Two Tyndale Titles, The Size of Everything and Double the Lies, Receive 2023 Awards

This week, two Tyndale House titles were announced as book award recipients from The Gospel Coalition and Christianity Today. To celebrate, you can get a discount on each of these books using the promo codes below for one week only (12/11/23-12/18/23). Congrats to these authors and their phenomenal accomplishments!

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The Size of Everything

The Gospel Coalition recognized The Size of Everything with an Award of Distinction in its 2023 Book Awards Children's category. The judges wrote: "The Size of Everything teems with interesting facts about God’s creation, organized in order of size from microscopic to galactic. Did you know that a T-Rex was about the size of a school bus? Or that Jupiter’s red spot is twice as big as our own planet? Although human beings are neither the biggest nor the smallest of God’s creatures, the book explains we hold a unique place in creation as image-bearers of God. Readers who don’t like to experience awe and wonder should stay far away from The Size of Everything." 

Double The Lies

Christianity Today gave Double the Lies its Fiction 2024 Book Award. Judge Alton Gansky writes:
"The mid-1920s conjure images of flappers, jazz, and speakeasies. For some, however, it was a time of suppression, racial injustice, and undiluted bigotry, a time when the KKK could pull the strings of local police departments and threaten Jews, Catholics, and especially African Americans without consequence. This is the setting for Double the Lies, the second novel in a series revolving around Annalee Spain, a determined Black woman with a knack for solving crimes. She sets out to solve the murder of a man she first saw in the local library, which is complicated by the unexplained disappearance of her boyfriend, a local Black pastor. Raybon weaves a well-paced, gripping story tailor-made for mystery lovers."