Kid Talk Tuesday: Interactive Reading with Lift-the-Flap Books

This week’s post is from kid’s team member Christine Showalter. 

What parent or child doesn’t want a more interactive reading experience? With the Lift-the-Flap books, children are guaranteed to stay tuned to the fun Bible story because they are invited to participate! Releasing April 2015, Noah’s Big Boat , and The Shepherd and the Sheep are two delightful retellings of Bible stories to get kids interested in Scripture reading at a young age. The books feature the story of Noah’s ark and the sweet story of the shepherd who searches for his one lost sheep. Kids will be excited to find out what’s hidden beneath the flap! As the shepherd looks for his sheep, children can lift the flaps to see if they can find it too. Is the sheep hiding in the stable? No! That’s the pigs. Has the sheep been hiding on a boat? No, that’s the fish.

And in Noah’s Big Boat, kids will be thrilled to lift the jumbo-sized flaps and watch the story unfold as Noah and his sons build the huge ark over many years, collect a pair of every kind of animal, and load them onto the big boat before the flood arrives. There is a hidden image to discover beneath the flap—an image that will help children remember the Bible story as they grow.

blog These brightly illustrated Lift-the-Flap books are perfect for Easter baskets or Christmas stockings. Pick up a copy of each!