What We’re Reading: June

We hope this post finds you on a beach, aboard a boat, or in a backyard! Find some inspiration for your TBR or library list with the ideas below.


Cover for Something Other Than GodSomething Other Than God by Jennifer Fulwiler

I’ve read this book a couple of times already, and it’s one of those rare reads that I will return to again and again throughout my life. Jennifer Fulwiler’s personal journey from atheism to Christianity is a compelling narrative, but she balances this deep topic with a generous helping of humor spiced with sarcasm. She vulnerably shares how she wrestled with life’s biggest questions and haphazardly stumbled upon God—or rather, discovered that he was the one pursuing her. Something Other Than God is a compelling testimony that can speak to any reader, regardless of where he or she is at in their own faith journey.

Though I have never been an atheist, I can relate to Jennifer’s hunger for God and the surprising ways in which she encountered him. But the main reason I love reading this book is just because it’s a beautiful and masterfully written story. If you’re looking for a thought-provoking book that will make you laugh out loud, add this to your reading list!

To Read: All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr


Remember Tuesday Morning by Karen Kingsbury

This month, I’m going to (finally) read a book by #1 New York Times bestselling novelist Karen Kingsbury! The main reason that I chose to start with this one is because of the dog on the cover – not gonna lie (I hope he’s a big character in the story). I’ve heard really great things about Karen Kingsbury’s books, so I’m excited to experience one for myself and chat with friends about it.

To Read: The Complete Jewish Study Bible: Illuminating the Jewishness of God’s Word by Rabbi Barry Rubin




To Light Their Way by Kayla Craig

About 7 years ago, I started to attend an Anglican church after leaving a non-denominational megachurch. It’s a story that seems very common these days, but I think something that has drawn me to a more liturgical setting is, well, the liturgy! I found myself several years ago trying to pull from a well that just seemed a bit dry. Most of my prayers felt like blank pages, my emotions in worship were depleted, and I just didn’t “feel like it”. This is when I discovered the power of liturgy and written prayers. When I felt like I had nothing to give, and could not conjure up anything that I thought merely like a prayer, these options became a balm to my soul. Even though I was going through a season of not having words for God, thousands before me had prayers that I could offer up as my own. Kayla Craig is something of a modern-day liturgist. To Light Their Way is a book filled with prayers to offer to the Lord for all seasons, on behalf of myself and my family. I resonate with how the book description says, “In an age of distraction and overwhelm, finding the words to meaningfully pray for our children—and for our journey as parents—can feel impossible.” This book helps that impossible feeling dissipate. I will be keeping this book close at hand.

To Read: Taste by Stanley Tucci


Hinds’ Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurnard

I seem to find this book when I am in transitional periods in my life. First, I was in college; second, I was in a season of unexpected singleness; and now I am launching my grown kids into the world. This book is a beautiful allegory of our Christian faith as it develops from salvation to immature believer to mature believer. You’ll follow the main character Much-Afraid on her spiritual walk through difficult places with her two companions, Sorrow and Suffering. Don’t be turned off by the heavy-handedness of the names. Each page is filled with such beautiful truth and wisdom that you’ll find yourself pausing regularly to take it all in and perhaps wipe away a few tears. The book takes its title from Habakkuk 3:19, “The Lord God is my strength, and he will make my feet like hinds’ feet, and he will make me to walk upon mine high places.” It provides a picture of how we can trust in God despite trials and tribulations and that our journey to Him is always worth the sacrifices along the way.

To Read: If I Were You by Lynn Austin


Tell us, what are you currently reading? What’s on your To-Read Pile?


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