Would a Bible Make a Good Christmas Gift?

Ever get stumped when trying to find that perfect Christmas gift? What did I give him last year? What size does she wear? Do kids still like stuffed toys? I don’t want to give another gift card!

But have you ever considered gifting a Bible for Christmas? God has given each of us unique interests, and we’ve all lived through different circumstances. Yet the Bible speaks to each of us. It can be the perfect personal and life-giving gift for everyone on your gift list. Here are just a few ideas:

The Creative

Whether taking notes, creating original art, or reflecting through coloring, journaling and coloring Bibles offer beautiful ways for people to engage with the Bible. Find out more about our Inspire line, NLT Reflections, and One Year Expressions and Reflections Bibles.

The Reader

The Bible wasn’t originally written with chapter and verse references. It was written as different types of literature—letters, prophecy, songs, poetry, etc. Immerse: The Reading Bible removes the modern-day distractions, bringing the text closer to the original format.

The Scholar

There are times when we yearn to go deeper and gain a better understanding of what God is saying to us through his Word. Questions arise like “What is the cultural context?” “Who is the audience?” “Is what the writer is saying a metaphor?” “How does this apply to my life today?” Find answers in some of our top-selling Study Bibles.

Children and Young Adults

From preschool to high school and beyond, God wants to be a part of our kids’ lives. We are never too young (or too old) to engage with the Bible. From hands-on projects and songs that help engage some of the youngest family members to study tools and applicational and engaging content that help children and youth better understand what it means to live for Christ right now, check out all our Bibles for kids, preteens, and teens. This is only a start. Explore our many Bibles to see what might resonate in the hearts of your loved one.