Do-Able. Daily. Devotions. One Year devotionals work!

 Guest post from children’s & youth Acquisitions Director Katara Patton: 


One of our favorite (and most successful) brands at Tyndale is the One Year® Brand.

Our One Year® devotions are all designed to begin on any day of the year…that means you can start now or next month! You can skip a day and still pick it up and read today’s devotions (going back and reading the one you missed is totally optional). This is the no-guilt way of remembering to read devotions and Scriptures daily.

And, we have a devotional for every kid you know. From preschoolers (these are done with a parent or caregiver) to early readers, middle readers, and teen products…we have the right one for your kid. For kids who love sports, for daddy and daughters and mommy and daughters, to those who love Bible Trivia, you can find a book in Tyndale’s One Year® line. Check us out at .

Many of the devotions are also available digitally—a perfect addition for kids who are attached to their e-readers. And our  One Year® Between You and God  comes in a pretty leather gift edition. And this fall, we’ve released a perfect trio of One Year® devotions:  One Year Devotions for Teen Girls  ,  One Year My Princess Devotions  , and One Year Book of Bible Trivia for Kids. We add these three books to our extensive list of One Years for Boys, Girls, Teens, Sports Fans, and so on!

Which one of our kids devotions has been a favorite for the kid in your life? Let us know!