Living Legacy Archive Holds Stories of Tyndale’s Past

Living Legacy Archive Holds Stories of Tyndale’s Past

Tyndale celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2012. This prompted CEO Mark Taylor and Executive Administrative Assistant Bonnie Cain to discuss the need for an archives system to capture significant moments in Tyndale’s history. This conversation led to the beginning of Tyndale’s Living Legacy. Thousands of letters, photos, recordings, reports, and newsletters have been saved in a searchable database since then, with several thousands more to come.

The purpose of the Living Legacy is threefold:

  1. Preserve the corporate records of Tyndale House Publishers

  2. Recognize and make known God’s faithfulness to Tyndale House Publishers

  3. Keep the vision and legacy of Founder Dr. Ken Taylor alive

Tyndale’s heart for ministry began with Tyndale Founders Dr. Ken and Mrs. Margret Taylor, who often referred to Tyndale as “God’s Company”. Their generous giving required personal sacrifices that were willingly made for the sake of the Gospel. The Living Legacy aims to preserve this heart for ministry with the understanding that Tyndale would become like any other publishing company if it lost its awe of God’s faithful work.

As Tyndale’s largest publishing project yet, the Living Legacy is only made possible through the contributions of Tyndale employees, retirees, and partners. “Tyndale’s legacy began with Ken’s vision, but now rests with us, every day, as we walk into the building,” says Senior Art Director Barry Smith. “It also serves to unite us all to a common purpose.”

“Those who are wise will take all this to heart; they will see in our history the faithful love of the Lord.” Psalm 107:43

Thousands Hear the Gospel through Middle Eastern Translations

Mark Taylor received this email from George Houssney on May 17, 2013. George was the Living Bibles International translation coordinator for the Middle East Bible translations in the 1970s and 1980s.

Dear Brother Mark,

I am traveling in the Berber Mountains of Algeria. Your Dad sent me here in 1974 to investigate the possibilities of translation projects. I found out that the Berbers did not have a Bible in Kabyle. So I began a project. At that time, there were hardly any Berber believers.

Since the publishing of the Kabyle New Testament, over 100,000 Berbers have become Christians. It is amazing how spiritual movements occur when the Word of God is made available.

The Kurdish translation in Iraq and the Arabic Translation that I supervised also played significant roles in the massive movement of Muslim Arabs coming to Christ. My staff and I worked under tremendous opposition and received several death threats. In the middle of adverse circumstances, the Lord protected us and the manuscript was published in Egypt. For the first time ever, Muslims all over North Africa and the Middle East were able to read God’s Word.

“I ask you to pray for your job each day—that on this day, and tomorrow, and so on, you will have wisdom from the Holy Spirit to do your job well. And that you can work together well in order to bring about the glory of God.” Ken Taylor

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