Bringing the Classics to Life for Kids


Let’s face it – most of the literary classics seem long and intimidating. Today’s digital kids don’t always appreciate the rich, slow-read qualities of classic literature. To top it off, the old-world expressions can seem like a foreign language to kids who expect action and entertainment.

A New Way to Experience the Classics

A great way to introduce some of the classics is through auditory learning that will engage your child’s imagination. No one does it better than Focus on the Family’s Radio Theatre. Rather than rote dialogue, Radio Theatre immerses listeners into a story laced with drama, intrigue, laughter and music. The audio experience involves your child in the story. Later, as your child has heard the story and is fascinated by the plot and characters, you can introduce them to the book. You just might find them curled up with the book after all!

Experience an audio movie that plays on the biggest screen of all … your imagination. Focus on the Family’s Radio Theatre has been entertaining and enriching the lives of both young and old for decades. From timeless classics like Dicken’s Oliver Twist ( listen to a sample here ), The Chronicles of Narnia , The Screwtape Letters , and Ben-Hur , Radio Theatre makes timeless stories come alive and real to a whole new generation of listeners. Radio Theatre features award winning actors, orchestral scores and riveting scripts that will draw in the entire family. Browse our Radio Theatre collection  to unleash your child’s imagination today.

Listen to a sample of Oliver Twist by clicking on the cover image!