Stranger Than Fiction – Free Memoir Sampler

Mark Twain once said, “Truth is stranger than fiction.” If you want proof, pick up a great memoir. Told in the same rich, descriptive narrative style as fiction, a well-crafted memoir can take you to places you’ve never been, introduce you to the best and the worst of humanity, and expose you to events and experiences you would never have dreamed possible. What makes these stories all the more extraordinary is that every last one of them is true.

There are no paper heroes or hyperbolic villains; no convenient plot twists to get the antagonist out of a bind; and no trite “wrapped-up-with-a-bow” endings – just real life–raw, honest, and utterly unscripted.

As a thank you for being a loyal reader, we’re giving away our biggest sampler yet!  Click the link below to get an extended preview of SIX of our most beloved memoirs.



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