How to Support Daily Bible Reading in Nicaragua

Tyndale House Ministries is fundraising in partnership with ShareWord Global, a trusted nonprofit dedicated to sharing the story Gospel around the world.

A Lifeway Research study found that regular bible reading at a young age was the biggest factor in predicting spiritually healthy adults. Unfortunately, few students in Nicaragua have had the opportunity to own or even use a bible.

You can help change that. Teams of local church volunteers in Nicaragua are ready to continue flooding classrooms with the Good News—placing free bibles in the hands of teens on the verge of their next step in life.

You’ll help young evangelists like Michelle continue to share the Good News with her peers.

“I believe that I can be an influence for young people who feel alone in the world…. there are many young people who do not know the Lord. Not having that consolation that there is a being who loves them and supports them in everything, they feel too alone in the world. They don't have support, even though they have family and friends. They feel that they don't have someone to trust, and they begin to feel so alone that they look for a way to disappear, that’s what they say…”

Your gift will encourage young people like Ingrid to dig deeper into scripture.

“Now I will be able to read and share more about the Word of God and fill myself with wisdom and knowledge for Him. I want to bless all the brothers who have just come here this morning to give away this beautiful book, to give away the bread of wisdom for us young people who are in a very difficult stage and who need to get closer to God.”

Your donation will provide opportunities for daily bible reading, so students like Howard will have a firm foundation for their future. 

“God is always going to support me no matter what path I take, as long as I am under His statutes. So, with this bible and this gift, I plan to analyze it and scrutinize His Word, and never stray from His path. I am very grateful and thank you.”

Just $6 can send a bible to Nicaragua and change a life forever. How many lives will you help change today?

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