ShareWord Global gives Bibles, changes the lives of graduating students in Nicaragua

ShareWord Global delivers free Bibles to graduating high school students in Nicaragua, as part of its mission to share the gospel through authentic, relational evangelism. This is made possible through partnerships with local churches and other ministries. ShareWord Global provided these powerful stories from those who have been blessed by this work.

Meet Irene

Your day started like any other. You put on your jacket and headed out your front door.

Irene, a 16-year-old from Nicaragua, did the exact same thing. One arm after the other, Irene threw on her favorite blue jean jacket and was on her way to school.

It’s a big year for Irene. It’s her last year of high school. And every day, she’s been starting to feel the weight that comes with such a big life change. Every day she starts to see a little more and more of the enormous road ahead of her. And that path is getting steeper with every passing day.

But amidst these feelings, Irene’s been listening. Quite often, pastors have been coming to her school, sharing incredible stories of a God who loves her. Today, they came to share a devotional again, but there was something new.

Dressed in her blue jean jacket, Irene couldn’t believe what she’d been told. Today, this day, she would be getting her very own Bible, the first one ever! 

“This will help me understand more about Jesus and how to live my life from now on,” she exclaimed. “I will share with my mother what I learned today. Thank you ShareWord Global and Tyndale for this beautiful gift!”

Meet Hilda

Remember your cap and gown? You can probably still feel the tassel hit your left cheek as you walked the stage. But likely stirring in the pit of your stomach was a mix of excitement, worry, and maybe deep down, a twinge of sadness.

Graduates in Nicaragua are experiencing these same types of feelings today. As they leave their friends behind, they know that starting this next phase of life in a new place is not easy.

This was what graduation day was like for Hilda, a young high school student about to enter adulthood. Unlike many of her classmates who were feeling sad, Hilda was happy to share this important life moment surrounded by the friends she loved. And as she reflected on their time together, she found other moments from high school popping into her mind too. She remembered the visits they’d had from pastors to her classroom. She remembered their devotionals from the Word of God they held in their hands.

And then suddenly, that day, the Bible was no longer just in the pastors’ hands and hearts, but in hers. As she looked around at her classmates one by one, each of them dressed head to toe in their cap and gowns, every one of them were given their very own Bible from the pastors. Hilda’s heart was filled with joy.

“Thank you for this kind gesture. I know that even though I am moving forward, God is with me wherever I go. Thank you ShareWord Global and Tyndale for this beautiful gift. I will use it well.”

Let’s pray together for Hilda and her future – that she’ll continue to dig deeper into the living Word of God and as a result, draw closer to Jesus, as she steps forward into the life God has planned for her.

Meet Pastor Bertilda

Pastor Bertilda“Having the opportunity to share the message of salvation with the students has been a great blessing. We worry about the children’s futures – if they will have good values and follow the good road. Having a Bible to share with them is amazing! I now share the gospel of salvation and provide a whole Bible as a gift for the children. For most of them it is their first Bible, so I want to thank ShareWord Global and Tyndale for this precious gift.”

ShareWord Global is a Tyndale House Foundation grant recipient. Each year, the Foundation sends millions of dollars in grants to Christian ministries around the globe. These grants are made possible because of customers like you, who purchase Tyndale's trusted books and Bibles.