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Which Hidden Wall Is Hurting Your Relationships?

Everybody wants to be loved, celebrated and known. We were created for deep connections, but we tend to get in our own way. The hardest walls to scale are the walls of the human heart. What wall is holding you back from experiencing intimacy in your closest relationships? Take this quiz to find out!



Want to get closer to God and other people?

I’d Like You More if You Were More like Me takes on this important life question.

We were created for deep connections. When people have deep connections, says John Ortberg, they win in life. When they don’t have deep connections, they cannot win in life. I’d Like You More if You Were More like Me offers help in overcoming one of the biggest obstacles to making deep connections: the fact that we’re so different. Different from God and different from each other.

The good news is that connectedness is not based on similarity, but on shared experiences. When one person invites another to share an experience, they’re connected. It can be sharing a beautiful sunset or a meal, having a great conversation over cup of coffee, going for walk, or even teasing somebody. And when we share those same experiences with God, we get closer to him, too. God wants to connect with us—so much that he sent his son to live as a human being. God took on flesh and shared every human experience. So we don’t have to wonder what a close relationship with God looks like anymore.

An intimate relationship with God and other people doesn’t have to be a cliché, it can be a daily way of life.

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