Make the Ordinary Extraordinary

The following post is from A Day at the Beach Devotional by Jedd and Todd Hafer. Save 20% when you order the devotional in April 2017 !

You’ve folded that last T-shirt, paid all of your bills, and (finally) replaced the lifeless light bulb.

Caught up on e-mail? Check.

Urgent call returned? Affirmative.

Then, instead of crossing a few more tasks off your to-do list, you smile.

Breathe deeply.

You feel satisfied, centered—like you’ve just finished final exams and summer vacation lies ahead.

Being faithful in even the small things?

Such devotion elicits a reward . . . a hard-earned break.

Somewhere, there is a beach with your name on it.

True, you haven’t cured a disease or solved world hunger, but you’ve done something well.

Your home, your life—brand it as more organized and efficient. Better.

For this, it’s good to thank God.

In the common tasks of every day we can find ourselves at our most focused, disciplined, and poised as we work to move our lives forward.

Keeping the shore in view and not drifting out to sea.

This is about bringing skill and dedication and, yes, love to the mundane.

This is transforming the mundane into the meaningful.

Do you love every one of your daily tasks? Probably not.

Most of them are no day at the beach.

But can you do every task with love—love for a spouse, a child, and life itself? Yes.

Can you do it with love for God, who makes it all possible?

Yes. Most definitely, yes.

When we are present in the everyday moments, we find that God is present with us.

And where God is, the flicker of a holy flame can help us see the commonplace in a whole new light.

“Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be.” Matthew 6:21



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