Tyndale Partners with Share International to Reach the Turkana People

The Turkana people live in northwest Kenya, a region that borders Sudan, Ethiopia, and Uganda. Turkana Land is home to approximately a million people. Though the land is dry and harsh, agriculture and pastoralism are a significant part of Turkana life. The culture of Turkana Land can be seen in the intricately carved wooden instruments and articles sold in tourist shops throughout Nairobi. During the rainy season, it can be heard as Turkana men and women gather to sing about nature or specific events. 

Akuj is the god of the Turkana people. He is believed to be omnipotent yet distant and uninvolved in the lives of people. Certain clans are believed to possess the power to predict the future, interpret dreams, and heal the sick. These people are known as diviners. They facilitate contact between the Turkana people and Akuj. Akuj is thought to give varying levels of power to people. Some are said to be able to predict the future by throwing sandals or reading intestines. Others can make it rain. 

Sammy Murimi of Share International became passionate about sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with the Turkana people and has been doing so since 1997. His vision is that the people of Turkana Land would not only come to know Christ and his love for them but become firmly rooted disciples who then go out and make disciples of others. Share International works toward this goal through church planting, outreach opportunities, literacy classes, and spiritual development for children and adults. Close to four hundred churches have been established throughout Turkana Land, and thirty teachers have been trained and hired to teach literacy classes in remote villages. Share International also provides training to indigenous missionaries. More than 130 Turkana missionaries have been sent out and are actively sharing the gospel in the northern region of Kenya, South Sudan, Ethiopia, and Uganda. 

Tyndale House Foundation is passionate about helping people understand the love and good news of Jesus Christ in their heart language. Since the early 2000s, Tyndale has partnered with Share International to translate the good news into the Turkana language through resources such as audio Bibles, books, and films. Please join us in thanking God for all he has done among the Turkana people, and pray that more would soon come to know him through the efforts of organizations like Share International.