What We’re Reading: August

We know fall is just around the corner, but it is still summer! Find your last Summer Read with the ideas below.


Cover for All the Light We Cannot SeeAll the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr combines the two qualities I love most in a book: great storytelling and beautiful writing. When I picked up this #1 New York Times bestseller, I wasn’t expecting anything beyond a riveting WWII novel. But I was captivated within the first few pages. The author isn’t just a storyteller; he’s an artist painting with words. While the parallel narratives of a blind French girl and a young German boy are enough to keep me flipping pages, often I pause to linger over poetic phrases like “the barnacled ribs of a thousand shipwrecks” and “the quicksilver winds of spring” (yes, I’m a word nerd!). I look forward to seeing how the story turns out—though it may take me a while to get there as I savor the gorgeous prose!

To Read: Dark Intercept by Brain Andrews and Jeffrey Wilson


Cover for PerelandraPerelandra by C.S. Lewis

For reasons beyond me, I haven’t yet finished the next two books in C. S. Lewis’s acclaimed Space Trilogy even after enjoying Out of the Silent Planet! It helps that I’m on a science fiction kick right now, since whenever I encounter these books in some shape or form, I can’t help but tell myself yet again, “Hmm. I really should continue reading that trilogy.” I’ve heard that each book is unique in its own way and have managed to steer clear of most spoilers, so I’m looking forward to what’s in store! C. S. Lewis has a way with layering in deeper meaning with his fanciful worlds and inviting the reader to contemplate such themes. I wonder what surprises await…

To Read: That Hideous Strength by C.S. Lewis


Cover for Digital Minimalism Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport

With a 3-year-old and a newborn on the way, I have been thinking intentionally about the example I set for my kids, actively and passively. Recently, I have become really convicted by the amount of time I spend on the web, on social media apps, and watching streaming channels, especially while in the presence of my daughter. When I think of all the ways that I would love for her mind, emotions, imagination, and social life to develop, I have had to stop and look at what she sees being modeled around her. And, I wasn’t too impressed with myself and my daily habits! I picked up this book on a recommendation from a podcast (yes, I see the bit of irony), and have really enjoyed diving into it. Newport’s main premise is how we have lost the conscious understanding of our relationship with technology. Instead of us using it as a tool (which is what we probably all started using each app and device for), many of us have started to be used by our own devices. This book gives great and drastic tips to help us live a less tethered life to tech, have deeper and richer relationships with others, and grab hold of the reigns of our digital lives. 

To ReadOut of the Silent Planet by C.S. Lewis


Chasing ShadowsChasing Shadows by Lynn Austin

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Chasing Shadows. The story definitely takes you on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster but in a worthwhile and inspiring way. You’re given a well-rounded view of WW2 and the slow takeover of the Netherlands through the eyes of Jews, Gentiles, city-dwellers and farmers. You experience the daily struggles and bravery of ordinary people who stood up against Nazi terror, risking their very lives. These characters are also amazing witnesses to what faith and trust in God looks like when you’re in the midst of immense darkness. The lives of the three main characters intertwine and their experiences remind us of the horrors that exist when war finds you. As I read this book I could not help but think of the people in the Ukraine. May God bless them, and keep them, and make His face to shine upon them and give them peace. Amen.

To Read: If I Were You by Lynn Austin


Tell us, what are you currently reading? What’s on your To-Read Pile?


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