Bible Character Trivia Quiz

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Who’s Who in the Bible Made Easy

From Abraham to Zipporah, this fascinating handbook is packed with illustrations and summaries, giving an overview of over 200 of the Bible’s most important people! This handy compact resource features:

  • Over 200 characters from the Old and New Testaments
  • Relevant Scripture references
  • Easy alphabetical entries
  • Quick, concise summaries

There are hundreds of fascinating people in the Bible with epic stories and legacies, but you only have so much time! Who’s Who in the Bible Made Easy compiles all the need-to-know information and scripture references in an easy-to-use format! Instead of flipping through a heavy index, concordance, and back and forth in your Bible, this pocket-sized handbook makes it easy for you to look up the top 200 characters and get a detailed understanding of who they are—all in the palm of your hand.

Who’s Who in the Bible Made Easy Covers Over 200 Key People!

It’s never been more fascinating or convenient to learn about the key people in the Bible and God’s plans for them! Alphabetical entries cover important information about main characters from the Old and New Testaments, from Adam to the apostles. Makes an excellent Bible-study aid for looking up key facts about the patriarchs, prophets, important kings, and other major players in the Old Testament, as well as who’s who in the Gospels and Epistles.