Tyndale Mission Team Travels Abroad on the Logos Hope

Tyndale Mission Team Travels Abroad on the Logos Hope

Tyndale employees visited Trinidad and Tobago to participate in the ministry of Logos Hope in February.

The team served in a few of the ship’s work departments, joined service projects around Tobago, visited local churches, and sailed for two days to the island of Curaçao.

Logos Hope is the largest floating book fair in the world, and it exists to bring knowledge, help, and hope by offering quality books at affordable prices, as well as by hosting community events and partnering with local churches, ministries, and other groups to build wells, provide medical and dental clinics, and help with other service projects.


Tyndale donates a significant portion of “damaged” book returns to Logos Hope, allowing them to sell the books at reduced prices.

According to Ellen, Tyndale’s Customer Service Representative, “The variety of jobs to be filled on the ship was amazing. The book hold was an underground maze of books to be processed. Securing the shelves and coolers in the galley so that everything did not shift when moving between ports was really interesting.”

On their first day, the Tyndale team welcomed guests to a sports ministry event on the ship, where members of the crew led local athletes in games and presented their testimonies using the language of sports.

The team then joined the crew for a prayer service. That service was Ian’s favorite moment of the trip: “We worshiped and prayed for the church around the world and for our brothers and sisters who are persecuted there. It was pretty amazing and powerful when everyone was praying out loud all at once.”


On Friday, the team worked with crew members to price books, organize textbooks, and welcome guests. “It was such an encouragement to talk to these people about the kinds of books they were looking for, and then find them a Tyndale book that met that need,” said Jesse, Acquisitions Editor at Tyndale.

“Everybody in Tobago, it seemed, knew about the Logos Hope,” commented Jim, Senior Production Artist at Tyndale. “They would come from all over the island with the hope of being spiritually energized from the great books they could purchase. Off the ship, it was incredibly easy to have spiritual conversations with people after mentioning that I was on the Logos Hope.”

On Saturday, the team joined crew members in service projects at a prison, a children’s home, a youth outreach center, and other places around Tobago, and on Sunday they visited local churches.


As Logos Hope sailed to Curaçao, the Tyndale team was grateful for calm seas and beautiful sunsets, stars, and dolphins.

The slower pace of sailing allowed the ship’s crew to debrief their experiences in Scarborough and prepare for their ministry in Curaçao, including a sunrise prayer service on the bow the morning the ship was arriving in Willemstad, Curaçao.

Whenever the ship approaches a new port, the crew stands on the deck of the ship and waves the flags of their home countries.

For the Tyndale mission team, it was a remarkable privilege to join in, standing with their brothers and sisters from all over the world as partners in this ministry of knowledge, help, and hope.

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