features and the beautiful pages that will encourage whoever receives it to Shine Brightly for Jesus!

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Are You Living in a Bunker?

Check yourself with these 12 signs By Brian Jennings, author of Dancing in No Man’s Land: Moving with Peace and Truth in a Hostile World I have a hard time believing that every single thing you believed a decade ago was spot-on. Surely one of your political, theological, or relational beliefs was at least slightly

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Coming Together as a Country in the Wake of Tragedy

– Adapted from Unified: How Our Unlikely Friendship Gives Us Hope for a Divided Country by Senator Tim Scott and Congressman Trey Gowdy I’ve always been impressed by what I call the “aftermath mentality.” As Americans, we are so good at treating each other as individuals and family after a crisis. Think about 9/11. Think

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