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Have a Good Day

Looking for a creative and easy way to share the gospel? Well, then Have a Good Day was made for you.

Described by one of our subscribers as “a very useful and non-pushy way to share the gospel,” Have a Good Day is a tool for evangelism that is read and enjoyed by both Christians and non-Christians. Funny stories, odd events, curious feats, and quaint cartoons—all designed to make the reader smile—fill the first three pages. Then, the last page presents an easy-to-understand gospel message.

Creative readers find many uses for the 200,000 copies of Have a Good Day ordered each month—from including them in their church bulletins and children’s ministry newsletters, to sending them out with personal correspondence, to distributing them at hospitals and nursing homes, to leaving them along with the tip at restaurants.

Have a Good Day has been making people smile and look to Jesus for over 35 years.

Subscription Plans

Print Only

$16 per month for 100 paper copies

Digital Only (PDF Email Delivery)

For use in church email/enewsletters$99 per yearOrder Online NowTo order, please call 1 800-692-9912