Change the Lives

of graduates in Nicaragua

What do they need to navigate their next steps?
BIBLES–and you can send them!


Please donate today to help spread the gospel in Nicaragua. Local churches are ready to put Bibles in the hands of graduates and put the hope of Christ in their hearts.

Graduate Stories

“I plan to study international relations, and this Bible I know, will help a lot to enrich my spirit, and also to share it with everyone, with all my family, about the Word of God, and it will be a great honor to be part of this blessing.”Diana

“We are very grateful because the Bible always is the objective, it is something very valuable that we always have to have because in it we can find many, many things that benefit us both in the intellectual sense, and in the sense of our values, and among many other things.”Yara

“Thank God we have people like you, who give us these things, since this is better than anything in the world, because in this we find salvation, we find the love of Christ since in Him, He gave us His redemption.”Norman


Help churches put Bibles into the hands of graduates in Nicaragua

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