Give Hope to Loved Ones

The Blessing of Hope

Many people rely on possessions, pleasures, and accomplishments in order to find satisfaction and fulfillment in life. However, these things provide only temporary happiness. The Book of Hope is written for anyone ready to be filled with an exciting new sense of purpose and direction in life. For more than 20 years, this bestselling, pocket-size publication has helped readers discover joy, peace, the power of prayer, and the promise of eternal life.

Our Source of Hope

The gift of Jesus the Messiah, though in many ways surprising, did not appear out of nowhere. He was the fulfillment of a plan—God’s plan—to restore the perfection that had been lost when people decided to disobey God’s instructions for life. God made a good and beautiful world filled with good and beautiful creatures. But the people God put in this world rejected the plan God had for them, breaking their relationship with God. But God, in his love, set out to reestablish his relationship with the lost human race. The Old Testament of the Bible records the story of how God chose Abraham and his descendants, the nation of Israel, to set the stage for the coming of his greatest gift—Jesus the Messiah—our hope (excerpt from The Book of Hope).

Bless Others with Hope

In times like these, The Book of Hope makes the perfect gift for loved ones in your family, small group, and church. In order to help you bless others with this timeless resource, bulk discounts and free shipping (on orders over $35) are now available. Get great deals whether you need 10 copies or 100 (or more)!

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  Give a little extra hope in this season as you bless loved ones in your life with The Book of Hope