Teach Your Toddler to Show Love with Where Does Love Hide?

TyndaleKids Children can understand love at a very young age. They know that their parents love them, and they know that they are taken care of and protected. The key is teaching children how to take what they’ve learned about love and express that love to their friends and family.

In Where Does Love Hide by Mary Manz Simon, she teaches children that they can do more than just receive love, they can give love, too! Simon writes about practical, age-appropriate ways that toddlers can show love. Each activity is hidden behind a charming lift-the-flap, and includes a short memory verse that your toddler can understand.

You can teach your toddler even more about showing love with this fun activity!

Finding Kindness Game

You will need…

  • Our downloadable kindness clues (Download them here !)
  • A dozen plastic Easter eggs
  • Scissors
  • Candies or small treats (optional)


  1. Cut out the kindness clues and tuck them inside the plastic Easter eggs. You can write your own prompts in the blanks, or hide treats in the other half dozen eggs.
  2. Hide the eggs around a room. Remember to think like a toddler! Hide the eggs where they can easily reach them.
  3. Help your toddler find the eggs. As they find the eggs, read the prompts and complete the activity. Talk to your toddler about how they can show love through their actions. Explain to them that we love each other because Jesus loved us first (1 John 4:19).


Packaging In Where Does Love Hide? children are reminded that they not only receive love but have the opportunity to share love. Looking under the fun, lift-a-flap feature, children will see examples of everyday love opportunities. Each page includes a memory verse and an example of a way to share God’s love! Learn more at Tyndale.com .