A Mother’s Prayer

TyndaleKids Motherhood is a big job, and you may worry if you’re doing enough: if you’re packing Instagrammable lunches, if you’re throwing Pinterest-worthy parties, if your kids are hitting the same milestones that your Facebook friends’ kids are. There is so much pressure to present the picture of a perfect family to the world, and that pressure falls directly on you, the mom. Of course you feel exhausted! Instead of trying to do everything on your own strength, be encouraged to ask your Father for help. If anyone can handle the parental pressure, He can.

Tyndale authors Crystal Bowman and Teri McKinley wrote a prayer for mothers that can help you cast some of your worries on the Lord. The prayer guides you through praying that the Lord would keep your children safe, that they would have strong spiritual lives, and that He would give them wisdom. The prayer also guides you to ask for your own patience, strength, and grace, and that the Lord would keep your family strong. Social-media-worthy events are a fun bonus for your kids, but what they really need is a mom who teaches them to rely on their God. When the pressures of motherhood start to make you feel frazzled, you can pull out this prayer and let it help refocus you.


Download this free printable  and hang it somewhere to remind you that you don’t have to handle this motherhood thing all on your own.