Take a Sense-sational Walk with Your Family


Fall has started and change is in the air. Cooler temperatures, earlier sunsets, back to school routines, a new season of kids’ activities. And while nature is slowing down in preparation for winter, your family may be on full throttle. The days blur together. The race is on to pick up kids from practice, get home, eat dinner, and get homework done before bedtime. In this hectic pace, we can feel overwhelmed with the pressure of responsibilities and time commitments.

If this is your family, I’m giving you permission, even if it’s just for today, to hit the pause button and just be. Take a moment and break away from the race. Stop running through the day. In fact, why not do something simple and take a walk with your family? Take the kind of walk that engages the senses and opens the door for powerful, lasting memories. Think of how the sound of a song or the smell of baking cookies can unexpectedly cause the recall of a special memory. Our senses trigger deep, powerful memories.

Creating these memories is so easy to do. When you pull into your driveway, unload your kids from the car, and before you even put the key in the front door, set out on a fall adventure right in your own neighborhood. If you have a chance earlier in the day, throw some apples in a bag to bring with you. Take a walk that intentionally engages your kids’ senses and creates lasting memories. Here’s how to engage all five senses:

Smell —Breathe deeply. Smell flowers, the fall air, or anything else unique to the season.

Sight —Look around. Observe the activity of birds and animals or the changing plants and trees. Watch kids playing fall sports in the local park.

Sound —Listen closely. Hear the wind blowing and the leaves crunching under your feet.

Touch —Get hands on. Feel the texture of the falling leaves. Take your shoes off and walk in the cool grass. Notice the breeze blowing through your hair.

Taste —Savor autumn. Grab those apples you packed and crunch away as you journey with your family. If you don’t have time to grab a snack before heading out, have an apple or another fall treat, such as apple cider, when you get home.


If you want to unplug from busyness and share meaningful time with your family, start simply. Take a walk and enjoy being together. The spot for a new family memory may be as close as your sidewalk.

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Kristi Gravemann is the Marketing Manager for Tyndale Kids. She has spent over 16 years immersed in marketing and product development for a variety of globally recognized brands. Kristi is convinced that if scientists were to study her DNA, they would discover a children’s book gene. Reading and a love of learning have been hallmarks of Kristi’s life since childhood. She brings that same passion and enthusiasm to her marketing role on the Children and Youth team at Tyndale. She’s beyond blessed to market fantastic children’s books with solid, Biblical values that parents can trust.