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Staff Picks Christmas List

“It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.” Mother Teresa

Christmastime is almost here!! As you get ready to get all the gifts for your loved ones, take a look at the RTA staff’s pick that’s topping their lists!


Try Softer by Aundi Kolber

While I lean on the practical side when it comes to Christmas gifts, I still love the delightful surprise of unwrapping something you didn’t expect, especially when it positively impacts my life long after the novelty of the gift has worn off. This book is both giftable and practical—the beautiful cover and writing make Try Softer a treat, and its compassionate and life-giving message makes you wonder where this book has been all your life. And what better gift than a message that can help your loved one “move . . . out of anxiety, stress, and survival mode—and into a life of connection and joy”? While you’re at it, consider gifting yourself a copy too, and don’t forget to check out the new Try Softer Guided Journey to help you and your loved one get the most out of this book!


Under the Magnolias by T.I. Lowe

Under the Magnolias was by far one of my favorite novels of this year. It’s a coming-of-age story that explores the immense weight of a family secret. One major selling point of this well-crafted story it’s a unique cast of lovable characters. There was not a single member of the Magnolia community that I did not love. The main character, in particular, Austin Foster, is my favorite of T.I. Lowe’s to date! This is essential reading for fans of Southern fiction or coming-of-age stories.  


The Epic Bible

I cannot say enough about this book, but I will begin by stating that The Epic Bible is a striking feat of art and design. Potent, colorful illustrations of this graphic adaptation of the Bible are coupled with Scripture references to spark the senses and invite further reading in God’s Word. Tremendous detail, dynamic scenes, deep shadows, and glowing lightning pop out at the reader throughout its 840 pages of 169 Bible stories from Genesis to Revelation. Honestly, even the retail price is a great value for a full color comic book of its size, not to mention a hardcover. The Epic Bible was created by some of DC and Marvel’s best comic book artists, making it a great gift for teenagers, comic book enthusiasts of any age, as well as believers and nonbelievers alike who simply appreciate epic art!


Immerse: Messiah

I am really excited to dive in, yea, immerse myself, in these Scriptural collections that point to, and tell of, Jesus Christ. I really enjoy giving, and receiving gifts, that encourage savoring the Word of God, especially this time of year, where we celebrate The Word made flesh.  The chapter and verse-less reading structure is also lovely, and reinforces that this is a Story. Seasons Readings!

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